Wednesday, September 2, 2015

Life here at the cottage...

Hello there everyone.. 
So nice to take a few minutes and catch up with you all.. 
Summer is coming to an end here in New Brunswick and you can smell  the Fall winding it's way to the East Coast of Canada.. 

You can smell it inside here at the cottage, too as we have been making lots of pickles... 
Sandwich Dills, Garlic Dills and Sweet Dills... 
So thankful to be able to get the pickling cukes that we needed for Dill.. 
Cucumbers suffered a bit in the Spring and are not as readily available as usual but we have enough for the Winter.. 
Thank you, Lord.. 

We have also had lots of lovely company... smile.. 

Some visitors making themselves here at home.. 
Dear little Keeper gals who have been a part of my life for the last several years .. 

We shared a few lovely cups of mocha and such... 

Another day and some of our company arrived in style... grin.. 

Brought us some fresh veggies and herbs, had supper and tea and then were on their way home again... 

Friday night when the girls were here one of them ran down to the beach and took this lovely photo.. 
Thanks, Char... 
We did not have a Keepers Overniter ... 
The girls just sort of ended up here at the same time.. smile.. 

Of course we had some Keeper bread.. 

Kind of like these two loaves lately rather then just one loaf... 
The recipe is on the side bar and the first one there is sprinkled with garlic pepper.. 

Terry and I have been listening to and enjoying the waves.... 

So love the Bay of Fundy but we will be heading home next week for most of the time although we will be back for a couple of days each week for September... 

Hard to believe that Summer is basically over and the kids head back to school next week.. 

The tansy is ready to make some more salves... 

This past week our precious daughter had a birthday... 
Here she is at ten months old... 

And here she is a wee bit older with her much older mama... 
Where has the time gone???

Then yesterday Terry and I took a daycation.. grin.. 
I will do a little post on that next time.. 

Are you ready for school to start? 
I do not like to bid farewell to Summer... 
She just arrived and we have not had enough time together if you know what I mean... smile

We are usually blessed with wonderful and gorgeous Falls here in New Brunswick so at least we will likely have another few months of warmish weather anyway... 

So much to do when we get back home which is good.. 

I love lots of new projects and one that has me excited is that our sweet girl is coming to paint my cupboards.. 
Finally, after all these years hubby has given in and said yes... 
Oh, thank you, Lord.. 
And I think we may even paint the pine walls in the Family Room.. Here is hoping....

I know that there are horrendous things going on in the world but so thankful to live in a place where life is mostly normal and God is
the stabilizer of our lives.. 

So many good things to look forward to.. 
Getting back to our own dear wee church and the sweet folks who attend there.. 
Our waterbed,. grin..
Keepers Meetings and projects.. 
A whole new repertoire of new activities to do with them.. 
More preserving and getting ready for Winter.. 
Going to the woods with Terry and taking our lunch.. 
Bible Study night.. I have so missed this...
Heading to the farm for a day or two a week.. 
Having my Mom and Step-Dad over for a meal.. 
Stopping in and seeing my sister every now and then.. 

Just the little things that we miss when we are here but there are blessings here that we will miss.. 
Mostly seeing so much of our daughter and her family... 
The Bay... 
Meeting my cousins here and there where ever we go... 
And of course, this old house... 
But life is good and I am thankful for all the blessings that the Lord has bestowed upon us.... 

Anyway, dear hearts this is all for tonight.. 
Tomorrow I am preparing for a yard sale that will be at the shop lawn on Friday and Saturday... 
Lots of junk and some pickles and jams, too.. 
Just not my dills ... grin.. 

Sending love to you all and thanks so much for your sweet visit and comments.. 

God bless.. 


  1. Faye Henry...purple is your color! :)

  2. Faye, your posts always inspire me to be a better homemaker. Thank you!

  3. I always enjoy your posts so much!
    Happy Birthday to your dear girl, how cute!
    Hope all goes well with the sale!!
    It has been a lovely summer!

