Monday, June 23, 2014

Celebrating at the Cottage...

Good Morning everyone.. 
Just a quick post to keep in touch with you all.. 
We are beginning to settle down here at the cottage although this will be a busy week.. 
We need to go home to get some more stuff as I am planning on opening my shop this weekend... 
But this past week was fun.. 
Sitting on the stoop in the evenings if it was not raining.. smile.. 

Drinking Summer Water and reading this and that.. 

Trying to get the old place back in order during the days... 

Expecting some company so picked a few forget me nots... 
All of my tablecloths are home so I need to remember to bring them down.. 
I really am not a tablecloth person but this old table need refinished, I am thinking.. smile.. 
A good Summer job for my grandsons, perhaps??? smile.. 

We were having a wee birthday celebration... 

Expecting a few dear old friends ... 
And a cake with a few candles, shall we say.. grin.. 

A trip up the street to a beautiful old country inn here in St. Martins.. 

As you can see the view is spectacular!!

Clear to the beautiful Bay of Fundy.. 
We had a beautiful luncheon... 
Lobster rolls, Seafood Chowder, Potato Salad, Soup of the Day and Beef Sandwiches and Dip made by the owner and chef himself... 

Then they took us on a tour of the inn.. 

This dear little rocker actually belonged to the sweet old lady who used to live here in our own cottage.. 
Mrs. Hopey.. 
I had to take a pic of it... 

And then I noticed this pillow that was bought in my little shop.. 

A lovely Victorian home turned into a Bed and Breakfast that used to belong to sea captain here in St. Martins many years ago.. 
The St. Martins Country Inn.. 

Then back we came for some tea and birthday cake.. 

Judy and I have been friends since I was twelve years old.. 
A long long time.. grin.. 
Love this dear lady.. 
Hope you had a great day, Judy... 
And hope you all had a great week, too.. 
Thanks for dropping by and for your lovely comments and your emails.. 
God bless.. 


  1. Lovely pictures, Faye.

    Loved seeing the glimpse of you in the mirror taking the picture of the pillow!


  2. Happy belated birthday to your sweet friend.
    Old friends are wonderful!! Plus they know all our secrets, so they HAVE to keep being our friends :)

    I love your little cottage, and the old doors, and woodwork are so charming. Thanks for sharing your pictures with us, and your lovely weekend adventures.

    Have a blessed week, my friend.


  3. I enjoyed seeing your dining room and the peek through to the hall. It's a beautiful old house Faye. I've never been in any of the Inns in St. Martins but I'm sure they're lovely and full of antiques and have great food and views. Thanks for sharing your photos today. I hope you have a nice week with some sunny warm days. Hugs. Pam

  4. I love your cottage that dinning room is lovely ! Oh the view from the restaurant is fantastic ! Thanks for sharing , Have a good day !

  5. Fantastic pictures. I love the peek into your lovely dining room.......just what imagined! It is so quaint, timely and just lovely! I love it! The B and B is beautiful and the view is wonderful. Have a pleasant week......


  6. It all looks so beautiful. Thanks for sharing more views of your sweet cottage. I love the big jug of forget me nots...ours have just finished. I love all the history, especially of the chair.
    Have a wonderful week.

  7. Your cottage is lovely inside. love all the photos your shared...amazing! Have a blessed week too,my friend!

  8. Your cottage looks so warm and inviting!

  9. I agree with all previous comments. Also, I love to see something someone bought from me; especially when they are using it.

  10. I'm pea-green with envy. Adorable cottage, beautiful inns, precious friends. What a view!!! Even the name "Bay of Fundy" tickles me. I don't know you girlfriend but I love you. Keep it up, you brighten my life. :-)

  11. Have you tried mayonnaise on your table top? Rub full fat mayo into the wood. Wait several hours and buff it off. It is amazing what it can do! Our daughter bought a secondhand table and used mayo in it's scratched top and it is beautiful now.

    One day I hope to come and visit your shop all the way from South Carolina. I want to see your beautiful bay for myself!

  12. What a wonderful place and a wonderful birthday celebration. Just lovely.......every single detail. Blessings my sweet friend