Saturday, October 17, 2015

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder...

Hello everyone.. 
Hope you are having a great weekend..

I wanted to share a few photos I took this week on a little drive in good old Albert County.. 
I will share more photos of the fall foliage next time but tonight I just wanted to show you this old house.. 

Isn't it precious? 

The photos somehow look like paintings, eh? 
I just think it is so perfect and beautiful, don't you?  
 I expect that it was probably built during the last century and it is quite ancient, I think.. 

But you know one day many years ago it was surely loved and cared for.. 

I can just imagine... 

The bedrooms were probably filled with children and the pantry shelves were stocked with jars of jams and preserves and pickles.. 
I can see loaves of home made bread standing ready for supper with a batch of donuts cooling on the shelf.. 

Tomorrow is the Lord's Day so I am sure there were plenty of preparations for Sunday.. Shirts and dresses would be ironed and little girls hair would be  rolled up into rags for Sunday curls.. 
Some food would be getting ready for Sunday dinner.. 

Yes, I can just imagine.. 

Then there might have been baskets of pears and bags of apples gathered  in the old porch ready to be done up into apple sauce and pickled pears on Monday..

Likely, there were cows in the barn and chickens in the chicken house..
And I am sure there would be a separate pen for a few sheep..  
And of course, a couple of work horses would be standing in their stalls munching on some oats after a long day of pulling wagons full of wood.. 

The old cold cellar would probably be filled with bins of potatoes and carrots stored in sand along with turnips and squash.. 
Then crocks of saurkraut and pickled beans  ready for Winter... 
Hams would be hung from the rafters along with smoked bacon and such.. 

The hay would be made and stored in the barn along with grains, corn and lots of straw for bedding for the animals.. 

The old dog probably laid on the front veranda and greeted everyone who stopped by and a tabby cat would be nearby.. 
Mama probably wore an apron and her hands would be doing so many tasks for her precious family.. 

There would be Fall house cleaning time and the windows would be shining  and the rugs would be all cleaned and relaid.. 
The wood would be in the cellar and the fires would be lit.. 
Lanterns would sparkle throughout the house.. 

And on this Saturday night the dining room table would be laden with harvested veggies and perhaps a fresh pork roast flavored with sage or rosemary from Mama's herb bed.. 
Oh yes.. and the spiced crab apples and mustard pickles would lend such lovely color and flavor to the meal... 

The Bible would be taken down after supper and the Word would be read and head would bow to the Lord of Lords for the blessings of the day.. 

And just before bedtime Papa would take the dog out while standing on the stoop and smelling the wood smoke and the stars would be so beautiful in the Fall sky... 

There will probably be frost this night.. 
Just imagine... 

Beauty is certainly in the eye of the beholder, eh? 
The Lord has painted this dear old place in such loveliness .. 
I think it is simply gorgeous... 

And you know it is sort of  the same with us.. 
In our old rough state with the scars of sin and life's trials we were pretty dilapidated looking and cast down.. 
But one day we saw Jesus in all of his glorious wonder.. 
And He made something beautiful of out of our lives ..
He cleansed our hearts and now He sees us in beauty that He beholds... 

So thankful for his mercies this night... 
And that he sees me as worthy and not as I am.. 

God bless..  


  1. This is the most beautiful post that I have seen. You painted such a wonderful picture that I actually visualized what you wrote. Those many years ago this family would have sat on their porch and viewed the beautiful foliage you captured in your photos, imagine... Hugs, LJ

  2. Beautiful Faye. You have such talent. Thank you for sharing the photos and your thoughts, beautiful. Blessings

  3. Beautiful Faye.....just beautiful; I like to visualize when I see the old homesteads too but couldnt put it into words and paint the picture like you do! I love the older homes, esp big country houses, and wish I could go in every one and just see what they're like and the life thats going on inside today.
    Enjoy your fall............snow and cold will soon be upon us.
    Cheryl (Fton)

  4. That was beautiful, Faye! I can picture it. :-)

  5. Absolutely beautiful Faye. I truley loved it. I feel like I was really there at that very time. Thank you so very much!

  6. Fantastic,my friend. I felt like you placed me in the story. All you need to conntinue your magnificent story. How wonderful that would be!

  7. How lovely, Faye. What a story! You made it all sound so real and your photos backed up the imagery you created. Thank you.

  8. Love, love this post! I love old houses too and you perfectly captured what may have been going on in that house! So descriptive... thanks for sharing!

