Friday, October 30, 2015

The blog is back....

Hello my dears.. 
So glad to be able to post here tonight.. 
Early this morning my dear sister called me to say that something was wrong with The Blessed Hearth... 
She said some popup kept her from seeing anything of the blog.. 
Great !!
You who have been following the blog know that I am not a computer wizard by anyone's imagination.. 
I started blogging about 5 years ago when we bought our first computer.. 
A dear lady who was my hero most of my life. (Sara) told me to learn everything I could about it when I mentioned to her that we had bought one.. 
I decided then to try and do just that.. smile.. 
I had found a few blogs that I loved and took the plunge for one of my own.. 
It was scary many times but through trial and error I managed to get a blog started... 
It was called Primitive Lace and really was just a learning phase for me.. 
When I started the Keepers of the Home group I decided I would try a blog about Home.. 
In time, I stopped the first one and centred my time on The Blessed Hearth.. 
It has been a blessing and I have met so many dear people... 
I never really know who reads this or even just looks at the pics but am so thrilled when someone like my sweet cousin told me today that she never misses a post or my sister and you all leaving sweet comments either here or on my FB page... 
After she called I took a look and my heart sank.. 
I took about an hour and tried to fix it and thought for sure it was over... smile.. 
We went to the farm for the day and when we came home I tried for about 2 hours to find what was wrong.. 
I could not get rid of the pop up.. 
Believe me, I am praying and asking the Lord for help and as always He was faithful and I happened to find a forum that said to delete java links.. 
I did.. all of them and checked and it was fixed.. 
Thank you, dear Lord.. 
Here we are.. 
Just a little everyday post of things we are doing..
Home things.. 

Shonda did a lot of painting, the dear girl.. 

Cupboard doors are all painted in the Linen colour.. 
She and her Dad were busy for hours... 

Then she glazed them all.. 

As usual, I cooked.. grin.. 
Soup season is back again and of course this soup junkie is back on board.. 
Vegetable Soup.. 
Eat as much as you like.. Hardly any calories.. 
Flavoured with pesto... 

We are doing our counter top, too so I won't be able to show you the finished job for awhile.. 
It is hunting season here, you know.. grin.. 
All in due time... 

Then another drive to the farm ... 

Isn't this beautiful.. 
A house in Albert County, of course.. 

I cleaned and decluttered the cupboards and took some of the excess to the farm house.. 
Just a few old dishes and such.. 

Terry started the floor in the pantry and I made some no knead bread..

Caesar Salad...

And stew...

It was a fun day but I did wonder how I would get this blog fixed.. 
So glad it worked.. 
I will have to return the blog list and such again later.. 
Somehow the Spam Pop up was coming through one of the links ... 
Disgusting, eh? 

Anyway, dear hearts thanks for your visits and comments.. 
I really appreciate you all.. 
God bless... 


  1. Hello, I had a similar experience last winter, I believe it opened up from an Email a virus to my computer. I had to take mine in... Your doors look wonderful and the soup and bread and salad, girl you could open up a diner... Home cooked!
    Blessings, Roxy

  2. Didn't see any pop ups. Love your blog. The stew looked so good that I am making some tomorrow for dinner Yum.

  3. Faye I just LOVE reading your blog. It is so comforting. I look forward to each and every one. Reminds me of the true "real" things in life. Thank you for so much sharing!

  4. Faye, so pleased you have it back up and running. I would have no idea what to do but I must back up my blog just in case. I was worried that you wouldn't be able to get it fixed. Thank goodness you did. I just love your blog and seeing the photos of your area which is so vastly different to ours.

  5. I saw that you'd been hacked this a.m. and am glad you're up and running. I'd thought about painting my cupboard doors but that would truly be a pain. Chalkboard paint is in right now and a few women I've talked to have said that's good for cupboard doors as well. It comes in different colors. Yes, soup season is here! And hats to keep the rain off our heads! Yippee, as rain is here this weekend and snow for the mountains.

