Thursday, September 24, 2015

Morning Routine and Keepers..

Hello everyone.. 
Welcome to the Blessed Hearth this evening.. 
Just a wee post for you all..

This morning I arose early... 
It is a bit dark out but the coffee light was burning.. grin.. 

I love waking up early and doing my thing before Terry gets up.. 
When he first retired many years ago I told him there was one rule.. 
And it was that I needed at least an hour before he could get up.. 

So the first morning he called out to me.. 
"Can I get up yet?"  
I have laughed about that ever since... 

But really when a couple are retired there are just some things that we need to give and take on and for me this was definitely an important issue.. smile.. 

He has things that I need to respect and if every once in awhile we get up the same time then no big deal but on a regular basis I need my wake up time.. 

I have a routine like most people .. 
I always start the day with a time of prayer to the Lord and am so thankful for the blessings of yesterday and today... 
Praying for protection for our sweet family and to have him guide our steps through the day... 

Then I get my coffee and usually give my Mom a call.. 
Check my emails and such and do my lists for the day.. 
Then he can come out.. grin.. 

Do you girls have morning routines and perhaps a regulation or two?  

On with the story.. 

I made a batch of spiced crab apples.. Terry found a tree at the farm with good apples on it... 
Don't they look good?  
Had some dear company while I finished up.. 
There were 2 bottles of the juice that I put up to have for our Christmas punch... 

So my dears, this is all for now... 

We are having a Keepers of the Home meeting on Sat. morning at 9 a.m.  
If you live in Salisbury or nearby we would love to have you.. 
We are going to be making Mustard Pickles and a bit of Fall decor.. 
Just give me an email at 

Hope all is well with you all and may God bless you and keep you.. 


  1. I like your photos of your kitchen early in the morning. It looks very cozy with the coffee maker light on. :) Murray is always up before me but I'm not too far behind. He's still working so I make his lunch the night before - been doing that for almost all the 38 years of our marriage!! We got home from Calgary tonight after being away for 2 weeks visiting our grandsons and their parents. :) It's good to be home but we sure miss them! I hope you have a lovely Keepers meeting on the weekend. Blessings.

  2. Hello Dear One......You kitchen always looks like a "happy kitchen"...whether it is morning, noon or night. I like to go into my kitchen in the morning and smell the coffee. What a delight first thing!! I think it was Jim's mother who made mustard pickles. They are very good. And I see your "sun pickles" on the window sill. We have been eating more pickles this year. (I have to strip the seeds out with a spoon, if it is a long pickle but it is worth it!) I always called my Mom every morning. It is the one thing I think I miss the most since she has been gone. Enjoy every moment of this fall. Right here, none of the leaves have changed much...still pretty green.

    I love reading your wonderful words! God be with you and Terry.


  3. I could hang out in your cozy kitchen for inviting and pretty.
    Yes, retirement is a give and take kind of life, I enjoy being home with my husband, but ooh I miss my quiet time :)
    Your apples look delicious, I can only imagine them around Christmastime, perfect !
    Blessings dear,

  4. I also love your kitchen, Faye. Retirement is certainly a transitional time but I am pleased your hubby knows when he can get out of bed. LOL!

  5. Morning Faye, love that time in the morning, my favorite. Your cozy kitchen always looks so lnviting, thanks for sharing.Blessings Francine.

  6. Good morning Faye
    Oh yes - a routine until husband leaves the house around 7 am to go meet his fellow golfers for coffee every morning and that's when I start my morning. I love that time and you are so right that we need to respect each other's needs.
    Lovely post - and the spiced crab apples brought back memories for holidays for me - that is when mom or who ever was hosting the dinner would have them on the table and they were the first things I reached for (or should say 'asked for')...never reached in our home.

  7. Yes I too have a morning routine and just like that quiet time alone. When my hubby gets up to early it seems to throw things off a bit, just yesterday in my thankful journal that was the my thing I was thankful for :)

  8. I too like some time alone before the start of the day to get my thoughts and lists in order. It works for us and we have been happily married for 34 years this year.

  9. Your kitchen looks so cozy in the a.m. I would love to have a chat with you over a cup of tea please. Wish I were closer so I could come to the meeting tomorrow. A few miles too far for me. I work on being a good keeper of home. It's not easy keeping it presentable but it's all good! I need to make some jam this fall. My morning routine during the work week is get myself breakfast and lunch ready for work. Do a bit in the kitchen to put away things before I leave and wipe of countertops. And right now it is raining, which we really need. I was walking out to the mailbox and two birds flew out from my neighbor's tree and narrowly missed me. They are out enjoying the rain....robins hopping in our front fun to watch! Hugs and have a blessed weekend.

  10. We have 8 1/2 years to go util retirement. I wonder how we will be......mostly I can hardly wait to have him home everyday.

  11. I struggled with the first year of retirement but we have settled into a routine now, more or less, haha. In hindsight I think it would have been wise to talk things over beforehand.
    Your bottled fruit looks wonderful, I have never had the confidence to do bottling, I made jam and pickles though when I was younger.
    Enjoy your weekend,


  12. My husband has just recently retired so as yet we are still trying to balance our time. Your crab apple looks so good.Have a blessed weekend x

  13. I love the big window you have in your kitchen over your sink and your kitchen always looks soo cozy . Papa still works Mon to Fri and leaves by 5am so I get an entire day of quiet time there are times more often then not I wish he was retired but we have the evenings and weekends together for now . Lovely jars full of YUMMYNESS ! Lovely header photo to . Hope you had a good meeting and a fun time there to like I think you all do nattering and cooking and crafting lol ! Thanks for sharing , Have a good weekend !

  14. Oh I love my mornings too! It is so nice to be able to get up before everyone else and pray, read my Bible, and spend that time with the Lord. My day goes so much better! We are years away from retirement, but I will file your comments away for future reference, many years from now, lol! :) Have a blessed time at your gathering, sounds wonderful!

  15. Hello,
    Yes, I love my mornings too. And I do wonder what will happen when my husband is retired. I will have to ask him to stay in bed too. LOL
    Beautiful photos of your kitchen in the dawn light.

  16. My routine is directed by the Posie cat. I love to get up early and have time alone....SHE loves for me to get up early and FEED her!! We usually have about 30 minutes before hubby shows up. So we cuddle and get our ducks in a row for the day. The boss comes along and we fix breakfast, pray together to start our day, and then it is off to work......AFTER we feed the cat again :^)