Wednesday, August 12, 2015

Come to P. E. I. with us... Anne's House..

Hello everyone.. 
I have finally returned to finish the posts of  P. E. I. 
Sorry for dragging them out a bit but this is the last one.. smile.. 

Anyway.. here we go.. 
Anne's House.. 

I loved this plant stand that was in the living room.. 

The fern at the top is a Rabbit's Foot Fern.. 

I did not bother to upload all the pictures of the house but just picked out some things I thought you might like.. 

This delightful handicraft was on the living room wall, also.. 
Isn't it beautiful? 
I am wondering what it is made of.. 
Do you know?  

There were chairs and a love seat and all but we went through here and the dining room to get to the kitchen.. 

And the first thing I noticed were all of the red geraniums on the window sills... 

The kitchen is big but roped off so you cannot quite see the length of it... 

This was one end and at the other were the double windows and a large cupboard full of crocks... 

Then the most glorious pantry... 

I think it is one of the best that I have seen.. 
Kings Landing has wonderful ones, too, of course..

This was a downstairs bedroom and I think it was Matthew's although I am not positive... 

There was a little girl there when we went upstairs and she knew everyone's room but I don't know where she got her information.. smile.. 

I think this is Marilla's room... 
I love that there are so many lovely plants all through the house.. 
A Christmas Cactus here in her room.. 

A beautiful commode set...

Anne's Room...

Her beloved school satchel...

And the red painted floor... 
I thought to myself.. 
That's it .. we must paint the spare room floor at the cottage this lovely red..   smile... 

And perhaps this was Matthew's room??? 

Not sure... 
How do you like this for a sewing room?

All the rugs were hand hooked and red sems to be a favourite colour.. 

Another wee room... 
Kind of in the upstairs hallway... 

The house is very large and I have not shown all the rooms but at least you get a gist of it all.. eh? 

Then back outside where there are so many wonderful flower beds and a huge veggie garden.. 
And the huge barn, too...

So.. that was Anne's House... 

On Saturday, Terry went to a Tractor Pull and I stayed at the cabin and made this for our supper... 

The cabin had a wee kitchen with everything one would need to make a meal.  We only had to take the food.. 
 Mussel Chowder... 

This is how I spent my afternoon on the deck...
It was a beautiful day.. 

We went to Anne's House on Sunday and then headed home... 

See the bridge in the background.. 

It was a lovely visit but there is no where like home or in our case the cottage for the summer... 

Hope you enjoyed this post and I will be back on track for a normal one next time.. 

Thanks so much for dropping by and your sweet comments.. 
I enjoy each and every one.. 
Hope you are having a great summer... 

God bless.. xo




  1. What a beautiful house, Faye. I could easily live there and I wouldn't change a thing. Thanks for sharing your photos.

  2. I haven't been in Anne's house in years. I think we took our kids there when they were young and I was there when I was about 12 or so. I love the pantry and that beautiful dish dresser. I don't remember all the barns so I guess I should go back and visit someday. Thanks for the tour Faye.

  3. I loved the books and the films and really enjoyed this post. Thanks for sharing, lovely pictures. Pam in Norway

  4. Thank you so much for showing Anne,s house.

  5. We went on Monday! It was a gorgeous day like yours, too!


  6. Thanks for taking us along with you. It sure would be wonderful to visit Anne's house

  7. What a beautiful house, I loved the kitchen and particularly the pantry, what a delight.

  8. This has been a truly wonderful post, to see inside the farmhouse I have wanted to visit for years makes me so happy. Maybe one day we will get there, when the children are grown but then I do not wish for that.
    I love the pantry, couldn't you spend hours in there pottering around.
    So many beautiful photo's, thank you. Your book looks interesting too.
    Fondly Michelle

  9. Those geranium pots - why have I not thought of that before. Perfect idea.

  10. That was a lovely visit. Thanks Faye!

  11. Never apologize for showing pictures. I always enjoy whatever it is you post. Have a lovely Thursday, friend.

  12. Your pictures are lovely Faye. My favorite was the pantry.....wouldn't it be fantastic to have one like that!! I love the brown transfer ware dishes. And I also loved the bedrooms. It seems that bedrooms in old houses have such a tranquil feel to them. Thank you for sharing your trip with us.

