Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Getting fire wood on a Canadian Fall day.. .

Good Evening, dear hearts.. 
How are you all doing in your part of the world? 

Today has been another sad day in Canada as another senseless tragedy has taken place with the shooting death of one of our own  soldiers in our capital city.. 

This world is getting to be a scary place even here where we are known to be lovers of peace.. 
We so need to pray for our government and the protectors of our  country.. 

Terry and I went to the woods yesterday.. 

He needed to chop some more fire wood for Winter .. 
Actually, I believe that this is for next year as this season's is already in the basement.. 
I guess that is how it is done..
Chop this year for next and so on.. smile..

Anyway, I did not want him going alone so I packed up a bag of books and a lunch and away we went.. 

Picking up the mail yielded this book from Amazon that I ordered a couple of weeks ago.. 

Good timing!! 

Our Canadian woods are a beautiful place to be this time of year.. 

And the wind was blowing so I was a happy gal.. 
Terry chopped wood and I read and made lists.. (That is one thing I like to do..)
Shonda wants me to share a craft table with her at a Christmas show so I had a few plans to make.. 
I may try it.. smile.. 

After a while we had a bit of lunch.. 

A thermos of tomato soup and a bit of homemade bread that my Mom made.. 

Terry had a couple of salmon sandwichs with some homemade pickles.. 

A glass of ginger ale hit the spot, too.. 
The mosses and ferns and foliage are so beautiful.. 
Nearby, were a few windmills...

The drive up to the Kent Hills is uphill all the way.. grin.. 

Midway through the afternoon the thermos of  tea came out.. 

What is there about having a hot cup of tea outside on a cool windy day?  It tastes so good and I am sure it is just what the doctor ordered.. smile.. 

During the War everyone drank tea during each crisis and it helped everyone to calm down.. 
I think it works.. grin..  

Watching Terry (who is not a young man) cutting down wood with a running power saw in one hand and a pulp hook in another is not really my cup of tea.. The wood was huge and heavy .. 

I felt like I had been drug through a knot hole backwards by the time we came off that mountain.. 

But several hours later it was time to head back home with a trailer and the back of the truck full of wood.. 
He's a good man... smile.. 

We did have a flat tire on the way back in the dark.. 

Ohhh.. I was so glad to get home.. 

I think he only needs to get one more load.. I hope.. smile.. 
Terry thinks I would like for him to live in a bubble..grin..
Are you ladies like me when your husbands are just not the youngsters they think they still are.. 
Oh well.. 
I am thankful that he still has the health and strength to do this.. 
I will just be glad when this chore is done.. eh? 

On another note I am also thankful for this country that we live in.. 
For the people who put their lives on the line every day to protect us.. 
I pray that God will cover them with His divine protection.. 

Thank you, sweet friends for dropping by the Blessed Hearth tonight.. 
Your comments mean so much to me and make blogging so worth the effort.. 


Luke 21:28

28 And when these things begin to come to pass, then look up, and lift up your heads; for your redemption draweth nigh.


  1. Faye,
    Second attempt to post this comment:) Not sure if my first one published....just really wanted to thank you and tell you how much I love your blog. I have never commented before, but wanted to tell you that I am so amazed with everything you do and show on your blog. Your faith is so inspiring. Thanks you so much.

    1. Thank you for your sweet comment Terri.. So glad you did.. You made my day.. smile. xo

  2. Lovely photos ! It looks pretty the much the same here with the pretty woods and colours ! Sounds like a fun picnic and YUMMY to lol ! Glad you guys got home safely and got that flat tire changed . Thanks for sharing , Have a good evening !

  3. P.S I am sure your crafts will sell well at the craft show !

  4. The world is a scary place now. The last place on Earth for that to happen would to our way of thinking would be your part of the woods.
    Lots of love my dear friend, thinking of you always x x x

  5. Lovely post, beautiful pictures. My prayers are with the family of the young man.

  6. Evening Faye, love being out in the woods getting fire wood. Feels so fresh and good. That soup looks yummy and bread, nice outing and pictures,Blessings Francine.

  7. You always pack the best picnics, Faye. Next time you go, I'm going too. ;- ) I was sorry to hear about the troubles in your country. I hope no one else gets hurt. Take care my friend. xx

  8. It was a sad and tragic day today and I'm afraid this might be the beginning of sad days to come but we will hold on to our faith in God and pray for our country and it's leaders. Your trip to Albert County looks like a nice time except for the worry of Terry working with the chainsaw. I'm like you too and do a lot of praying when Murray is using one or if he's up a tree or tower or on a ladder. It's nerve wracking isn't it? My sister and her husband were in Albert Co. on Sunday for a drive and took a photo with those windmills way off in the distance. Murray and I were also in Albert Co. (Riverview) visiting my brother. I'd appreciate your prayers for him, Faye, as he's so nauseous from the treatments still and can't eat much. Thank you my friend. Blessings to you.

  9. Oh Faye...our world continues to change. Evil continues...yet, I know that Our Lord is in complete control!

    Thank you for sharing such lovely pictures Faye. I agree with you, a warm cup of tea on a cold day is just about perfect!

