Monday, September 21, 2015

Back to P. E. I. for a 70 mile yard sale...

The Confederation bridge at 7 am....

So many cars and trucks... 


Love the sea gulls..

Simply beautiful cottage...

The famous red sand of P. E. I.. 

Point Prim Lighthouse where we ate lunch..

The beach at Prim Point...


Murray River..

Charolottetown, P. E. I..  

Good Evening my dears.. 
Hope you all had a great weekend.. 
Terry and I had a fun day on Saturday.. 
We joined many people who did the 70 mile coastal yard sale on Prince Edward Island.. 

It was great and I must say that I have not seen so many yard sales and people in all of my yard sale days.. grin.. 
We woke up at 4 am and left by 5 am ... (must be crazy, eh?) 
Anyway we had to go across the province to the south eastern part of the Island so that took about 3 hours from home.. 
We picked up Tim's coffees and breakfast sandwiches on the way and drove through Charlottetown about 8 am... 
We just arrived on the other side of the city when we noticed cars  all along the Trans Canada Highway.. 
Sure enough the sales were everywhere with fleamarkets, too before we even reached the 70 mile zone.. 
Some were great and others not so good but it just depended on the buyer... 

We did not need a thing and only went for the fun of it all and the day was simply beautiful.. 
A bit warm but a lovely breeze off of the water.. 
The scenery was fantastic as always.. 

We did find a few good buys on a few old things.. 
Terry bought the big old hand hooked rug.. 
It is about 6 x 8 and such a wonderful buy at $30.00.. 
Imagine !!
The smaller one was $10.00 and also a good buy.. 
Most of the stuff is for the farm ... 
The biscuit pillow is for here and will match the velvet crazy quilt in the Living room and it was only $4.00.. 
The little original painting of a rose went into Shonda's old room and I love the hand sewn book cover and the book is great, too.. 
The fabric is simply yards plus other pieces were $3.00... smile.. 
Lace curtains for the farm and old tins for the pantry there when it gets done.. 

Then we were blessed to find basil and a big basket of tomatoes .. 
Terry planted tomatoes but most of them were cherry size for some reason so it was nice to get some to make Roasted Tomato Basil Soup to freeze... 
It is delicious... 
The link is HERE.. for the recipe.. 
I used the basil blossoms instead of dried spice and enlarged the recipe... 

Then I turned the basil into Pesto which should last for quite awhile as it made a couple of big batches..
I freeze that into ice cube trays and add a cube or two to spaghetti, soups, sandwiches and such... 

We had taken our lunch since we didn't want to slow down ... 
We ate at the lighthouse and it tasted so good as we were hungry and hot.. 
Egg sandwiches, fresh tomatoes, blueberry muffins and such.. 

All in all it was a great day and a lovely way to wrap up the Summer.. 
We were home by 8 o'clock and I had a shower and went right to bed.. 
This old gal ain't what she used to be.. lol.. 

We went to church the next morning and was blessed to hear the Word of the Lord and worship with some of the sweetest people on earth.. 
Good to be home... smile... 

Well, luvies... 
This is all for tonight.. 
Hope you enjoyed the post and take care... 

Looking forward to hearing from you.. 

God Bless...  

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  1. Wow, a 70 mile yard sale! What fun that must have been :) I simply love the items you found, sweet friend.

    Thank you for sharing your loveliness with Roses of Inspiration. Wishing you a beautiful autumn. Hugs!

  2. Oh dear Faye, what a twinge of homesickness I feel whenever you get to visit the shores of PEI! I did not know they have started doing the 70-mile yard sale. How fun it is that you can just skip across the sea now instead of having to ride the ferry across (as we always did!) Your treasures are absolutely delightful, and I do so miss my dear Timmie's coffee... sounds like your lunch was marvelous on the shores of Point Prim. I enjoyed your virtual tour so very much... and your tomato soup looked like the perfect ending to a wonderful day! Hugs to you dear Faye!