    Anita ~ the cabin on the creek

  13. Thank you for the tour, Faye.
    I hope to make it there myself some day!
    I agree, paint that floor red.

  14. Delightful...simply delightful! Thank you SO much, sweet Faye, for taking us along on the tour. My heart was blessed to see the lovely photos. Hugs to you!

  15. Oh it was a wonderful tour,Faye! It's just as I imagined! Now I really really want to visit in person!
    A painted red floor would be just grand!

  16. very interesting home, love the wreath of flowers, looks like a lot of work went into that. Interesting how the floors were red, I wonder if there was a reason other then really liking red. Pretty bed covers and I did love that pantry too :)

  17. Loved this and wish there were more pics.
    The pantry is awesome.
    Glad you shared!

  18. So wonderful to see Anne's home!!! The rooms are beautiful aren't they, so many lovely pieces of furniture. I love the pantry too, you could spend hours in there baking and cooking couldn't you. The red floors are lovely too and I really like the quilts on the beds and and and...... Basically I love it all!!!! Thank you so much for taking us along!!!! xx

  19. I have enjoyed our tour of Anne's home, thanks for taking us with you. I may have to get the book out and read it again :)


  20. Oh, you do know exactly what I like! This is all so perfect, thank you so much for the tour.

  21. Oh thank you for taking me along on your wonderful visit.
    Anne with a E!
    Woolie Blessings

  22. This post is just wonderful and sooooo romantic. I love the Anne of Green Gables books and have several given to me recently by a dear sister-in-law, so they are much treasured. I enjoyed your relaxing journey around Prince Edward Island so much - what a beautiful part of the world. Thank you, Faye.

  23. Hi Faye! Thank you for sharing your beautiful pictures of PEI....... I have been there and it is a lovely, mystical place indeed! My house is mostly primitive but after touring Annes house I wanted to redo my entire house like that one! So bright and romantic! I didn't but who knows? I'm always changing things around!
    Blessings to you and your family, Patti

  24. Thank you for the lovely tour of Anne's home, Faye. I enjoyed every room you shared...and the lovely red geraniums. xo

  25. I had a wonderful visit to PEI and this house ten years ago. Thank you for bringing me back to a place I so enjoyed. Your pictures are great.

  26. Hi sweet friend! I just wanted to let you know that this beautiful post will be featured at Roses of Inspiration later today. Thank you for sharing. Enjoy your week, dear Faye. Hugs!

  27. What a beautiful post! I just loved every picture, and reliving my "Anne" girl memories. I need to watch the movies again, and visit the home someday. Thank you for sharing! Visiting from Roses of Inspiration. :)

  28. Believe it or not, I became aware of Anne when I was a young mother. I never read her when I was a child. I am such a fan of the story and what I saw on the TV shows and the book of course. This was a beautiful post and thank you for sharing the experience. Someday I hope to visit PEI for myself..Happy Tuesday..Judy

  29. Oh, what fun to visit this house! Thank you for sharing it with us. I love the books, the whole series, as well as the videos with Megan Fellows. So very sad to hear of the passing of the gentleman who played her Gilbert Blythe. Visiting from Stephanie's link-up - nice to meet you!

  30. Dear Faye, what a joy it was to read through your posts about your visit to Anne-with-an-E country! Oh how homesick it makes me... and your wonderful pictures brought such joy back to my heart. The many times I visited as a child growing up. Did you get to walk through the Enchanted Forest? An absolutely beautiful stroll. Thank you for sharing the small lovely details such as the pantry, and the amazing ribbon embroidery, and the plants. Enjoyed it all so much dear Faye! :)