Thursday, August 27, 2015

Friends and Chocolate Cake and such..

Good Evening, my dears.. 
I expect you thought I was taking a trip or something as I have not posted on here for a bit but alas I have just not been very creative in the blogging department.. 
We have been enjoying our summer, mostly.. 

The weather has finally turned summerlike for the past several weeks and it has been extremely hot up home so we are blessed to be here by the Bay.. 
The temps are warm but the breeze keeps it from stifling, if you know what I mean..  

Last week we enjoyed the company of some very dear and long time friends.. 
They even brought chocolate cake and such.. 
They had their trailers over at the camp ground and dropped by most days..  
So nice to have friends who just pick up where we left off and we just kept on going.. smile..

Of course, it is pickle time and Terry and I did up 100 pounds of cucumbers... 
Lots of mustard, of course and these below are a new recipe I am trying.. 

Cumin pickles.. 
One of my all time favorite spices.. 
I think I will like them but not dear hubby.. 
Bread and Butter are more his style.. 

I also tried some Curry ones but I do not think they will be a success.. 
They all floated to the top for some reason.. Oh well.. 

A little Shamrock plant growing on the old kitchen window sill..  

A couple of days ago we went home as I had to go to the doctor.. 

Having a few knee problems which is the pits... 
Old age has a few negative factors, shall we say.. smile.. 

I had wanted to go home around about way so we did.. 

Here are a few pics for you of good old New Brunswick.. 

This was through Hampton, Belleisle  and Sussex..
Such beautiful cottage country and lovely farms... 

While we were home we went to check out that all was well at the farm and Terry took a little walk back to the brook.. 

I tried to catch a pic of him climbing that fence but he was too fast for me.. grin.. 

Slept in our waterbed for a couple of nights and it was lovely but we headed back here to the cottage today... 

It was rainy when we started out but by the time we did a bit of shopping and such it was sunny here and much cooler then home.. 

I see our view of the bay is changing.. 

Notice the Goldenrod growing there.. 
Fall is on it's way, I guess.. 

I think this was one of the shortest summers in history since we bought the cottage 20 years ago.. 
Seems like it anyway.. 
The Spring was so rainy and cold and we were late getting here.. 
You know.. 
Yada yada yada.. 

I do love Fall but am not looking forward to Winter.. 

I was listening to a Christian radio station on my way home from the doctor's yesterday and the speaker was talking about the world and all of the nasty situations that are going on .. 
Then he said but we can wake up with JOY  in our hearts because we have Christ living there and no matter what comes or goes He remains the same.. 
It was such a lovely reminder of something that I know but I need to make a deliberate decision to start my day each morning with JOY in my heart ... 
Bad knee or not.. grin.. 

God bless you sweet readers.. 
I appreciate each and everyone of you... 
I left the recipe such as it was for the soup on the last post in the comments section.. 

Thanks for visiting and sending hugs your way.. 


  1. Lovely photo's of your round about trip home, autumn is coming in your neck of the woods but we are looking forward to spring. I hope it is not wet and cold as yours was :)
    Have a lovely day,


  2. Hello My Dearest Faye, I am so glad to be able to read your blog tonight! It always makes me feel so much better. Our summer has been short, too....with all the rainy weather in July. $th of July was great and we did get to spend it with our children and grandchildren....(little 11 month old Cayden, too) at the lake. But we have not been back. Jim had some major work to do on our small barn. It was tipping in one corner so he has been digging heavy wet clay for the last 3 weeks. But it is all squared up and (tell Terry that I can't remember the names of all the things he did ) but it is back in business. While we were at it we cleaned it out and put a pile out by the road ....everything for free!!! All gone...only out there two days. Hope to go to the lake sometime soon. I will try to send off an email then. Thanks for making me feel better tonight! I dread the winter and the fibromyalgia. So happy to hear you both enjoyed the summer at the sea. Also, I will say some prayers for your knee. I have one that is bothering me, too. I have so much stuff wrong with this old girl. I wish you and Terry the best!

  3. Beautiful photos of summer's end. I love the fall and I don't mind the winter... I just wish it didn't last so long!

  4. Enjoyed your post of your days out and about. I have tomatoes to cook up with onions and peppers then freeze them soon. Both my daughter and I were given some from co workers. Some for just snacking rest for later use. We're anticipating rain which our land needs badly. Wildfires burning everywhere and no end in sight. Glad the nights are cooler. Take care my friend.