  4. Those dill pickles look delightful and such wonderful bread. Happy belated birthday to your beautiful daughter.

  5. That moon shot looks amazing.....hardly believable!

  6. Yes, the Summer has flown by so fast - you bread as usual looks amazing. My husband doesn't like pickles - so, I never can them - but, those look good too. I do like the routine Fall seems to bring - and of course pumpkin everything.

  7. I don't know how you do so many pickles, jams and such! I was inspired by you and I did about 15 quarts of various pickles last week.......what work! Years ago I did lots of canning so I was eager to give it a go again....I freeze a lot of things now! God Bless you! You are truly amazing!

  8. I love these posts... so full of home and sentiment. I agree... purple is your color!!

    Have a lovely rest of your week and God bless!!

  9. Lovely photos, and the food looks absolutely scrumptious! :)

  10. Happy Birthday to your daughter . I do like that photo of you to . Wonderful post and photos . The fresh baked goodies and all the pickling looks and sounds YUMMY ! Thanks for sharing ,have good day eh?!

  11. Hello, What a lovely picture of your pickles and the water photos. Yes, to all those wonderful things that allow us to live a wholesome and yet a busy life filled with good things! I must admit that summer went way too fast in these parts. I can feel the fall in the early mornings! May I ask would you be willing to tell me what The Keepers Meeting entail? I am so interested!
    Blessings, Roxy

    1. Hello Roxy.. So glad to have you visit.. I think the best way for me to tell you is to give you this link about one of our meetings.. This post has had almost 6500 views so it must explain one of the meetings the best.. smile..

      If you have any questions then just email me at
      God bless.. xo

  12. OH Faye, your home must smell wonderful with all the pickles and home made bread and muffins you've been cooking up. I love the photo of the moon on the water. Summer, as you say, has been short here - just one month of really good summer weather and it went by way too fast. I'm hoping September will be kind to us - it's certainly started out that way. Have a wonderful holiday weekend. Blessings. Pam

  13. Everything is looking wonderful....yummy!!
    I loved the picture of you two girls with the most beautiful eyes!!! The eyes are the windows to the soul and you two must have the loveliest of souls!!
    Blessings to you,

  14. It sounds as though you have had a great summer! I hope that your autumn will be great too with lots more good things coming your way! xx

  15. The schools here have been back for a couple weeks now, I really don't know why they start so soon, growing up in Michigan we always went after Labor day, I feel sorry for these kids to have to cut their summer off so soon. How wonderful to have visitors, but I can imagine how you can miss all your home activities too, our Ladies bible study took off 4 weeks and just started up again this past Wednesday and it was so nice to see all the ladies again.

  16. Just visiting and really enjoyed your beautiful blog! What fun it must be to live on the Island.

  17. oh your pickles look so good. Reminds me when my mom used to make pickles. I don't as we don't use them much. I need to can some jam soon! It's chilly here today. Once home from church I put on a different long sleeved shirt and a pr of warm sox. Daughter has the window open at the moment since she used some super glue to fix something! I'm glad it's cooler though as our summer has been so hot and dry! Yes, thankful that God is among us and helping us through life here on earth. Have a good week my friend!

  18. Your pickles look wonderful and the photo of you and your daughter so precious.
    Another beautiful post.
    Fondly Michelle

  19. Looks like you had a lovely summer. No wonder it went by quickly :-)

  20. We are surely felling fall coming on quickly here in the southern US, too. Summer just flew by this year. Maybe I am just getting old! What a lovely Mother/ Daughter picture!

  21. Hello, Faye,
    Sending 'Happy Birthday' wishes to your sweet daughter. She is a darling girl.. just like her mom!
    Everything looks so wonderful at your place... the pickles, the bread etc..

    I'm super excited for you to get your cupboards painted! We are still enjoying the Knotty Alder cupboard.....for now ... **grin** , tho someday, I think that we'll paint them. I do love a painted kitchen!

    Have a sweet week, dear friend.