Monday, October 13, 2014

A Farm Day Thanksgiving...

Happy Thanksgiving, everyone.. 
This has been a wonderful weekend full of blessings.. 

Thanksgiving in Canada is an awesome beautiful time of year.. 
As you can see the Lord has used his paintbrush and created a lovely portrait.. 

We actually celebrated this holiday with our family last weekend  with a wonderful Turkey Dinner at our oldest son's house.. 
We also had family pics taken with my Mom and her husband.. 
What a blessed day we had.. 

Then on this Saturday, Terry and I headed up to our old farm in Albert County for the day.. 

Isn't it a pretty place this time of year?? 

Terry had rented a bush cutter and spent many hours pushing the thing around the fields. smile.. 
It makes him happy so that is a good thing.. 

As for me, I put the turkey in to cook..

Did a bit of decorating.. 
Don't you love Chinese Laterns? 

Made a couple of apple pies.. 

And a couple of Banana Breads.. 
A little dressing and cucumber salad..

A simple turkey dinner for the two of us.. 
Then home again.. 
We did make a small stopover so a grandson could try out the new toy... 

Then on Sunday we were blessed to share another Thanksgiving Dinner with our sweet church family.. 
It was so much fun and the food was awesome .. 
That made 3 turkey dinners for us.. smile.. 

Then once again this morning we went to the farm again for Terry to finish his bush cutting.. 

I had seen these little decorations on the news page.. 
Two little peat pots with apples and moss.. 
Carved out a space for tea lights.. 
There should have been little leaves tied on with twine but my pots were too small.. 
Oh well... they did the trick.. smile.. 

I made a turkey and barley soup... 
Caesar Salad... 

Oh yes.. and dumplings.. 
Terry's favorite.. 

For dessert more apples.. 

Apple Crisp... 
It all tasted good..

My Mom and Step Dad dropped by and some friends here and there and gave Terry a hand pushing that thing around.. 
The fields look much better now.. smile.. 

All in all it has been a great time.. 
God has blessed us with such a dear family along with our church family that we love so much.. 

Then with a roof up above us and a fine place to sleep, food on our table and shoes on our feet.. 
We are indeed blessed.. 
And we live in a great country where we still have peace and freedom... 
God has been good to us.. 

But most of all tonight, I am thankful for salvation.. 
Thankful that He died for me and made a way that I can spend eternity with Him.. 
He forgave my sins and gave me a brand new life.. 

Thank you, sweet Lord for your blessings..

And I am thankful for you dear friends who are so faithful in supporting this blog by dropping by and visiting and leaving your sweet comments.. 

Happy Thanksgiving everyone.. 


  1. Happy Thanksgiving to you as well. LOVED all your photos. What a beautiful day you had.


  2. Happy Thanksgiving, Faye! I was showing my husband the pictures on your know the ones of the delicious looking dumplings and the apple crisp. He said, "tell her she didn't invite us up!" So, my friend, please consider that I've passed along the love the apple/candle decorations...and the fact that you made a turkey dinner for just the two of you. Yes, I would do that, too, but so many this day and age wouldn't have. Take care, dear heart.

  3. Happy Thanksgiving, Faye. This food looks so delicious. Our Thanksgiving is next month, and it's such a special day with loved ones and good food! Your apple pies and banana bread look scrumptious. And those apple candles are something else! So creative.

    I hope you are enjoying the Autumn days.


  4. I love your post Faye, the farm is so beautiful & all those Autumn colours are wonderful.
    Your baking is wonderful too, it makes me want to buy banana's on market day which is Thursday in our small town. Your three dinners sound lovely, we do not celebrate Thanks Giving in England, wish we did. Love the apple candles.
    Fondly Michelle

  5. Happy thanksgiving to you, What a wonderful weekend with some wonderful looking food and sharing it with friends and family it doesn't get any better. Some lovely memories made.

  6. Happy Thanksgiving, Faye! Your chow looked SOOOOO delish! Wow! I'm so excited for our Thanksgiving next month now! I'll be doing all the cooking and I can't wait!

    I LOVED seeing your Japanese lanterns, too, Faye! They were in perfect form in mid-August last year when Dana got married, and we got there at her wedding park this year too late (late-September) to get them in perfect form. The heat had dried them a little, I'm afraid. Clipped several stems anyway and we stuck them into a glass vase. We layered acorn tops on the very bottom of it and then some small pinecones. It turned out so cute for her fall table.

    Hugs and happy week to you!

  7. Happy Thanksgiving to you! Those pictures look like postcards. Such beautiful land and scenery. Thanks for bringing us along on your journeys. Sounds like you have had an enjoyable holiday with those you love.

  8. Absolutely gorgeous Faye!!! what beautiful colours in your landscape. it is like a storybook. xo

  9. So beautiful! Your food is so inviting!

  10. Beautiful Albert County! One of the prettiest places in the fall in this province. It sounds like you're all turkey'd out. LOL It looks wonderful. I can still smell turkey in our house this morning. :) Have a blessed week. Hugs. Pam

  11. happy thanksgiving, looks like wonderful food shared with loved ones, and a beautiful day, what could possibly make it better? maybe a bigger stomach for more food eating :)

  12. Wonderful photos ! I am glad you had a lovely and YUMMY thanksgiving as did we ! Thanks for sharing , Have a good week !

  13. Lovely.
    Happy belated Thanksgiving to you, as well.

    Wishing you a wonderful day.


  14. All of the food looks amazing! I'm definitely looking forward to Thanksgiving now! :) The apple candle holders are adorable and I'm definitely going to remember this idea. Happy Belated Thanksgiving to you.

  15. O sol é para as flores o que os sorrisos são para a humanidade.(Joseph Addison)
    Amo passear por aqui!!!
    Um doce abraço, Marie.

  16. Happy a Belated Thanksgiving Faye Friend!!
    Oh my your food looks amazing.
    I love anything apple and pumpkin.
    Woolie Blessings

  17. Oh my always share the most delicious recipes my friend :0) Happy Thanksgiving to you and yours!

  18. The fall colors are really beautiful. I have not yet managed to go hiking this fall and may miss out on the colors, so I will live vicariously through you.