  5. The summer weather has not been brilliant here either so my small patch has not produced as much as in previous years. Not as many pickles/preserves done either but lots of things stored in the freezer for a taste of summer later. Hope your knee feels a little better soon, take care.

  6. Beautiful thoughts on Joy. It sure does seem summer has been short, doesn't it? Not as hot/humid as it has been, although, it has been hot/humid at times. I have noticed subtle changes here too, Faye. Beautiful photos you have shared. Keeping you in prayer, friend.

  7. My dear, sweet Faye, it's always such a treat to visit you and your lovely blog. My dear friend, you live in such a beautiful and enchanting place....what a joy!

    Wishing you a delightful weekend. Hugs!

  8. I do love to see the countryside that you describe, it is so unlike England.

  9. Your round about way home is definitely one of the pretty ones in our province Faye. I've been to the Fundy coast twice last week, well, 3 times if you count St. Andrews. :) It was definitely a bit cooler there than here at home. However, this morning was a lot cooler with the feel of fall in the air. The humidity is gone for now which is a relief. I made Lady Ashburnham pickles this morning - the only kind I make. It's always nice to read your posts of your doings and the encouragement you give us. Have a blessed weekend friend. Pam

  10. I hope that all will be well with your knee. You certainly have made a lot of pickles haven't you!! You are set for quite some time to come. The summer here seems to have been very hot and then very wet! I would like cooler and dry but you cannot have it all can you! xx

  11. Faye, I can't believe how short your summer is over there. Our winter is nearly over and it doesn't seem that long ago that it started. Despite the heat I think I prefer our Aussie climate but I do love the beauty of the countryside around you. Lots of dry grass in many of our country areas due to drought.

  12. Lovely photos and post . I to am a bread and butter pickle person YUMMY ! Hope your knee feels and gets better soon , I to get the aches and pains in my body especially in the damp and cold weather . It is fall like here with temps so nice though for a change all though our summer wasn't as hot and humid as it has been over the years . Thanks for sharing , Have a good weekend !

  13. Hi Faye! Next time you are at your cottage I have some cloud berries/bake apple for you. Jim and I were in the shop last year and you said how much you'd like some for jam. They are frozen. Sorry to miss you. We don't return to Ontario for a month. Hope to connect!!! 8398
    Alice and Jim
    Grandson Henry still loves the sign!
    Best wishes.
    Alice and Jim

  14. 9809 is what I meant to say!!!
    Give us a call.
    Love your pictures.

  15. So lovely to read your blog post this morning dear Faye! I really enjoyed the beautiful pictures of my dear New Brunswick, miss it so much! The chocolate cake looks absolutely amazing, and all your pickles remind me of times as a child when the house would smell like pickles for days and days! My mother made bread and butter, and mustard pickles mostly. My family doesn't care for pickles, so I don't make them myself.

    I pray that your knee problems get resolved - it is not fun when things start wearing out and breaking down!

    Always a joy to visit with you here! Enjoy the remaining days of summer, and the change of season into fall... we are still experiencing heat here, terrible wildfires, and no rain. Praying that will change soon! Much love to you, dear friend!

  16. Hi,
    I always enjoy your posts. Thank you for sharing all your beautiful photos.
    Sending a prayer for your knee.
    xx oo

  17. Another beautiful posy Faye, I love the cucumbers in jars.
    Lovely photo's, I love the one with your husband in.
    Hope you are free of pain soon.
    Fondly Michelle

  18. Wonderful pictures of the country side, sorry to hear about your knee problems, I too suffer from that, it is good to start each day with joy in your heart and remind yourself of all that you are thankful for, it puts the day in the right perspective, reminds you have blessed you are and how God is touching your life that's for sure. We had a cool week, but we are right back up with the heat this week. Love fall too but not looking forward to winter either. Enjoy the rest of your summer :)

  19. What a great post, so much to like. I love that Shamrock plant and the mug is perfect with it.

  20. Yesterday I made your no knead bread and the chocolate zuchinni bread......JUST FABULOUS! My guests just raved about it as I did! Thank you!
    And thank you for putting my blog on my your bar! You indeed are a very special lady!
    Blessings to you and your family,