Thursday, June 12, 2014

This week in my kitchen..

Hello everyone.. 
Hope you all can join us for the blog hop over at

We have had a busy week trying to get moved down to our cottage by the Bay of Fundy for the Summer months.. 
I am sorry that my pics are a bit scarce.. smile.. 

Above is looking out my kitchen window at the apple tree all in blossom here at the cottage .. 
As you know our Spring and Summer are a bit behind most of the world.. grin.. 
With our cool temps we are still enjoying the homemade bread...
No Knead, of course.. smile.. 

And making use of the whole chicken with some lovely soup... 

I have discovered Bok Choy find it a delicious change it in our soups.. 

An old shelf on the cottage wall ... 

One of our favorite salads..

Mushroom and Garlic.. 
Put a couple of cloves of garlic and a pinch of salt in your mortar and pestle .Squash it all about..Add 1/4 cup of fresh lemon juice and then with a whisk slowly add 1/2 cup of good olive oil.. 
Slice a package of mushrooms into a bowl and add a 1/2 cup of chopped red or Spanish onion ..
If you are making a big salad just double the dressing.. 
Pour over your dressing and add some chopped herbs.. 
Let it sit for a few hours to blend flavors.. 

Juice making..
Making our weekly ration of homemade high bush cranberry juice..
The bags of berries are getting depleted and they won't be ready again until Fall.. 
We will do up twice as many as we enjoyed it so much this past Winter.. 

We still have lots of rhubarb so next week when we get more settled I hope to make some Rhubarb Cordial.. 

Pork Chops, again... 

Terry loves his chops.. 
And I love my Spanish Rice so we kind of repeated last week's menu but changed the rice around.. 

Oatmeal Chocolate Cake.. 

An old standby that quenches the crave for chocolate.. 
Each day I find myself snapping a picture or two in the kitchen - a pile of ingredients, a table waiting for us to gather around, a sink full of soapy dishes, a cup of tea, dinner as it comes out of the oven - simple, everyday moments in the kitchen. These photos serve as a reminder of days gone by and as encouragement to carry on in this busy kitchen of ours when inspiration is lacking.

Thanks for dropping by and if you have any questions I will hopefully eventually get to you.. 

Getting moved down here takes a few trips back home where the Internet has been moved from there to here.. smile.. 
Thanks for your patience.. 

God bless.. 


  1. You must be so busy Faye, getting settled in at the cottage. A lot of work. I expect you'll be opening your shop soon too, and will be ready for a busy tourist season again. Do you suppose I'll get down there this year and see you? I hope so! My sister is coming for a month again so we'll do some day trips. She hasn't been to St. Martins since we were kids I expect so maybe we'll take it in. I hope you have a nice weekend. We're going to St. Andrews on Sunday, our first trip of the season. Hugs. Pam

  2. Faye, your cake and rice look absolutely delicious! Makes me hungry...especially the picture of the rice! Thank you for sharing the recipe for the mushroom/garlic salad! Sounds delicious!

    Hope you are able to rest a bit in between trips of moving down to the cottage for the summer. Oh my...imagine waking each morning to the sound of water lapping in the Bay of Fundy! :)

  3. Now, Faye, you should rest some while you are there at your wonderful cottage. BUT...I know how much you enjoy your little shop, your visits with cousins and your old friends....Oh, and then later is the canning of pickles. make me tired. JK. I know you love every minute of it. And I love reading about every minute you spend at the wonderful Bay of Fundy. I am happy for you and Terry. Have an enjoyable summer! Those pork chops and rice give me a yearning for them soon.....My, your bread looks delicious!!!!


  4. enjoyed your post very much, always enjoy the visit to your kitchen!
    hope you have a wonderful season at the bay!

  5. Oh my I have to stop stopping by at breakfast time. Hehe
    Chocolate oatmeal cake!
    Wishing you a wonderful weekend.
    Woolie hugs

  6. Oh, I love your mushroom salad and can't wait to try it. My cooking has slowed too, it's just to hot to spend a lot of time in the kitchen.

  7. Hi Faye;

    Your mushroom salad looks interesting. I have never heard of anything like that, I can't wait to try it.


  8. So impressed with all that you accomplish!
    When we move, I barely get sandwiches made. We accomplish just enough, and there you are baking, and cooking and preserving! You are super-woman!

    Stay safe in your travels.


  9. Hi Faye. Lovely! I think Terry is the luckiest man alive!!!

  10. chocolate oatmeal cake is a favorite of mine. I found it in a Taste of Home cookbook I bought a few years ago. It seems like yesterday that you were moving home. Is it time to move again? Hope it goes well. I shared picture with my mom at the nursing home yesterday. There were a few photos where I was cooking something. So I told her what it was. She thought I'd done something different in my kitchen, nope, same ol' kitchen. She's not been here for over 6 years now. Sigh!

  11. Olá amiga, vim desejar-lhe uma abençoada semana.
    Linda casa de campo, muito aconchegante!!!!!!!!
    Doce abraço Marie.

  12. This all looks so good. Your cottage looks so cute, I love the view through the window, the wooden shelves (I'm thinking of painting a dresser that we have in the kitchen a dark colour just like that) and oh, that kettle, it's gorgeous. Thanks for sharing the mushroom salad.I will definitely try it out next time we have mushrooms...I'll let you know how I get on.
    Have a wonderful summer time enjoying all that fresh sea air and scrummy food.
    Take care.