  9. You conjured up such a beautiful picture, you have a rare way with words a stunning post! God bless.

  10. This is a lovely homestead, I would love to have one of my very own, to fix up and put my family in to love and care for it. Surely this was a lovely home once filled with a happy growing family, and all the real comforts of home. Thank you for sharing. The fall countryside is straight out of GOD'S coloring book.

  11. Oh Faye! What a beautiful story! I love the house too. You inspired me to do a painting of it in its glory day with the animals and children! You have a wonderful gift of writing what you see so others can see it too.
    Hugs and thoughts, Patti

  12. Faye, what a beautiful post. The photos of this sad old house with the gorgeous fall colours around it, along with your story, have brought life to the scenes. What it must have been like in it's youth with family, and laughter, children, pets, wonderful food and good times. You have woven a beautiful story. Thank you. Have a blessed week.

  13. Faye this lovely post made me feel so at peace, yet I feel sad that no body has bought this beautiful house and loved and restored it like it deserves. What is the contraption on the land? The large iron wheels. Thank you for your beautiful uplifting story. Have a lovely week x

    1. Hi ... Thanks for dropping by.. The machinery is an old hay rake which was pulled by horses.. Many years ago.... xo

  14. Beautiful post, not just the lovely photo's but the story of what you can imagine went on in that house and the end is so true, thankful God sees my good through all the bad

  15. I see the same story as you do looking at this beautiful old farm house , what history it must have in it . If it's walls could talk. I see potential in this old house . Wonderful photos of it to . Yeah know the home made foods you see being made in this old house sounds much like yours YUMMY ! Thanks for sharing . Have a good evening !

  16. I love love love your pictures always so beautiful. Yes they sure do look like paintings, thanks fro sharing all that beauty.

  17. Dear Faye, how beautiful are these pictures and your words. Thank you for the lovely imagery. :-)

  18. Thank you for this beautiful post and thoughts, Faye!

  19. I stop in from Rhonda and here in Idaho the fall been beautiful and many blessing from our garden.
    Coffee is on

  20. Such beauty in both words and pictures.

  21. What a lovely post to read and SEE this morning! Yes, I agree, your way with words made me think I was right there experiencing what you were writing! I love every post you write! And then your photos... they are pure eye candy!! Thank you!

  22. Stunning old place and your photos are fantastic as is the way you can bring it alive with your words! Just wonderful Faye!
    God bless!

  23. Such a beautiful old place. Yes, I can just imagine how life must have been for the family that once lived there. It is a shame that there isn't a family to love that old place now.

    Thanks for sharing your pictures and thoughts.


  24. What a beautiful picture you painted dear Faye, of better times gone by! I loved the wonderful images you evoked of hard work, love, and joy, and especially the father gathering the family together to read the bible after the day's work. The images of the old home are very striking, and I agree, would make a lovely painting to hang on the wall. Enjoyed your thoughts today! :)

  25. This is a lovely story and I could hear and see it all! Perfect and I enjoyed it so much!!!! These are what life should be full of...
    Hugs, Roxy

  26. Well I could just move in. It is perfect and so beautiful. I love old places and the people and lives that went with them, what I call everyday history.
    Lovely post Faye and pictures too. Did you look inside.
    Fondly Michelle

    1. Hello dear... No, we couldn't even go sneak a look in the windows as there was a No Trespassing sign on the tree... smile.. We could only just imagine...
      Thanks for visiting, Michelle.. xo

  27. This should be published.....What a heartfelt story with wonderful photo's!!!! The way life once was, and should have stayed! The simpler times, when lives were focused on God and family....
    Blessings Faye!
    Dee in Maine

  28. Loved your post Faye. I love old houses and am always imagining the families that lived loved and grew up there. I always feel a bit sad that they become so neglected and rundown though.

  29. I so enjoyed your pictures and comments. I have seen old home sites when I have been out on a drive and imagined the same happenings of life in the home place. And, yes how wonderful it is to have a personal relationship with our Lord and Saviour - Jesus.

  30. beautiful photos and I love your pondering of what was or could have been. I've loved walking by houses and guessing what it is like inside as they live their lives :)

  31. I always, always get so sad when I see old abandoned houses like this one... yes! oh the stories it could tell... and why can't people restore and fix up those instead of always building new. Eh? I cannot imagine why this happens... houses left to sit and make the rest of us curious! Thanks for sharing... I would so love to explore!!

  32. I am back, catching up on your posts, this one is the best I have ever read, awesome photos and really great writing! Hope you are doing well and keep on writing!