Monday, October 27, 2014

Days of our lives..

Good Evening, my dears.. 
Welcome to the Blessed Hearth tonight.. 

We are all well and like everyone else in this world; we are a tad busy.. 

Last week I had hoped to get all of my canning and preserving finally finished..
 I canned jars and jars of pears and carrots and such... 

Then today my sweet hubby bought 20 more pounds of beets.. 
We opened the jar that I made from a recipe from my UK friend and found them delicious.. 
I guess we will be doing a few more.. smile.. 

Had a lovely cup of carrot and ginger soup for lunch one day but you guessed it.. 
Hubby did not want any.. 
Only ordinary soups for him.. 

There seems to be so much to forage for this time of year.. 

Rose hips again.. 
There is just so much to do with them.. 
I actually wanted these ones to put in the dehydrator and for a wreath I was making.. 

We were also blessed with some sweet company.. 

Someone had a birthday.. 
He received a Grandpa toy... 
That means he gets to leave it at our house and then they can play with Grandpa when they visit.. smile.. 

One of Mickey's favorites is a Caesar Salad.. 
Love my Salad Greens Dryer bag... 

I finally got to my Hydrangea Wreath that I had been wanting to make.. 

I added rose hips and they will dry on the wreath.. 

I noticed it is not sitting straight on the chair but it did turn out 

Such an easy and rewarding craft to make and will literally last for years.. 
I made the wreath from some grapevines someone snipped from their vines and wired it together to make an oval..
Then just glued on sections of flowers and rose hips with a glue gun.. 

Terry picked some High bush Cranberries, too.. 
For my friend, Cheryl who reads the blog...the cranberries are ready to pick... 
I am a bit late but there are still lots and I guess you can pick them all Winter.. 
We freeze them and make a lovely juice from one year to the next.. 

Even decorated the Supper table with them.. 

Trevor found the old bottle on the shore of the Belleisle Bay.. 
Notice the lovely beet pickles.. 

Love the old plates that I picked up at a thrift store a couple of years ago.. 

Do you ladies love old dishes?  

Well, this seems to be a long post.. 
Sorry about that.. 

Probably you have all hung up on me by now but I had a phone call today from one of my favorite wee blog followers who thinks I do not post often enough and can't imagine why I would only write one line.. (Last post) smile..
I think he misses seeing his pic on here, too.. 
I have included another one.. grin.. 
His Dad sent it to me by email.. 

It was titled.. 
Want to be like Gramps.. 
How cute is that?
Mustaches... yeah!!  

Perhaps, I shouldn't say this but if they turn out like their 
Grandpa they will be wonderful men and their families will be blessed.. 
They may drive their wives and kids crazy sometimes but they will always know that they are loved.. 
They will also have their priorities in line.. 
Putting God and family above their own pursuits and no matter when they are needed they will be available.. 
Honest, faithful and hard working..

Just saying... smile.. 

Well, thank you dear hearts for listening to me one more time.. 
And Rafe I will try to do a better job and post more often.. 
Grandma loves you.. 

God bless you all and I look forward to hearing from you .. 
Oh and welcome to the new followers .. 
I hope I can bless your life in some way.. 

Proverbs 17:6
Grandchildren are the crown of the aged, and the glory of children is their fathers.. 


  1. I love your wreath... so pretty. You are working hard with all the preserving...

  2. Your wreath is gorgeous and I love your table settings! I like the idea of a grandpa toy, it'll be a special thing to come visit and play with grandpa. :)

  3. I absolutely love your wreath ! Your grand babies are so cute.

  4. Hello Faye,
    Living in England I have never seen cranberries on a stem, they are beautiful. We just get them in bags or punnets over here normally shipped from the US.
    Yes I love old china too, most of our dishes are old.
    Your wreath is stunning, you are a very talented lady. I just brought mine in & they are hung in the kitchen to dry.
    So glad you enjoyed the pickled beetroot, we have not opened ours yet.
    Fondly Michelle

  5. Hello Faye! I so enjoyed reading your post and admiring your beautiful wreath not to mention handsome grandsons!
    God bless

  6. Wow you have been busy with all that preserving. The wreath is exquisite, a real delight and those boys are so handsome some wonderful memories made.

