Thursday, September 19, 2013

Not quite Fall...

Hello everyone.. 
We woke up to a beautiful morning today.. 
Sunshine and warm temps.. 
Gotta love Fall when it is like this, eh? 

The other day I mentioned that I had bought some peppers for my vinegar...
Well, I made it yesterday, I think.. 
I know you southern girls love your peppers but here we are not quite so adventurous.. grin.. 
This is enough to make a delicious blend to use with salad dressings, fish and oven fries... 
I just wash the peppers and put them in a sterilized bottle with a cork and then fill up with a good vinegar.. 
Let it sit for a few days and then keep in your fridge as it will go bad.. 
When the vinegar gets down you can keep adding more vinegar .. 
Easy, eh... 
Another time I hope to make some other kinds for my gift pantry and show you a new way to package them.. 
Perhaps when I get my herbs brought home from the cottage.. 

I wonder who this lad could be... 
Our oldest grandson has himself a part time job.. 
It is hard to believe how fast time has flown since the day he came into our lives.. 
Such a sweet boy.. 

My new fridge has come home and I had to transfer all of the frozen stuff over to the new one.. 
Poor Terry had to take off house doors and fridge doors and freezer doors.. 
Oh my.. 
I almost wondered if it was worth it.. 

Then he had to move the old one to the basement all by himself.. 
And my kids wonder why I get anxious at times.. 

It is down there all set up for extra veggies, fruits, juices and such.. 

And the new one is wonderful.. 
Thank you, Lord.. 

Some fruit thawed out a bit so I just made a batch of jam.
I think I will call it Tuddi Fruiti... grin.. 
Blackberries, cranberries, oranges and oh yes a bit of zucchini to make 4 cups.. 

It is a bit tart but rather good, I think.. 
I gave the pastor a bottle and told him he was my testing person.. 
I probably should have tried it out on someone else first.. 
I thought of that after.. grin.. 

I was so looking forward to this morning as we had to make a little trip...  
To the other end of the Bay of Fundy which is in my favorite county.. 
Albert County.. 
Here in New Brunswick if you hale from Albert County then you let everyone know that.. grin.. 
Yes, I proud to be an Albert County girl... 

Terry wanted to squeeze in a couple more loads of wood into the basement so I made us a batch of pear muffins.. 

Flavored with anise.. 
They went with our Tim Horton's coffee that we bought in Salisbury on our way.. 

I had a little cupboard to deliver from the shop to a lady who lives down that way.. 
This gave us a chance to visit a new cafe that some sweet friends of ours had opened.. 
THE APPLE BLOSSOM CAFE  in Hillsborough.. 
They were all there and the lunch was so delicious.. 

A garden pesto pinini sandwich and a garden salad with a most scrumptious maple garlic dressing.. 
Thank you, dear ladies for such a lovely visit.. 

The views down that way are so beautiful.. 
Fields and pastures all the way to the Bay... 
I guess you can tell I took the pics through my side window.. 

On the way home we saw a wagon filled with pumpkins for sale so we bought a couple for the front step.. 
Are you all decorated for the Autumn ? 
I hope to get a bit done over the weekend.. 
What are your plans?  

Thanks so much for your sweet visit and welcome to the new followers .. 
As you all know I love your notes and emails.. 
Hope to chat again soon.. 

God bless.. 


  1. You are enjoying such glorious weather, Faye. That Tuddi Frutti jam sounds really good. xo

  2. I can just imagine your appliances coming through your door now... I'll try not to giggle... I'd be nervous too! Will be sampling some of your new jam at church sometime?

  3. Beautiful pics and script as usual :) I have already decorated for autumn, it is fast approaching here. Weekend plans consist of celebrating our middle son's birthday! Have a good one!

  4. I would not have thought of adding zukes to fruit!
    Loved the journey, as always.
    So happy you have a new fridge, and all is set up well in the basement too!
    Blessings and hugs on the weekend to come.

  5. Beautiful photos . Oh yes they do grow up fast the kiddos don't they ? Oh all your foods look soo YUMMY ! Glad you have your new fridge and all set up and ready go for you oh a spare fridge is a good idea for all the extra YUMMIES ! Not much going on here for the weekend maybe taking a few trees down as they are in bad shape depends on the weather it may be rainy on Sat .. Sunday is to be lovely and we are going to our last horse club event for the season to take photos . Thanks for sharing . Have a good day !