  10. Oh, Faye...I love it when you add a verse to your posts. I am so sorry about the news reports tonight concerning our beloved neighbor - Canada! Jim and I are so saddened! It scares me to think of what this world will be when my grandchildren are our ages. This evil must stop! I am so sorry for that dear soldier and his family.

    Oh it drives me crazy when Jim has the chain saw out and going!!! Luckily, he has only had to trim a few big limbs lately. Jim and our son-in-law were suppose to go to the lake and cut down a few big trees. Oh, the worry .....but meanwhile.....Todd (SIL) is going to have to have surgery on his knee next Friday so I think the trees will have to wait!!! (Happy am I.)

    Going to visit my dear aunt tomorrow.....must get rested for a busy day ahead.

    Love your posts! Say hello to Terry! He is such a good man!


  11. The happenings in Canada at the moment are tragic my heart goes out to all that are affected and are in my prayers. You have really captured the essence of the season in this post, truly beautiful. God bless.

  12. Beautiful photos... and I feel the cozy and can almost hear the banter in you and Terry's conversations.. :) grin! I'm sure to be a fly on the wall would be a blast. Your togetherness is beautiful. I love reading about your life and it's varied happenings and it is always so encouraging...

    Praying for you!

  13. Coming by to visit and read is like taking a peaceful mini trip:-) I always enjoy my visits, thank you for sharing your heart.
    Blessings ~

  14. I heard about the tragic news in your part of the world... I am so sad for all that have been affected by the evil doing of another. Yes, we need to continue to pray for our leaders, and for our countries.

    Your pictures are beautiful, and it looks like a wonderful place to gather firewood. Gathering firewood is such a big chore!!

    I, like you worry about my sweet husband. He jokes that I have him with one foot in the grave, and another on a banana peel... but seriously, he's not as agile as he used to me, and the older he gets, the easier he wears out.
    Yes, these men like to think they are still spring chickens****smile **

    Just a question... if you put your firewood in the basement, is it inside of your house, or in a storeroom basement that is separate?


    1. Hello dear.. Thanks for your sweet visit and comment.. We have a space under our attached garage where he throws in the wood from a hole in the garage floor..Then he carries out to the furnace a week or so supply and stacks here near the furnace but that is in our main basement under the house.. Most of us who store wood in our basements have a separate area for that.. When we were younger we both would just use a wood carrier and carry it out to the furnace each time we filled it.. Now, we are older he stacks it nearer.. smile.. xo

  15. Nice little drive to get good. One good thing is that Terry does know how to use the chainsaw, not his first time. My husband changes our oil in cars. This time, he hurt his hand a bit, not bad tho. The oil drain plug wouldn't come off, even hitting with another wrench. Took to Ford dealership and they able to remove it and used our oil and filter. Glad it was small thing, even tho we spent more money than we wanted to, but $45 isn't bad to correct the problem. I heard about the horrible news last nite that happened. Prayers for our world and we keep on living out our faith, moment by moment. Ready. Hugs.

  16. Hello Faye,
    I am so pleased your have bought that book & I would love to know if you enjoy it, I certainly did & will read it again in a couple of years.
    Yes a good cuppa always seems to help.
    Another lovely post.
    Fondly Michelle

  17. Prayers for our Canadian neighbors. Your pictures are beautiful like always. I am with you on putting the husbands in a bubble. Good grief they just have to push the limits all of the time!

  18. Hi Faye, guess my first comment did not publish so will try again, I found your pics so soothing after the horrible tragedy in Ottawa and your lunch looked positively yummy. I do love picnics any time of the year. I know what you mean about "our men" Doug was up on our 2 story roof this week and I always hold my breath. I won't let him do anything like that if I am not here.
    I was wondering if you started your book. I checked the library with no luck so think I will have to order them too. Your craft table sounds inspiring, I would love to get there. Take care my friend.

  19. How is your new book? It looks like a good read.

    1. To be honest, Lindsay, I haven't really got into it yet.. Read a page or two and found it a bit depressing since it was talking about war and we had just had that situation in Ottawa.. Nahhh.. I will read it later.. grin... Needed something a bit more uplifting and my mags and a wee Bible study did the trick.. xo

  20. A delightful post, albeit I'm sad for the loss of life there in Canada. It is a wonderful, but can be wicked place ,this world of ours, and only seems to be getting more confusing all the time. I'm glad as Christians, we know how the end comes out, in all his glory! Your woods are beautiful there, nothing that beautiful in my woods in the fall, still lots of green, to be sure. Blessings my sweet friend

  21. This all looks so beautiful's so sad that it's marred by other goings on. It's such a shame that everyone can't be calmed by nature but who know why people do horrible things. What demons they are chasing. It's so good that you have your bible study to lift you up at times like this as well as your happy husband and lovely family. Happy weekend with cosy days. Thank you for sharing your lovely life with us.

  22. Greetings....I am thinking with prayer of you and your countrymen.
    I'm also with you on keeping hubbies in a bubble :^) Mine, at 81 years young, thinks he can do anything he ever did. He is the energizer bunny, and takes it as a personal affront if he gets tired doing something he should not have been doing in the first place....
    Thank you Lord that they are able to do what they want to!!
    Blessings to you both,