  7. I love the wreath and never would have thought to do that with my hydrangeas. Do you spray it with something when it's done to preserve it?

    1. Hi Terri.. So nice to have you visit.. Glad you like the wreath.. No, to be honest, I don't spray them now.. When I used to sell them I would spray them with spray glue as they were being moved to shows and then to the buyer;s homes.. Just hanging it in my own house it will be fine.. You can also spray glue and sparkles if you like.. I like mine plain.. smile.. God bless.. Oh, some people spray them with hair spray, too.. xo

    2. Thanks Faye! I have this wreath spray that is suppoed to preserve dried flowers do I may try that. I'm thinking that they may end up all over the place otherwise! Lol

  8. Good Morning Sweet Friend
    What a wonderful love filled post.
    You are a blessing friend.
    I love love that beautiful wreath!
    Woolie Love :)

  9. Morning Faye, always enjoy my visits with you, so warm and comforting. Beautiful wreath and yes, I love old dishes, never enough of them. Your table looks so pretty, Blessings Francine.

  10. Faye, you are such a dear! I truly understand that feeling of thinking you are almost finished with canning and then hubby finds something else. :) I am finished...canning equipment all put away for next year. Actually, I finished up my canning season by making two and a half batches of that delightful Pineapple Rhubarb Jam of yours! 17 different sized jars! I am delighted. Thank you for the sweet way you honored your husband in this post! Such a blessing to me.

  11. Hello Faye,
    As always, I sincerely enjoyed this post.
    Love the old dishes, the pickles, the sweet Grands :)

    Hope that you enjoy the rest of your week.

  12. Hello Faye,
    Love your post.
    Here in Wisconsin, my sister and her husband own and operate a cranberry marsh. I just finished dehydrating cranberries for the first time. They turned out wonderful.
    Have a blessed day.

  13. God bless you, too, Faye......and your family. I enjoyed seeing your table all set so pretty with different plates and serving dishes. You always take such care to make things nice. It is wonderful to see the berries in the old jar, too. Your little boys are so cute and sounds like they adore "Gramps"! The hydrangea wreath is great. I cut some and put them in a big ironstone milk pitcher and I love it. I have done that for quite a few years. Dried hydrangea are so very pretty. Great post. Every few days I look for a new post from and interesting!

    Take care and say hi to Terry for us!


  14. Hi Faye, your hydrangea wreath is gorgeous! That's something I've never tried to do. Your little grandsons look sweet in their moustaches. You know how I love old dishes so your plates with the fall colours sure appeal to me. It will soon be time to light candles for dinner these evenings. It's been so cloudy and dark and then the time goes back on the weekend so it will be nearly dark when we eat. I enjoy using candles in the evenings. It's cozy. Have a blessed week.

  15. It's all good!! from beets to mini-grandpas! I love your wreath...great idea to make it oval instead of the expected round!!
    I am in LOVE with your plates! I am an old dish-a-holic! Both ways :^) I'm old and I love old dishes :^)
    Are there any identifying marks on the backs of the plates??
    Have a lovely rest of the week with many blessings,

  16. What a nice post, Faye. I love your beautiful wreath and all your cheerful comments.

    Please tell us about your Salad Dryer Bag. I have some cotton dish towels. I think I'll embroider on one and make it into a "Salad Dyer." :-) How does your clothes, dear?

    Hugs and happy weekend,

  17. Hi Kelley.. So nice hearing from you .. This bag has just a drawstring but it works great.. I did a little post on this a while back ..Just Google the Blessed Hearth Salad bags and it will come up.. I just use a couple of good thick tea towels to make them and they work great.. The one above is an old vintage one I picked up at an antique store.. Take care, friend.. xo