Thursday, October 15, 2015

Thanksgiving weekend..

old fashioned pumpkin preserves..

Hello everyone.. 
Welcome to the Blessed Hearth today.. 
Thanks so much for stopping by.. 

We, Canadians celebrated our Thanksgiving Day this past weekend.. 
Terry and I packed everything up, turkey and all and headed to the cottage on Thursday.. 

Everything was as we left it but the leaves had changed colors and many friends had closed their cottages and gone home, too... 

We turned the heat up and went to the city for the evening. 
We did some shopping and then had a lovely time with our daughter and family... 
On Friday morning we got our supply of fresh spring water and picked a bunch of  beautiful Fall leaves, cat tails and such to decorate with... 
I have to admit that my pictures did not turn out very well and I had to delete half of them.. 
Oh well.. 

We found some lovely leaves on this trail to Salmon River.. 

Along with gorgeous rosehips on the branches.. 
They made lovely arrangements but very prickly..
sorry no pics..

Once we had a few pumpkins, arrangements and such about I started cooking so that I would be ahead of the game on Saturday... 
Everyone was to be there at 2:30 in the afternoon.. 

The turkey and veggies  were cooked and everyone brought delicious stuff to help out... 

We had so much food, of course and a precious time with our family and some very special guests... 
It was very informal with not enough tables to set everyone but we all found a place ... smile.. 

So blessed and thankful for our dear family and friends and all the bounteous blessings we have received from our dear God the past year.. 
He is forever faithful.... 

Then the next day we were up early and packing the truck with preserves to sell at the last Market of the year at the Fundy Trail... 

It was a very cold day but we had a table inside and lots of hot coffee.. 

We had packed a lunch but there was a gentleman there selling Currys... 

That night we went for our last little seaside siesta as we call it.. 
The waves were so wonderful and we sat there in the truck all bundled up and while Terry slept I listened and enjoyed the Bay ...
(for the last time this season)... 

On Monday we finished packing everything that was left and turned off the water, cleaned the fridge and such..  

It was a glorious warm day .. 
Notice how the color of the leaves have changed since we first arrived this year.

It was good to take the road HOME... 
My favorite place on earth... 

But I was tired... 
After unloading the truck of plants, food and clothes I couldn't get to bed soon enough.. 
It has taken me a couple of days to get that stuff put away but thank goodness it is finally all done until next year.. 

Christmas is coming.. grin.. 
And next week dear daughter is coming to paint my cupboards... 
Lord willing ... 
I am excited... 

Anyway, dear hearts thanks for  listening to my boring tale one more time... 
And thanks for the sweet call from Wisconsin and all of your Thanksgiving wishes... 

Appreciate you, all.. xo
Take care now... xo


  1. Faye, I am so glad you had such a peaceful, happy Thanksgiving. Thanksgiving, the overlooked holiday, is one of my favorites! Your house decorations were very nice, and so natural. The preserves looked wonderful!

  2. Faye, you are never boring. I am always fascinated by your scenery as we are still in drought over here on the other side of the world. Everything looks so lush there.

  3. Dear Faye, Think of you often so it was nice to see a new post. I'm afraid I have not been great about commenting this summer but I always enjoy seeing what you are up to. I think you have more energy that I do. Although I do preserves as well I don't think I do quite as many.
    Glad you had a wonderful Thanksgiving. We were in Halifax visiting family and little munchkins. The baby is now 2 months and so sweet. still hoping to meet someday.

  4. I am so glad you had such a wonderful Thanksgiving with family and friends, indeed a lot to be thankful for. Your preserves always look so wonderful, I am sure you did well at the sale. Take care.

  5. happy Thanksgiving. glad you had a great time.xx

  6. Happy Thanksgiving....thanks for the smiles. Have a beautiful Friday. Blessings

  7. What a pleasure it always is to visit your lovely blog. We live on the other side of the world to you and we are just beginning to get the summer tourists. Our garden is full of lovely spring flowers and the veggies are all doing really well. Keep warm and enjoy your cooler season. Your tales are never boring, just lovely and homey.
    Blessings Gail

  8. Your tales are never boring Faye. You always tell of the things I love & appreciate.....home, family, change of seasons & decorating with natural gifts.