  6. What a lovely day, and what a neat cafe. Sounds like your days have been full since arriving back...full but good. Happy birthday to Terrie late, hope his year a head is filled with much joy. As always visiting your blog is so encouraging, thank you.

  7. As always, AMAZING photos! :-)
    I am always uplifted when I read your blog. Thank You!

  8. Morning Faye, love the beautiful pictures, so pretty and once again you make me hungry with all your good food, yum yum, Blessings Francine

  9. It was a lovely visit with you here today! The scenes along the Bay are beautiful and that area is one of my favourite spots with the marshes and cows. The cafe in Hillsborough looks very nice and so does the lunch! Maple garlic dressing? I bet it's good. We are going to friends for supper tomorrow and then a game of Mexican Train dominoes, which we love and have an ongoing challenge for the girls to beat the boys. We did the last 2 times! :) I hope you have a wonderful weekend! Hugs, Pam

  10. Your pictures are beautiful! We have done a little decorating but not much as I am lax when it comes to decorating. I put a few pictures up on my blog of what we had done. The cafe looks nice and the food looks delicious. I have never tried maple garlic dressing but it sounds good. I hope your grandson enjoys his job. He looks very professional. It is amazing how quickly they grow up. Enjoy your day and God bless.

  11. DELIGHTFUL always!
    You know by now I love visiting here and enjoying your photos and your outings.
    I've never made flavored vinegar but may have to try it one day as I use a lot of vinegar for dressings.
    How wonderful your friends opened a cafe - these kind always have the best offerings. We have one near us that we love going to but we save it up - going there that is - as we don't want it to become humdrum for's a special lunch.
    Love the field peaceful.
    Oh a new refrigerator - I remember when our got delivered - the doors were already off which was nice and fortunately it fit through the kitchen door. Which surprised us because these old houses have such narrow doorways.

  12. Those pear muffins look delicious! I could definitely go for a couple of those right now. And you got some beautiful views of the countryside. Just lovely. Hope you have a nice weekend!

  13. Hello, Faye~ remember me? *grin* I sure enjoyed your pictures of the gorgeous countryside. And the salad and your canned goods are making me hungry! *giggle*
    I love pickled peppers with everything... unfortunately they don't like me. *LOL*
    Take care, dear friend.

  14. Such lovely pictures as always. Your peppered vinegar looks great,and very pretty :) I may try some. Happy Autumn...I am celebrating....blessings

  15. That looks like the kind of cafe that my hubby and I would enjoy. Lovely scenery photos, and your vinegars look very interesting, I need to try that one day.
    We have been enjoying the bread that I baked using your recipe. I used 100% stone ground wheat flour, it made two round loaves and one was plain while the other one has cinnamon and raisins. My hubby enjoys that one especially.
    You are an inspiration to me, my dear friend.
    love and hugs, Cindy

  16. Hello Dear Heart.
    Aren't I terrible. I did not even know you had posted last Thursday until right now. I have been a bit lazy lately! We went to the movies last week and another day out to lunch. Now, that is a little different for us. I love the pictures of the pasture land going right up to the Bay of Fundy. That is what I distinctly remember about being up there. In the US...seems like the ocean is mostly built up with condos and houses. It's nice your grandson got a part time job. My son and daughter both worked part time in high school. I think it made them responsible with money. Your vinegars are looking pretty good there.

    Hope you enjoy a happy week!

  17. Thank you for a much needed moment of peace in a busy day. Blessings, Jodie

  18. Every time I read one of your posts I get the itch to bake something! Those pear muffins look delicious and a little tart jam sounds like just the thing for corn muffins! Thanks for brightening my day! Now I'm off to bake something!

  19. My goodness, Canada is just gorgeous!!!

    Gee, doesn't it never fail that getting appliances and furniture in and out is such an operation. I have all different pieces that you get in, but you can't figure out how to get it out. How is that possible?

    Can one be done decorating for Fall? Oh, well, I guess at Christmas... Love the coffee shop! What's not to love!!!

    Thank you for the sweet calming respite that is your blog. And for being a sweet Godly woman to guide and encourage.

    Love to you!

  20. Positively breathtaking! Thank you for sharing your beautiful experiences and views.