Tuesday, June 10, 2014

This Sad Day...

Hello my dears.. 
Hope you all had a blessed weekend.. 
We had a lovely one.. 

As most of you probably know New Brunswick last week was a very sad and scary place to be.. 
We are a very small and quiet spot of Canada and when we had 5 Royal Canadian Mounted Police shot and 3 killed it made us all reflect on how blessed we have actually been.. 
Moncton is only a few minutes from us and my Mom was in the locked down area and couldn't leave her home.. 
The poor dear was scared as you can well imagine.. 

Today is the funeral for the 3 fallen heroes and our hearts go out to their precious families.. We are praying for comfort and peace on this sad day.. 
May God bless them and heal them.. 
Please pray for the City of Moncton and the rest of  New Brunswick this day.. 
Thank you so much.. 

The pictures above are just of our drive back to our old farm and down to the cottage.. 
We will soon be back in St. Martins.. 
It was hot here yesterday and I wanted to be there.. smile.

Please take care and thanks so much for your visits.. 
Looking forward to hearing from you again.. 
God bless and keep.. 


  1. Hi Faye,

    Indeed this has been a horrible week for us as New Brunswickers. I too also pray that the families will feel God's comfort at this time.

    Loved your pictures, especially the cows:)

    Take care,

  2. Morning Faye, very sad day, God Bless the family's.......Loved all your pictures Faye, lifted up my heart, Francine.

  3. Hello dear Faye, I am continuing to pray for those in New Brunswick...especially the families of those Royal Mounted Policemen who were killed and the families of those who were wounded as well. When tragedy happens like that it is so hard to believe it could actually be happening in our own areas and it does indeed give us much to be thankful for and turn to God for comfort.

    Your pictures are lovely, as always, Faye. I especially enjoyed the pictures of the barns. Brought back memories of my childhood! xo

  4. My heartfelt prayer go out to those officers, their families, friends and fellow citizens.
    Such a tragedy!
    May the Lord bless your community and all affected.
    May the Lord comfort the families of those fallen officers.

    Peaceful and beautiful pictures, Faye.
    With all the hurt in the world, it is nice to see and remember all of our Heavenly Fathers beauty that we are blessed with. It soothes the soul.

    Sending {{hugs}}


  5. As I said earlier in a post I've been to Moncton many years ago and it's beautiful, while this tragic story unfolded it saddened me to think of someone so cruel to be hurting others. I hope the community heals as the days pass.

  6. I was shocked of this when I heard it on the news ,, my heart and prayers go out to the families of these three heroes and am glad your mum is safe . I hope the community can heal more each day ! Thanks for sharing , lovely photos . Have a good week !

  7. I thought of you immediately when I heard that terrible news. Did they catch the gun man? I have not heard any updates here. I feel bad that your poor mom was put through that. Ah, life. It can be rough at times. xo

  8. My deepest sympathy to all the families.

  9. Faye.....this is a very sad day today :(...I watched the funeral on tv, so sad
    I love your pictures in this post...esp. #3 the old trike in the grass, #7 the wood pile surrounded by green) and #10 the old barn surrounded by the trees....beautiful!
    Monday would have been a day to be at the cottage for sure!
    Cheryl (Fton)

  10. What a sad day indeed. It does make us stop and think about all those around us and count our blessings. It also breaks our heart that those who serve to protect us loose their lives while doing so. Lord, bless all those families and the community too. Lovely pictures as always. There is so much beauty around us if we just stop and look.. That is why a picture can capture so much.. Blessings!

  11. My heart has been deeply saddened by the recent events in my hometown and as I watched the funeral this afternoon I cried for those left behind. Such a terrible loss. I have prayed so much the past week for these families involved and the policing family as well as the shootings have touched so many. Your photos are beautiful. My favourite is the old trike in the forget-me-nots. We'll not forget the 3 who lost their lives and the children left behind. Blessings.

  12. How very sad! Prayers to those families and friends of those fallen heroes :(

  13. That was sad! My great-grandpa (Potawatomi) was an Indian interpreter for the Royal Canadian Mounted Police.