    I live on a creek that is very rocky & difficult to walk in. One needs boots & a walking stick to try to stay upright out of the cold water. Last week I ventured to the other side to see if I could find any goodies. The trees & vegetation are so thick in the summer that there is no way to get beyond the bank, & even now I could only make it about 30 feet in. It seems that every bush has thorns. But I was able to come home with a nice bouquet of rose hips, which was what I was hoping to find.....a gift. Some do grow along the roads, but there is usually no place to pull off, & they can be really hard to reach.

    I have also collected lots of black walnuts, hickory nuts & acorns from my yard to fill bowls, baskets & barrels.....they are the perfect decoration for my log cabin, both inside & on the porches. I hope to use the walnuts in some baking this year, although I rarely bake any more. The taste reminds me of my grandmother in West Virginia, who also lived in a large log cabin.....that my grandfather built. Great memories!

    Stay warm & keep the beautiful tales coming.

    Anita ~ the cabin on the creek

  9. Not boring one single bit. I love it that you took time to sit by the bay to listen to the waves while the other one slept...

    All your care and attention to details - decorating and such. The rows and rows of canned goods (so beautiful!) and I love the sign in the back "house of henry"...

    The bowl of Currys looks good and reminds me of something I like to do - but, I never had a name for it. It looks like a beef stew with curry over rice....?

    And, tell me more about the pumpkin preserves. I'm curious.

    I am glad you had a blessed Thanksgiving - with family - that is what matters most!! Have a wonderful rest of the week

  10. Good Morning, This post and all you share is never boring to me! I find peace and very pleasant memories in my minds eye. Home is so wonderful and the life we live as onto Him. Happy Thanksgiving to you and yours! Just reading this made me feel inspired and glad to meet this day!
    Hugs, Roxy

  11. Never boring, beautiful pictures! All that canning you have done, I am just starting out with this canning business :) Have a wonderful weekend, God Bless :)

  12. So glad you enjoyed some time at the cottage and celebrating Thanksgiving with family, love the beautiful colors on the trees, good luck with the painting of the cupboards

  13. Your posts and photos are never boring I enjoy them all ! Lovely photos . Busy time for you that's for sure ! It is chilly here in Ontario and we are getting our first wet snow flurries tonight and tomorrow ! Thanks for sharing , Have a good weekend !

  14. Hi Faye! You always make me feel so warm, thankful and homey when I read your stories. You are such a warm person and admired by so many on this comment board! You inspire me and I am so grateful I found your blog.
    I love your simple, natural way of decorating just like they did way back before Walmart!
    But I don't have any luck picking things from fields to decorate with. Twice now it seems I bring in these huge brown spiders that are hiding in my pickings! I am terribly afraid of spiders so needless to say I stopped picking things to bring into the house. I do decorate with picked naturals outside only!
    God Bless you and your family.

  15. A wonderful post as usual!
    Blessings to you for a beautiful autumn!
    Laura of Harvest Lane Cottage

  16. What a wonderful time you had! Much to be thankful for and happy about! xx

  17. Never EVER boring!!!!!!
    I'm so glad you had a lovely Thanksgiving weekend, with no rain or storms!!
    We will be spending our Thanksgiving day with son and the lake!!! We are renting a big screened enclosure with a kitchen. They are taking their camp gear, and we old folks will be renting a SMALL cabin :^)
    Blessings to you,

  18. What a wonderful Thanksgiving weekend you had at the cottage with family and friends. It's sad to close the cottage on another season and I always enjoyed your posts from there in St. Martin's. I love the photo of your fireplace and the bannister decorated. Enjoy this weekend. The weather is cooling a bit and I bet you're enjoying the wind today. :) Blessings, Pam

  19. Evening Faye, wonderful time spent at the cottage for Thanksgiving. Always sad to close the cottage for winter, we just closed the trailer up this week too. Blessings Francine.

  20. Sounds like you had a wonderful weekend even if it was a bit a nice way :)


  21. Looks like you had a lovely time with family. Happy Thanksgiving to you all :)

    Good looking preserves you had there at the fair too!


    Whenever I read your blog I feel as though I am sitting with you and sharing fellowship. You sound as though you stay very busy. I can't imagine accomplishing all that you do. How very blessed you are to be sharing each day with your sweetheart. Cherish each moment. May God continue to grant you his favor.

  23. Lovely to read all that you did to celebrate Thanksgiving. Your natural decorations are beautiful.
    I still have a couple of pumpkin preserves on my pantry shelves.
    Time with family is wonderful.
    Happy belated Thanksgiving.
    Fondly Michelle