Monday, August 17, 2015

Simple Ordinary August Days..

Good Evening everyone.. 
Another Monday has rolled around, eh... 

The Summer is passing so quickly but we are having some lovely weather lately so that is grand.. 
I know I haven't posted much except for the P. E. I. posts so today is just about our simple ordinary life.. 

The cucumbers and green beans are being harvested so if you stepped in the back door to the kitchen you would smell vinegar and spices and such.. 
Sometimes, I think that I reek of garlic but it is all for a good cause, I think.. 
We will it was when some snowy day we pop open a bottle of summer and spread it on our toast or add a pickle to our sandwiches.. smile.. 

I had a table to sell preserves at the Fundy Trail a couple of weeks ago... 

There were lots of booths and we were blessed to have my Mom and Step Father drive all the way down to attend.. smile.. 

They do pretty good for a couple of 80 something folks, eh?  
They love a good time and have so much fun... 
They were over to the Island for a couple of days before they came down here.. 

I usually call Mom and ask if she is on the road again... grin.. 

A couple of pics from the Fundy Trail...

Such a beautiful land we live in... 

Been making some bread, as usual... 

And Tomato Fish Chowder.. 

Lovely on a rainy wet day... 

A few pics from around the cottage.. 

My Tarragon is going great this year.. 
Planning on making some Tarragon Vinegar.. 

Some of Terry's beans from his garden.. 
I made Hot Pickled Beans and Peppers and Dill Beans, of course.. 

We made a little trip up to the farm again last week to mow the lawn and I noticed an old fashioned sight.. 

Hay making the old fashioned way... 

No big white plastic bundles... 
Love it... 
This was in Albert County, of course.. grin... 

Made a cake today..

Depression Raisin Cake.. 
Smells like it might taste good but I want it to set a day or so.. 
Expecting some sweet company.. 
One of our grandsons are coming out for the night tomorrow and some friends are expected at the end of the week.. 

In between making pickles, though I sit on the little deck ... 

Or read a book in my swing that my sweetie put up for me... 

One of the best little books, I own... 
I have used it a lot the last couple of weeks.. 

Sometimes, I find in life that we go through rough patches.. 
Nothing drastic .. 
Not one great big deal but a lot of little things that come one right after the other and you wonder what is going on.. 
Have you ever been there?
My favourite  promise in that book is Philippines 4: 6-7.. 

Do not be anxious about anything, but in every situation, by prayer and petition, with thanksgiving, present your requests to God. And the peace of God, which transcends all understanding, will guard your hearts and your minds in Christ Jesus.

I expect you like this verse too as it promises God's peace during the midst of storms whether they be large or small... 

Anyway, we seem to have come through the trials once again and all is well.. 

So thankful for the God of peace.. 

Thank you dear hearts for your faithful visits and comments even when I have been so unfaithful.. 

Take care and may God bless your sweet hearts.. 


  1. yes, you do live in a beautiful county - the bay looks beautiful. I too love that verse. Turning things over to Jesus has become so much easier the older I get and the faith that is built up in each trial. I have tomatoes to do this week and hopefully if deer or raccoons don't get it - corn next few weeks.

  2. My you have been busy all looks soo YUMMY ! . Lovely post and photos . Thanks for sharing , Have a good evening !

  3. We enjoyed our two weeks up in your neck of the woods, Faye dear. We're arrived today in St. Louis for School of Missions for 10 days, then back up to Connecticut where the Li'l Dutchgirl is parked. What a lovely summer treat Canada was.

    Letters Unfolded

  4. I imagine your house smells amazing, Faye. I remember as a teenager going into my new best friend's house after school one day in September and it smelled of vinegar and spices as her mum was making pickles. My mum didn't do that so it was a wonderful smell to me. Wonderful photos of the homey things you do. A couple of friends and I spend this steamy hot day in Fundy Park and hiked some trails. Keep cool my friend. We know it will cool down soon enough! Hugs. Pam

  5. Loved all the photos!
    Wondering about the roots still on the the jars in the first photo.
    Don't think i have seen that trick before.

