Friday, August 29, 2014

Time to go....

Hello everyone.. 
Hope all is well in your part of the world.. 
For the first part of my post I would like to wish our sweet daughter, Shonda a very happy birthday.. 
Seems like only yesterday she was six months old and I was out sheltering her in my coat and walking in the rain.. smile.. 

Time has flown but how blessed we have been to call her our little girl...
We are thankful to God for her and her sweet family.. 

Tomorrow is Shonda's birthday but also the final day of the little House of Henry being opened.. 
I really am not sad to be closing but will miss meeting all of you sweet people... 

It has been fun but I am looking forward to enjoying my Summers down here by the Bay of Fundy without worrying about being at the shop.. 
All good things must come to an end.. smile.. 

We have been busy doing pickles, pickles, pickles.. 

Sweet Garlic Dills..
Tomato and Apple Chutney... 

Just to mention a few... 

Also, we change homes on Monday.. 

We leave our cottage and it's old kitchen and two floors and go back home.. 

To once again being all on one floor and some more modern appliances.. 
I must say I look forward to my dishwasher and more then one bathroom.. smile.. 
One thing I miss when we move home is the Bay... 

So love seeing this at the end of our street and opening the door and smelling the salt water.. 
I really enjoyed my stay here this Summer more then usual because I was not taken up with the shop.. 
Looking forward already to next Summer and freedom to putter away down here.. 

But home beckons us.. 
Usually, this time of year I can't get back home fast enough but it is a bit bittersweet this time.. 

I must go through my house and get it fresh and clean as it has been empty now for 3 months.. 

Doing all the Fall things that we do.. 
Like visiting this old place.. 

In the Fall we go here for a day or so a week and enjoy the beautiful Fall weather way back in the country.. 
I know this is confusing for the new followers of the blog.. smile.. 
The old farm is our getaway in the Fall and Spring and then we spend the Summer here at the cottage.. 

We are not a couple who likes to take trips but putter around here and there in our old places.. 
Nothing fancy but enjoyable for us.. 

Home is where your heart is and one place our hearts belong is at this little country church... 

Although, we enjoyed our Summer our hearts are glad to return to our own church and the precious families who attend there.. 
God has blessed us with being able to attend church with our daughter in the Summer and then our sons for the rest of the year.. 

Well, my dears that is all for now.. 
We move home on Monday and the Internet won't be plugged in again until Thursday so we may not connect again until then.. 

Thanks so much for visiting and I look forward to hopefully slowing down a bit and checking up on you all more faithfully.. 

Love your comments and may God bless you ... 


  1. I would hate to leave the beautiful bay behind too. But the farmhouse is gorgeous such beauty either place you are.. Such a blessing to have both.. Happy Birthday to Shonda! Have a great week.. I pray the transition goes well. Blessings!

  2. The going away is fun but it is always so good to be back home! Happy birthday to Shonda! I hope your travels are safe.

  3. hugs and blessings on the homeward journey!

  4. Safe journey home, you are truly blessed having two beautiful homes.

  5. What a beautiful post, I love the way you talk about home.
    All your pickles look so pretty, I find beauty in such simple things like jars filled.
    Have a safe journey on Monday, I am going to send the beetroot pickle recipe now.
    Fondly Michelle

    1. Happy birthday to Shonda. xx

      I'll be thinking of you, Faye. Lots of work ahead that I guess is bitter-sweet. Take care, dear heart.

  6. May the Good Lord bless you and Terry and may you have a safe and successful trip back home.

  7. Hi Faye, your home by the sea sounds wonderful, as does your farmhouse and then your home, home ;) as well. The church is lovely, I can just imagine how much you have missed worshipping there. I myself am happy summer is nearing its end. Autumn is my favorite season.......can't wait to bring on the fall. Blessings friend

  8. Oh, and a belated happy birthday to your daughter :)

  9. Hi I'm a new follower and I have so enjoyed all of your beautiful pictures of your cottage and the bay this summer they have been fabulous, thank you so much for sharing this. Happy trails home and can't wait to see all the loveliness you have for the winter. Your home in the country looks wonderful also.

  10. It's hard to believe summer is about over and vacations and get aways will take a back seat to routines and fall chores around the house and yard. I know you will enjoy getting back home again and your little trips to the farm. I enjoy seeing what you're doing. Have a blessed week Faye.

  11. Dear Faye,
    Oft times, changes are bitter-sweet. I can tell that you are relieved to have the shop done with, but I'm sure that your will miss your shop friends too.
    Still, it will be nice to spend that time with family, and friends, and just enjoying life :)

    Best of luck with getting the move back home done, and safe travels.


  12. Enjoy yourselves in your new old home.

  13. Faye.....I am disappointed I didnt make it to SJ this summer and to your shop; only visited it the once but enjoyed it very much. I understand your mixed feelings about it; I always love all your pictures and interesting posts and recipes; I especially, in this post, love the pic of the old homestead.......all your pictures taken there are wonderful in each and every season. Take care.
    Cheryl from F'ton

  14. Faye, thank you for stopping by the other day and leaving sweet words for me. I do appreciate your prayers!

    Happy Birthday to your daughter...she is beautiful!

    It would be hard to leave the Bay...and that smell of salt water...and the views at the end of your street. It will be a special summer for you next year with not having the shop to tend.

    Have a wonderful week, my dear friend.

  15. Olá amiga, vim desejar-lhe um abençoado início de mês.
    Doce abraço Marie.

  16. Faye I hope you enjoy this next part of your life with as much happiness that you always give everyone else. You so deserve it. All the very best. xo