Wednesday, September 16, 2015

The hills of Albert County....

Hello dear hearts.. 
Just a wee picture post of the hills of Albert Co.. 
I think there is a song out there that says the hills are calling me.. grin.. 
They do call to us and we are often taking drives through these hills where my grandparents lived as children and where my dear Dad rests until Jesus comes again.. 

Just a few pics to show you where we come from.. smile.. 
Albert County is famous here in N. B. not only for it's beauty but for the individuality of the folks who live there and are proud to say they were born there.. 
That includes me.. smile.. 

Have a great evening where ever you may be.. 

Dear hubby had a birthday today and he was so happy to wake up thinking he was a year older only to find that he was actually a year younger... 
God bless the dear thing.. 
and you, too.. 

P. S.  
My sweet Pam over at the blog Playing with my Camera also posted about beautiful Albert County last night.. She loves this county also and has many fond memories of it.. 
Please go over and have a visit with her and I know you will be heading to Hillsborough if you live here.. smile.. 
Check it out HEREl


  1. I love these pictures of beautiful Albert County. Can you believe that I'm doing a post on Albert County this evening too? Hillsborough and Hopewell Cape to be exact. We, as a family when I was growing up, spent many times driving through the back roads of Albert County and my dear brother who passed away last November is buried there now as it loved it so. Thank you for sharing your Albert County with us Faye. I love it! Blessings, Pam

  2. I always enjoy your photos. Such beautiful country.

  3. Beautiful pastoral scenes. Have a blessed day.


  4. You are truly blessed living in such a beautiful country. Hope your husband had a lovely Birthday.

  5. That lovely pictures of where you are! Happy Birthday to hubbie.

  6. What a lovely scenic tour, Faye! Such beautiful country and so very different to our Aussie landscape. I hope your hubby had a wonderful day.

  7. Please wish Terry a belated happy birthday! I would be very happy to wake up thinking I was a year older only to find that I was a year younger - more time to spend upon this beautiful planet.


  8. Wonderful photos . Such a pretty place . Thanks for sharing, have a good day !

  9. I do get here now and then Faye and I'm never disappointed!
    The pictures you take of your gorgeous country are fantastic and you should publish a book with all your photos!!!
    Happy Birthday to your wonderful husband.

  10. Hello, Just lovely and the hills and green lush grass just, beckons us to come home. And it does not matter where home is; because home is where our heart is...
    Thanks for sharing the photos!
    Hugs, Roxy

  11. I can relate to where you live for two sister in law lives in MONCTON so I have visited the area and it's just gorgeous and the other reason is I live in an area very similar to yours. We live in the valley and we are surrounded by beautiful hills, creeks and meadows. We are both so blessed to live in such a peaceful, comforting area.

  12. This is truly a beautiful area, Faye. It must be a joy to live there!

  13. Oh Faye, felt like I was there through your gorgeous pictures, loved.!!!! Blessings Francine.

  14. Visiting from Pam's... Oh what a lovely place to be born. I very much enjoyed seeing your photos and I like your final answer located in your sidebar. Amen!

  15. Hi,
    Beautiful. Just beautiful. :-))
    Happy Birthday to your sweet Terry.
    xx oo

  16. Oh my that is a beautiful area I would love to visit one day, we just got back from a trip out west her in the states and it was just beautiful too with all the mountains and canyons, always love to see new places! Happy Birthday to your hubby!

  17. What a beautiful county you live in! It looks tranquil. I love the turning of the leaves that you can already see. A very lovely post - you've won a new follower!

  18. How beautiful! Thanks for sharing with us all!

  19. Beautiful photos and beautiful places you take us too.
    Fondly Michelle