Monday, September 2, 2013


Hello everyone.. 
So glad you dropped by today.. 

The long weekend is over and we are having a very windy and wavy evening.. sigh... I so love these kind of nights..

Terry and I purchased our last fling of fish and chips and sat by the Bay as the tide flowed in and the wind blew.. 
This time next week we will hopefully be back home and trying to get settled in.. 

The other day we took a little drive out Tynemouth Creek and I took a few pics of the Bay from their view.. 
As we drove down an old back road there were those sweet chickens.. 
Do you notice the jewel weed growing in behind them.. 
I need to make another batch of that salve.. smile.. 

I did get the moisturizing ointments all made and several sold 
over the weekend.. 
Saturday was a very busy day in the shop and Thursday, Friday and Saturday will be our last days open and our Closing for the Season Sale.. 

The Art in the Park show was postponed until this coming Sunday due to rain.. 
Then on Monday we move homeward.. 

We will miss seeing our daughter and her family as much but then we will again be back to our little home church and our sons attend there.. 
Bittersweet, eh? 

Today has been that kind of a day, too.. 

Twenty-five years ago I was awakened early in the morning with a phone call from my Mom saying my Dad had gone.. 
Only 58 years old and in a moment he had gone to be with his Lord.. 
It was a sad day but we knew where he had gone to..

He had prepared for many years to meet his God and he always talked about the day he fell in love with Jesus.. 

He was such a testimony of God's grace and deliverance.. 
But we as his family are thankful for the heritage he has left us.. 

Knowing the way of salvation and knowing that Jesus made a way that we could be saved...

But you know there are still days when I just miss him.. 

Miss his sense of humor and his listening ear.. 
I miss his wisdom and his prayers..
I have told you many times of the the mornings when my sister and I would be awakened by hearing him praying .. 
Not only praying for us but for those who did not know God... 
Dad had a heart of a soul winner and he won many to the Lord..

But he loved to laugh and have a good time.. 
He was a people lover and everyone was welcome in our home.. 
He was such a hard worker and brought himself up by the bootstraps..

He always made me feel like I was able to do anything.. 
And he always had time to listen.. 

Such a dear dear man..  
I feel blessed to have been his child... 

Thank you, dear hearts for listening to me once again.. 
Just missing my sweet father tonight.. 


  1. So Heartfelt... Simply everything is beautiful!

  2. Beautiful post, as always, Faye. Sending a prayer your way. ((hugs)) xo

  3. Such beautiful pictures! The testimony about your father is priceless!

  4. Hi Faye, I know the feeling of missing your dear father everyday anytime you feel like telling us about him, please do. It no only heals your soul but it helps us to know your Dad, too.

    Your pictures are lovely. I really like the one of the covered bridge from the other side. So pretty. I never knew that orange flower was called jewel weed. Nice to know.

    I guess it is time for you to head home. This summer flew by so fast. Tomorrow our two grandkids start as Freshmen in high school. Makes my heart skip a beat goes on and they need to spread their wings (a little)!

    God be with you and Terry!

  5. beautiful photos,
    the summer has come and gone,
    only the heat and humidity still cling,
    but the calendar tells the tale.
    hugs tonight, dear friend.

  6. Praying for you. I feel the same about my Grandpa.

  7. Miss my MOM & DAD also very much.Just two nights ago I death of my Mom and call my Sister as got missing family. I love your post and pic's.You and your's have become like family in a way.(HUGS)

  8. Good morning dear friend...oh you take some of the most gorgeous photos. You live in an area that promotes beautiful pictures as well...thank you so much for always taking us on a journey of your life.
    I will need to find out more about this salve you make...if it sells that fast it must be awesome.
    What a blessing your father was - if only ALL of us could live with those beliefs what a wonderful world this would be.
    I know you got your fathers character - it shows in all you do.
    Blessings to you

  9. You sound like you learned well from your father!

    I can "see" you in what you wrote about him.
    (lovely post!)

    I miss my dad, too! I know bittersweet...

  10. Thinking of you as you miss your dad. He left you a legacy of faith in the Lord. The best kind of legacy. Beautiful photos of the water. It's so pretty along the coast. Blessings to you. Pam

  11. Precious they they ever flood my soul.

    Hugs Faye

  12. Beautiful sentiments, Faye! Thank you for sharing!

  13. The memories Faye...those are such a gift. m.

  14. Thinking of you Faye. Memories are so precious, your Dad sounded wonderful xx

  15. Thank you for sharing this touching post. I never had the love of a good father so when others share their thoughts of a father's love I enjoy listening to their memories. I do rejoice in the Lord's love as a Father
    so I can relate to His blessings :)
    Thank you for sharing the beautiful photos of your island home, I always enjoy them so much.
    Shirley in Virginia

  16. Faye, thank you for another wonderful post. Your pictures are so thought provoking, yet so relaxing at the same time. I love that.

    I'm sorry about your dad. Like you said though, you know where he is. That is so comforting, isn't it? My dad will be gone 2 years in January. So hard to believe life moves on after losing such great men.

    My prayers to you on what seems to be a solemn night, while you journey through many memories of a man of grace.