Thursday, June 26, 2014

This Week in my old cottage kitchen... .

Hello everyone.. 
Welcome to the Blessed Hearth today.. 
I am once again joining Heather for her BLOG HOP...

As you can see by the pics on my blog header we are at our old Summer cottage here by the Bay of Fundy.. 
It is an old house but just our cottage so we have not changed it much.. 
No dishwasher here or fancy equipment... smile.. 
Very basic and plain but I do enjoy cooking in it most days.. 

This week has been hectic as I have been up to my little shop and getting it ready to open by Saturday which is our Canada Day long weekend.. 
So the food has not been very inspired... 
But here goes.. smile.. 
Cucumber Salad.. 
Just slice some cukes and green onions.. 
Add salt and red pepper flakes and let sit for a few minutes.. 
Then add a dressing of 1/3 cup of mayo, 1/4 cup of sour cream, 1 T. lemon juice and chopped herbs if you like.. 
Stir to cover the cukes and serve room temp... 
You can just add mayo or sour cream if you like or adjust the measures to your taste.. 

Simple bowl meals.. 
Homemade Mac and Cheese.. 

Poor hubby was starving one night and needed potatoes.. grin.. 
Fresh green beans, potatoes, cuke salad and pork steak and sauce.. 

Adding shrimp to a salad..

Farm fresh eggs... 

The old kitchen here .. 
There is a pantry behind the door...

Summer water...

Tuna pasta salad with Chicken Kebabs on the BBQ.. 
Kind of burned mine.. smile.. 

Chopped veggies and olives...

Quinoa Salad... again...

My mint pot.. 

Had a little birthday party with the most delicious marble cake.. 

Well, that is it for the kitchen this week.. 
Once I get the shop opened I will hopefully get a bit more organized.. 

So go over to BEAUTY THAT MOVES.. and join the fun of peeping in everyone's kitchen.. 
You will love it.. 

Take care everyone and God bless... 


  1. Cucumber salad will be perfect for my 4th of July picnic!

  2. Your simple meals put my elaborate ones to shame! lol Love your photos, Faye. Hope your shop does well this weekend.

  3. Looks and sounds lovely. I love that little kitchen - with all its charm. :)

    And, oh! for a glass of summer water.

  4. It all looks so cosy. I'm getting ideas for my new kitchen from yours.I'd love to peep into your pantry. I love that you haven't changed it too much and kept all the character. Enjoy your summer in the bay of Fundy. I hope that your little shop is busy, but not too busy for you to have some fun and relaxation.
    Take care,
    Ps Was it your birthday? Happy Birthday wishes to the birthday girl or boy.

  5. happy birthday to you or whoever had the birthday! Love the kitchen,looks cozy and homey. The dishes look fabulous! I wish there was someone in my family who loved pasta salads like the one you have there. Alas, I only get them when I'm with my sister.

  6. Everything looks so cozy.
    Your old cottage kitchen so reminds me of our old kitchen at the homestead. We too had a pantry just off the kitchen.

    Hoping that who-ever had the birthday had a great one! The cake certainly looks good :)

    Enjoy your holiday!!!


  7. Wow, what gorgeous photos. And I tell you, I have been finding amazing recipes here lately, and yours is one of them. Sure want to try ALL of them.

    Or maybe I just need to invite myself over LOL.


  8. What a beautiful kitchen! Love it. And the cake looks great! (Marble cake was always my Dad's favorite, so it never fails to make me think of him). Enjoy summer in the cottage!

  9. So much summer goodness coming out of your kitchen! yum :)

  10. Love reading your posts!! Have a great summer in the shop!!

  11. the pictures of your cottage; I love old country homes and pantries! Glad to hear you'll be opening your shop after all; I hope to get down in August. Enjoy your summer! Love your blog!!
    Cheryl (F'ton)

  12. Faye, I would have a very hard time ever leaving that sweet little cottage and an even harder time leaving your table. I love the log cabin placemats in the first picture. Must make me some!!! Enjoy your weekend.

  13. I love your food photos and your old cottage kitchen. Who need a dishwasher? I do mine by hand most of the time, forgetting I now own one. :)