Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Going back in time on a lovely Fall day...

Good Morning, everyone.. 

Just a very quick post of some pics of our visit to the Historical Village of Kings Landing here in New Brunswick.. 

We had a lovely day there.. 
It is one of my favorite places to visit and almost need to go each Fall to get my fix for the Winter months.. grin.. 

We had lunch at Kings Head Inn.. 
Homemade turkey soup and brown bread.. 
I wanted dessert but there was not anything that called my name so I did without.. 
I love their Apple Blossom but it was not available.. 
They were preparing to close down until next year and several homes were not really occupied but I still learned lots and left completely inspired.. 

They gifted me with a couple of slips of plants which was wonderful.. 
An Angel Wings one and a Pregnant Onion... smile.. 
They showed me a vinegar made with dill and lemon that I hope to start today... 

Also, notice the rugs ... 
Aren't they lovely.. As soon as I get my fabric cutter from the shop I hope to start one.. 

Anyway, girls... I am sorry this is so late in coming and short but it is rather a busy day ahead.. 
I have a huge cauliflower and cabbage that we bought at the market that needs something done to them.. smile.. 
And my book shelves are half organized... 

Isn't God good?  So loving this time of year that He has blessed us with and just humming His praises as I go about and praying He will bless the work of my hands... 

Take care, dear hearts.. 
Thanks for visiting and your sweet comments.. 
So love to hear from you all.. 


  1. Hello once again, dear Faye and a happy and blessed fall! I really enjoyed your pics around Kings Landing. Glad you had a nice lunch! I am sure you will soon be making one of those pretty braided rugs!
    God bless

  2. Thanks for all those beautiful pictures.
    Very lovely!
    Blessings from Holland

  3. Wow!!! such a wonderful place, enjoyed all the pictures. Thanks for letting me tag along, Francine.

  4. Lovely photos . I really like the one of you and the horse ! Looks like a fun place to visit ! It is sunny here chilly and very very windy ! Thanks for sharing , Have a good day !

  5. I so enjoyed the journey you took us on today, such a wonderful place. I too am in love with the rug and would love to have a go myself.

  6. Hello Faye dear. I hope you are experiencing some of this beautiful autumn weather we are currently having. The temperature is in the low 60's and the wind is blowing, and the sun is shining brightly to cheer us all!

    My husband and I just recently visited our "autumn place" this past weekend. There is a Folk Festival in another state, not far from us really. It takes place the first Friday/Saturday of October and since it is always close to my birthday we go there and celebrate. There is music to enjoy, both A capella and blue grass, along with some clogging! There are arts and crafts...some artisans doing their craft on site.

    It looks as if you and your hubby had the perfect weather for your journey. I loved all of the wonderful pictures you shared with us today.

    I am hoping to make some more of your rhubarb pineapple jam the next week or so and tuck some away for Christmas gifts. I had a couple of jars here when we went to visit our daughter and family and she LOVED it! A keeper recipe for sure!

    You had mentioned recently that you wondered what I was going to do with my eggplant. Here is the link to my Pinterest board that is nothing but eggplant recipes. I will be using a lot of them over the next week or so because when the weatherman was calling for a heavy frost/freeze on Saturday night, my husband went ahead and harvested all that remained on the plants.

    Have a wonderful remainder of the week, my friend.

  7. That is a beautiful place I would never have seen or heard about, so peaceful and restful. God is definitely good!

  8. Hi much I want to say!!!! My Mom made one large, one runner and one for the bottom of the big hall on our farm years ago. I imagine they are still there. I wish I had them. They were made from wool. Cauliflower? I cooked two giant ones yesterday. No way was I letting those go to waste. I gave some to the kids and we will have it for a few nights or my lunch...I know it sounds silly but I love it so much that I eat it for lunch!!!!!!! I have grown your angel wings plant before. They are very neat. So much more I could write but must keep this short. Sounds like you are happy and enjoying fall!

  9. How could I forget to say something about the pic of you and the horse. I wish I was there with you to feel the softness of that horse's nose. I really like the one of Terry waiting for the team to travel by. Those two pics would look wonderful framed and hung together somewhere.....just my idea........

  10. Hi sweet Faye,
    Oh what a lovely post.
    I too love the pictures of you and your sweetheart!!

    Such a wonderful place to visit, it seems. I am glad that you had a chance to visit, before the weather turns bad.

    Yes, we are indeed blessed from our loving Heavenly Father. This is such a beautiful season, full of wonderful harvests.

    Smiles :)

  11. Faye, I'm glad you got to go to Kings Landing! I haven't been there once this year but I hope to go this weekend as it closes for the season on Monday. My friend and I went there today in the pouring rain but only visited the historic exhibit at the welcome building as it was of the 40th anniversary of the settlement. I didn't want to miss that as it won't be there again. Your photos are really wonderful and really made me want to get there. Hugs. Pam

  12. Love the photos. I've always wanted to try my hand at braiding rugs. These are lovely. Thanks for the update!

  13. Hi Faye, I think I took a lot of the same pics when I was at Kings Landing. Such a beautiful place. Did you ever go to the Xmas dinners they have? I honestly come out feeling like I have escaped to a past century. Take care.

  14. Hello Faye! I love horses too. You look lovely there patting that horse. I'm sure he loved it as much as you did. Hoping you continue to enjoy the preparations for winter. Take care friend. xx

  15. Hello Faye,
    Such a beautiful place to visit, I would love to go one day.
    Hope you get your book shelves sorted.
    Fondly Michelle

  16. Hello sweet lady, I love seeing places like that too. I have heard of Kings Landing, it reminds me of our Lower Fort Gary village here in Winnipeg. I love seeing what how they lived back then.
    We will see your friend's husband here soon at our Growing To Serve conference in Winnipeg. I will try to talk to him and tell him to tell you hello for me when he sees you next. Hugs, Cindy

  17. Oh I was eyeing that lovely braided rug, "in progress".. I's love to do another one of them some day. so useful, warm and beautiful! xo

  18. This is just a feast for the eyes! It is such a breathtaking joy to look at the simplicity and beauty of time long ago. I am going to have to add that onto a list of places to visit. Wow!

    Blessings to you Faye!

  19. Oh Faye...I am so jealous!!! Kings Landing is our favorite place too! Our new home was inspired by our love for the old historic settlement. It sounds like you had a wonderful time. That brown bread!! Like you, I would have wanted the apple blossom for dessert. THE BEST! I'm hoping to make it to one of the holiday dinners next month, depending on the weather. You never know what this time of year will bring.

    I am so far behind reading your blogs. They are like a great novel to me. Thank you!