  6. Glad you're fixed! So to speak...Good to have children that help on major projects too...just like ours do...take care, and beware of Java Lynx!! Yes I know I've spelt links wrong, but I meant to...those beasties with nothing better to do than cause trouble for others. Take care now...Jackie oxo

  7. So horrid when things like that happen. Glad it is fixed.

  8. I can feel your relief, dear Faye! Glad your perseverance paid off!
    The colour of your cupboard doors looks lovely!
    & lots of delicious dishes to feed the troops!
    Blessings dear friend!

  9. Glad its back, "safe and sound" :)

  10. I'm so glad for you that you got that spam thing fixed. So frustrating! I think your 'new' kitchen cupboards will be so bright and cheery and can't wait to see the makeover when you are finished. The soup and stew look so yummy. I made a chicken soup yesterday. Have a blessed weekend Faye.

  11. Oh how happy I am you are back, I was very worried when I saw your little message about being hacked. Thank you for the smiles you bring, Faye. Blessings

  12. Times like this is where I am soo glad I have Papa to help as he is a techy nerd lol I am glad you were able to fix it I was worried for you that you lost your lovely blog . Oh YUMMY ! Looking forward to seeing your newly painted cupboard doors all done and put up . Love that farm house with all those colourful trees soo pretty ! Thanks for sharing , Have a good weekend !

  13. Glad you are back up and running :)

  14. Yes I was that popup on your Blog it scared me thinking it was the end, as I so much love your Blog.
    So glad its fix., I;m always checking for a new post. as always they are wonderful .God Bless

  15. I'm glad you got your blog back!

  16. Nice to see you back - Its soup season here in the UK too. It has been an abysmal week weather wise all the rain over a period of three or four days and so damp. When its like that you just need something to stick to the ribs from the inside. For Soup and also for freezing I always check out the reductions at the local shops. When I went to my veg shop this morning Brussel sprouts were £1.60 per kg. I have managed to get 2kg for £1.60. Nothing wrong with them just the date stamp so they are going to be processed in the morning and popped up ready for Christmas/use before then. They are lovely in Bubble n Squeak. I too read your blog on a regular basis it is comforting and its always interesting to see someone else's take on things. Look forward to the kitchen reveal. Take care. Pattypan x

  17. So happy you managed to fix things, loving your blog :)

  18. So glad you are back! I love reading your blog. Blessings, Pam in Norway xx

  19. So glad you are back! I love reading your blog. Blessings, Pam in Norway xx

  20. Soup season is upon us. I love soup too. Glad you fixed it. I worry about that too, as I 'm clueless. LOL

  21. Dear Faye,
    So grateful that you are back on the blog. Your blog, of the many things that keep the world turning in most families, is such a breath of fresh clear air. Our faithful GOD will continue to bless and keep you and yours as you glorify HIM.
    Sincerely Trish Clark

  22. I am so glad that you were able to take care of the pop up, my friend. It can be very trying. Your food looks delicious...and I'm looking forward to seeing the kitchen makeover. :)

  23. Glad you were able to figure it out, I am not good with these computers much, but I did figure out my blog by myself which my hubby was impressed since I don't do much, I am getting ready to start some cool weather meals around at least ingredients for them, we are still having some warm weather here in Southern Illinois

  24. I saw that you had the problem and hoped you knew (you did) and that you could fix it (you did). PHEW!! I don't like when computer stuff happens, takes me a while to figure it all out :) YAY for being back on line!!

  25. Hi Faye, Glad it all worked out for the blog! I so enjoy it. :) What kind of paint did Shondra use for your cupboards? Did she have to sand all them down? You will have to post a finished picture :)

  26. So glad that you were able to fix the problem... that can be so frustrating.
    Yay~! I think it's so wonderful that Shonda was able to paint for you!! Looking forward to the complete reveal. Looks like you've all been very busy!!

    I too am a soup lover! I could eat soup every day {and often do **smile**} it tastes so yummy on cold weather days.

    Love your pictures. So pretty.

    Have a great new week.


  27. I missed all the action, but am glad you are back up and running. Caesar salad and no-knead bread...the perfect luncheon me thinks.

  28. I so enjoy your blog but the other day I tried to bring it up and it came up with the word "hacked" on it so I got out of it right away. I didn't try it for a few days and when I tried it this morning it came up fine so I am glad you got it fixed. Love your pictures too.