  3. Hello dear Faye......70 miles? That is a whole lot of garage sales my day...I would have loved it!!! Too much walking for me now. I am thankful that Jim loves it as much as me so he can check things out. The rugs are beautiful. I might be wrong but did you say what room you had in mind for them? They are bright and cheery. The painted roses are so pretty. I reallty like things like that, too. So now you will be staying home more or going to the farm more now. It is so nice to have aplace to get away to...even if it only for a day. We go to the lake because the mountains are so beautiful with color this time of year. Another two weeks and I believe they will be peak. I must mention Point Prim! I know we went there. I t really rings a bell. May you have a wonderful and Terry. Making apple sauce here tomorrow! Jim said he would help me but I think I heard him mention to our neightbor that he is going to take care of all the wicker out by the pool tomorrow. UMMMMMM maybe we will do the applesauce on Wednesday.

    Good life and blessings...

  4. What a fun trip and like your finds especially the fluffy pillow! Right now I'm chilly so I'm going to boil some water for hot tea and also make some into iced tea for tomorrow's work lunch. Then crawl under warm blankets. I made bar cookies over the weekend that were from 1to1 gluten free flour. You can't tell any difference! Yummy! God bless and hugs!

  5. Lovely post! Thank you for taking me along for the tour!!! Loved it.
    ~Tanya p.s. visiting from Roses of Inspiration #38

  6. I am a wee bit jealous of your 70 mile yard sale! It sounds like heaven to sift through all those gorgeous vintage pretties. I love that cute house overlooking the water. It reminds me of a scene from Anne of Green Gables. Just visiting your lovely blog via Stephanie's Roses of Inspiration.

  7. Now that is amazing a 70 mile yard sale. You certainly came home with some great bargains, loved the large rug.

  8. I do wish we had sales like that here!

  9. Faye, I wonder if your yard sales are the same as our garage sales here in Australia. They do sound much the same. Your photos are beautiful and the colours are vibrant. Thanks for sharing them with us as you live in a lovely area with gorgeous scenery.

  10. Sounds like such fun! The rugs were a score!

  11. We just went to the 50 mile yard sale here in Nova Scotia, it was a grey and drizzly day at first but the sun came out and it was a very busy route! We did get several treasures as well! You got some wonderful finds!

  12. Oh, so much fun, Faye, and such beautiful scenery too!
    You got many great buys as well. Can't beat that!

  13. Hi Faye, What a busy day you had and so rewarding.....great finds.Loved your pictures. I didn't make it to the island this year so it was great traveling along with you and Terry....I can see you are as busy as usual but maybe we could meet, in Sussex, sometime for coffee ? Have a blessed day.....Pat.

  14. We have had PEI on our bucket list for years thanks to Anne of Green Gables. Thank you for sharing pictures and commentary to an amazing yard sale! Stopping by from Roses of Inspiration.

  15. I can't even begin to think of 70 miles of yard sales! wow,
    glad the weather was lovely and the scenery is more lovely!
    Have a blessed week, Faye!

  16. Sounds like a fun trip in a beautiful place.

  17. Sounds like you had a perfect day, we were pretty tired on our vacation trying to get everything in , a lot of driving which can be tiring. Glad you had fun, and that the next day you can praise the Lord with your church family, perfect weekend!

  18. The last week of August here we have a 100 mile yard sale going on it is amazing to see all the folk out and about always see people we know there to . Great finds guys ! Glad you had a good time . Thanks for sharing , lovely photos ! Have a good day and A Happy First Day Of Fall .

  19. Oh what fun! That would be a great little trip Faye. I think I'd have more fun enjoying the views than actually shopping though. LOL You got some great buys though.

  20. Sounds like a wonderful day and a very beautiful place too for a yard sale of any size! You had some great buys too! xx

  21. Oh Faye your day sounds wonderful! I love all the things you found. I have been to P.E.I. and I love it there! I'm guessing they do it every year? If so I'm going to plan our trip to visit my sister in law in MONCTON around that time next year.
    Peace and blessings, patti

  22. What a wonderful time it must have been Faye :0) to have such a good time finding treasures ... just lovely :0) thank you for taking me along for the ride... mari

  23. I so enjoy your bog and all the beautiful pictures of PEI. Love your recipes too. About 20 years ago we took a 700 mile yard sale from Lexington, Kentucky to Georgia. It was fun and we saw a lot of stuff.

  24. Looks like fun to me!!!
    Do you ever read the blog: ????
    She must be in your general area, because she often mentions things that you tell about as well.
    Take care of yourselves, and blessings to you,