Sunday, October 4, 2015

Weather Chaos and such...

Hello everyone.. 

Thanks for stopping by the Blessed Hearth today... 
Fall is very obvious here in our part of the world.. 
Pumpkins everywhere and the leaves are turning.. 
All so beautiful.. 

We were down to the cottage last week .. 
Due to the full moon and such we had some lovely waves and the wind was wonderful, too.. 
I sat here for an hour or more.. 
Just sitting in the swing and enjoying the weather.. 
It was lovely and sunny but windy.. 
I had on a shawl and hoodie trying to keep warm and folks walking by probably wondered what on earth was sitting there... grin.. 

The tide was very high and we enjoyed watching the eclipse and listening to the waves.. 

We returned home on Monday ... 
So much to do.. smile.. 

We had breakfast out this week and while reading the Telegraph Journal I came across a recipe for Cuban Mojo Sauce and Paprika Potatoes.. 

It was so easy to make and not a speck of fat in the sauce.. 
And only 1 Tablespoon of olive oil for the potatoes.. 
It called for 6 potatoes but we only needed one each.. 
My land, I loved the sauce.. 
So tart and delicious.. 
I used 100 % orange juice instead of sour orange juice..

Here is the link for the recipe.. 

We had a lot of rain here in our province this week.. 
We had to go to Sussex and these were the pics on our way there.. 

So much rain.. 
One dear man lost his life when his basement wall fell on him.. 
And another horrible accident when a road caved in.. 
That was just here in our area... 

Reading today where it is horrific in South Carolina, too.. 

The world is rocking and rolling and all the signs are there that Jesus is returning soon..
Praying for this old world that they will call on His Name...
Praying for the dear families affected by these storms..  

Yesterday, I made 3 batches of blueberry jam and 1 batch of Maple Apple Jam...  

Looking forward to having a table next weekend at the
 Fundy Trail Market.. 
Joining Shonda at the Craft Show at Mission Point Church
 on Nov. 28... 
Tomorrow I hope to get the Pumpkin Preserves made.. 

Anyway, dear hearts that is all for today.. 
Hope you are having a great day and God bless.. 

Mussels were on sale so we had some Mussel Chowder for lunch.. 

Take care everyone and have a great week.. 
Looking forward to hearing from you all.. 


  1. The damage from the rain last week was terrible Faye. I can't believe the mess the roads and bridges are in plus all the water and flooding for people. We saw some damaged culverts on our drive to Woodstock today on Route 105. It's nice to see the pumpkins decorating people yards and porches. The leaves are just starting to change up this way but not a lot of colour yet. I'm glad the hurricane is going to pass way off the coast of NS but feel badly for those in the US that are suffering from it. Have a blessed week.

  2. Faye, all that rain isn't good. We had floods here in 2011 and there was loss of life. With so much rain falling it is so dangerous on the roads and even if you think you are 'safe' at home. I have friends in the US and have heard there is a hurricane in their area so I am keeping them in my prayers. Lovely photos as usual. So different from our drought areas here in Australia.

  3. Such a lot of rain, all those affected are in my prayers. Your jam looks wonderful, I have quite a stock made ready for the winter months so that I can have a taste of summer.

  4. Too bad about all the flooding and rain - all that hay in the water - the corn too. Yes, signs are all around - did you hear Netanyahu's speach to U.N.? Wow - "every nation will be against Isreal" - sure looks like it. Christians need to stop picking issues to condemn others over and start loving like Jesus did. We have had a wonderful couple of services on this -

  5. We have had tons of rain too here in Western NY, quite nippy and the leaves are changing too. I sure feel for those folks who are having it rough with the weather and who have had lost family members etc.

    Thank you for sharing the recipe, will try it. Blessings

  6. Sorry to hear about all the flooding over there, sending thoughts and wishes to you all, take care and god blessx

  7. Faye...I wonder quite often long Jesus will tarry when I hear and see these disasters. I have a brother in Sumter, SC where some of the major flooding is and one of his daughters is in Charleston, SC. Both are fine...the Lord protected them but the flooding is the worst ever recorded in history. It looks like you are also having your share...those photos of the flooding are something else! Take care!

  8. Terrible flooding Faye, stay safe, Hugs Francine.

  9. My goodness that flooding is terrible. I do hope that you will be safe and that the waters will recede quickly. xx

  10. My goodness your pictures do look like the pictures I have seen of South Carolina so much rain everywhere. Stay safe.

  11. Oh my so sad to see that your area to has been hit with so much rain, it is always so sad when life is lost in these things also. I have been following all the mess and heart ache to South Carolina too, prayers going out for all affected by these storms

  12. Hello,
    Sending prayers. You are so right so much going on in our world. Keeping our eyes fixed on Jesus.
    xx oo

  13. That is a lot of rain, my heart goes out to the family who lost a loved one.
    Love your jam as always.
    Happy Autumn
    Fondly Michelle

  14. Alot of rain in your area. Sad to see flooding there and in the eastern part of the USA. Hope it calms down soon. We are waiting for rain to come on Wed. Still dry. Our birds are enjoying our bird bath. Megan saw a pigeon stand in it today. She watched him for a bit til he saw her then took off. I'm glad they enjoy it. Jam is so delicious when home made! Have a blessed week.

  15. Sorry to hear about all the flooding, Faye. Stay safe!

    By the way, love the jam.

  16. We've only had one rainy day so far this year and even that wasn't much. Stay safe with all the flooding. And that jam, it looks delicious.

  17. Incredible pictures, and some wild weather you've had there. My heart sure goes out to those that are affected by the super storms.

    Your jams looks yummy, and sound delish.
    Thanks for including the link for the potatoes and sauce. I'll have to give it a look.
    We bought a bunch of potatoes from the farm stand, and your recipe looks like a good way to use them up :)

    Hope that the rest of your week is lovely..

  18. Adoro seu blogue , suas imagens e os lugares que nos mostra são lindos, gostaria de me transportar por um lugar assim, obrigada por me seguir.
    Meu blogeueestá parado, passei por uma cirurgia mto delicada, e esperando para fazer uma segunda...
    O mundo está ficando cada dia mais triste , e as pessoas não se dão conta , e continuam a fazer coisas erradas , e destruir tudo no nosso lindo planeta terra.
    Moro no Sul do Brasil e não tivemos primavera, nem mesmo inverno , foi tudo muito louco ....só chuva e inundações, há mais de tres meses q só chove.
    e pelas previsões vamos ter um verão medonho!
    Que Jesus tenha piedade das almas!

    um abraço!