    1. Hi Annie... Thanks for stopping by.. They are Spring Onions.. I noticed a pin on Pinterest which had them pickled like that so I just included them in this mix.. xoxo

  6. You do indeed live in a beautiful country. You certainly have been busy. I have never come across roots left on before either does it enhance the flavour?

  7. You will certainly enjoy the fruits of your labours in the winter when you get to open those jars! I hope that you are having a peaceful week. xx

  8. Refreshing words indeed from someone who is definitely going through one of life's little rough patches.
    J. xx

  9. Beautiful, Faye! Thank you for sure live in such a beautiful part of the world...our neighbors to the north. Smiles.

  10. Always such a lovely post I find here. Enjoyed this post very much my friend.........blessings ♡

  11. You have been busy, good for you. Bounty from your garden, what more could you ask for?
    Stunning snaps from the Fundy trail, it looks like it was a fun day.


  12. Good to see your parents could come down and see you, you do live in some beautiful country that is for sure, sounds like you are keeping very busy. So glad things are on the up swing, yes have those times that a lot of little things seem to be all piling on top of one another, it is so good to go to his word and be reassured he is there by our side and he will bring us through

  13. So glad that you weathered the trial with the Lord's help :)

    Lovely pictures, and looks like all kinds of nice summer things that you've been doing.
    I do love when canning season rolls around, and we are able to get garden goodness bottled for the winter season :)

    Smiles :)

  14. Hello,
    Beautiful photos. :-)
    I have been making Dilly Beans too. My boys love them.
    I made Dill Pickles this week and plan to make more at the end of the week.

    Sending a Hug!

  15. Faye....was in your neck of the woods today....drove to St. Martins to go thru the Fundy Trailway; it was foggy but managed to get some good pictures; thought of you when I drove past House of Henry :)
    nothing says end of summer like pickles cooking on the stove!
    Hope everything is peaceful for you now. Love your blog.
    Cheryl from F'ton

  16. Simple everyday life is the best thing along with family. I do love seeing all that you have been up to, seeing your Mother & step Dad, they are great & all that you have made.
    You are so talented, your preserves are beautiful like sunshine & your cake sounds lovely, I will google for a recipe.
    Enjoy the last few weeks of Summer.
    Fondly Michelle

  17. Nothing earth shattering around here.....I just wanted to send you a little hug!!
    Be blessed,

  18. Your post spoke to me so I've ordered a used copy of "Promises from God's Word". I think I'm looking for something just like that! I love the look of your Tomato Fish Chowder. Did you follow a recipe or just created as you felt like it? If you have a recipe to share for it, I'd love it. What did you think of your Depression Cake? It looks marvelous too! I find pleasure reading your blog. Thank you.

    1. Hello dear.. Thanks for your sweet comment.. I did just make the soup as I went.. I believe it had potatoes, onions, celery, salt and pepper and simmered along in a bit of chicken broth.. Then I added a bit of white fish and a can of clams along with the broth .. When that had simmered a bit I added some tomato juice and probably some parsley or lovage... I hope that gives you a bit of an idea... The cake was just ok... I have tasted better.. I will look up the recipe and post it soon if I don't forget but it really was not that great... xo

    2. Thank you SO much. I'll try the soup this weekend--there's been an unseasonable chill in the air here in Tennessee and I'm feeling nostalgic. Your thoughts and posts are very much appreciated. Love your pictures and life choices. Very inspiring and motivating for me at this time.

  19. Beautiful thoughts about life dear Faye... indeed, trials come and go, and it is our faith in the Lord that keeps us through the ups and downs. All the lovely breads and homemade foods you make sound wonderful, and I know your family enjoys that so much when they come to visit! The Bay of Fundy is an amazing place, I visited as a child, and would love to do it again sometime, incredible views! Enjoyed your post today :)