Thursday, August 6, 2015

Come along to P. E. I. with us...Post 2..

Hello again my friends.. 
Hope all is well with you .. 
This is post number 2 on our little vacation to Prince Edward Island.. 

I have too many photos, I am afraid but there is a so much to see even if it is a small place.. smile.. 

After we left Victoria by the Sea we started up Rte. 13 towards Cavendish.. 
This is sort of the centre of the island going straight north but perhaps a little bit west, too.. 
As you will see this is mostly farm land ... 
They grow a lot of potatoes on Prince Edward Island... 
Field after field of them.. 

Then of course there are the dairy farms...

Along the way I noticed several single windmills...
They were for individual farms.. 

A lot of lovely quaint churches and some much bigger ones, too.. 

Beautiful old barns...
And hay bales.. 
I could not get over the abundance of Queen Anne's Lace .. 
Sometimes there were fields of it and all along the ditches and beaches.. 
I think Anne must of loved it and had it planted everwhere.. grin.. 

So many huge farm houses and all in gorgeous condition.. 
Almost all of the farms you see are very spiffy and one wishes that you could be invited in ... smile.. 

Many different grains growing... 

The closer one gets to Cavandish then the scenery begins to change from farm land to fishing villages and beaches with cottages... 
In the distance is the ocean and soybeans and such growing there, too.. 

After we arrived in Cavendish we went and found our little vintage cabin that we had rented for a few days.. 
It was rather warm so we decided after unloading the car that we would go see if Anne's Museum was open... 
We would get our supper later in the evening.. 

We found it in French River... 

Lovely, eh? 
Can you see the closed sign.. 
We were just a few minutes too late but that was all right as it was really Anne's house that I wanted to take my time to see.. 

We went around and took a few pics, though..

This is where L. M. Montgomery, author of the world famous novel Anne of Green Gables was inspired to write many novels and it is the setting for Anne's Lake of Shining Waters.. 
The house was built in 1872 and is still in the family after over two hundred and thirty years.. 

Matthew's horse... 
If they are open you can take a lovely carriage ride for an hour and a half to a beach ... 
Wouldn't that be fun?  
Another time, I guess.. 

We decided to go to New Glasgow for our supper.. 
At the famous P. E. I. Preserve Company.. 

The locals call it the jam company.. smile.. 
It was delicious !!
Terry had a seafood type casserole dish along with fresh veggies and such and I had Codfish Potato Cakes with Caesar Salad and Chow.. 
And a lovely pot of tea.. 
We did not try the desserts as we had plenty.. smile.. 
Then back to the cabin... 

This was only the first day and we were tired.. 
Not as young as we used to be, eh? 
Sorry this little trip is taking so many posts but I want you to see the Island as we did... 

Anne has her lamp lit in her bedroom... 

Tis night time on the Island so we will say good night for now and see you next post where I will try not to bore you all.. 
God bless.. 


  1. Trust me your posts are never boring Faye . Wonderful photos . Papa and I would love to tour Canada's east coat it is on our bucket list when he retires . My mum did with her friends about 10 years ago she called their group of friends the wrinklies lol women was a strange at times yet funny person lol ! Thanks for sharing this trip with us . Looking forward to more . Have a good evening !

  2. Good evening Faye. I always enjoy taking road trips with you, whether it is just to view the countryside or your precious cottage by the bay, or the day at the farmhouse . This trip is a very special one and I am enjoying the island along with you and your hubby. Look forward to each part you share with us. The places in your part of the world are so beautiful and serene. Thanks for taking the time to think of all your friends in blog land.

  3. Not sure which I enjoy more; the pictures or the narration.

    1. I think I agree here with Lucy. :) Beautiful scenery!! Wow... and all those farms.

      Can't wait for more story and views.

  4. I'm not bored for one second Faye. Your photos are beautiful and aptly describe the Island and all it has to offer and makes me want to visit again sooner than later. I'm looking forward to your next post.

  5. I'm not in the least bit bored, I'm really enjoying our tour of Anne's Island :)


  6. I'm even more excited about PEI now!


  7. Not in the least bit boring, a great tour I really enjoyed it.

  8. Simply lovely!
    Thank you so much for sharing your trip with us.
    One day, I would love to see these places for myself :)

    Blessings, and hugs...

  9. your blog! You never bore me! I wish they were longer!

  10. You, my friend, could never bore me...loveeeeee your posts. Have a beautiful Friday. Blessings

  11. Beautiful...just beautiful! Thank you Faye for sharing the beauty of Prince Edward Island with me. mari

  12. These are wonderful pictures of your trip. The scenery looks so lovely. Thanks for sharing and have a blessed day.

  13. So very glad I stopped by today. I so enjoyed seeing all the pictures from these two post. Such a wonderful, beautiful place. I would love to visit someday. Blessings to you dear Faye ♡

  14. So very glad I stopped by today. I so enjoyed seeing all the pictures from these two post. Such a wonderful, beautiful place. I would love to visit someday. Blessings to you dear Faye ♡

  15. Your posts are certainly not boring! Your photos are amazing and I wish I was there!!!! God Bless x

  16. Beautiful...never boring. God Bless you and your's. oxox

  17. Keep the posts coming. Loving the geography and your so perfect descriptions. A bit trite, but "wish I was there." Appreciate your time & talent in gathering all the fine photos! Take care.

  18. Wonderful sharing, loving the journey!

  19. Faye, that is fascinating to read! I bought my granddaughters the Anne of Green Gables DVD set a while back and they love them. The countryside is so different to here in Australia. When I visited Canada years back I thought it was rather like New Zealand. So lush and green.

  20. Such a wonderful fun trip it sounds like, I love the pictures of the groups of different colored buildings and homes, so neat. I would love to go see her house and that area, thanks for sharing!

  21. Thank you so much for sharing more of these beautiful pictures from PEI! This is my #1 place I would love to visit someday:))

  22. This is not your pix and posts. Thank you for sharing!

  23. Wow, it is so beautiful there! Trust me, I and I think many others don't mind the many posts...keep them coming :) Hugs and blessings to you!

  24. Wonderful pictures, Thank you so much for bring us along. I love the Ann of green gables books. I have read them several times. I also have the movies, But I was disappointed in the third movie it was nothing like the books.

  25. Not bored at all and loving every picture and your description of the island.. Can't wait til the next post!