Monday, January 18, 2016

A Motley Post...

old barn in Bloomfield

Hello dearies.. 
Just a little post for you of the last few days... 
We have been having a bit of weather here in Eastern Canada.. 
Snow, freezing rain and then sun... 
Must be Winter, eh? 

A friend and I were invited to a lovely girl's home for dinner.. 
She is one of the Keepers of the Home group and is from Romania... 
We were so happy to be invited to her lovely home.. 
She made us a marvellous meal..  
Delicious home made Rolls.. 
Polenta and Soup... 
You put a big scoop of the polenta in your soup and take a taste of both together.. 
So yummy.. 
So sweet of her to take the time to create all of this... 
And then a Chicken Dish... 
Lots of tender chicken and veggies... 
The broth on this dish was so good and the bread soaked it up so nicely.. smile.. 

Then we did have a dessert which I forgot to take a picture of.. 
A glorious trifle.. 
All chocolate and caramel... 
Then we spent a couple of hours just chatting... 
Carmen is so talented and showed us some of her handwork.. 
She showed Lindsay how to make a scarf just while we sat about and chatted.. 

Rather nice, I think.. 
We had a blessed time talking about the Lord and His goodness to us.. 
How he leads our lives and fills us with joy.. 
Amazing how lives cross each other.. 
Romania or Canada we serve the same God and are apart of His family... 
Thank you, Carmen and to your sweet family, also.. 

Then on Friday night we had some sweet company here for supper.. 

My Mom and Step-Father.. 
She brought me a bag of parsnips and a bag of lemons.. grin.. 

I have been making a drink each morning before eating anything.. 

A handful of parsley and juice from a lemon which I roll on the counter to get it juicy.. 
Place these along with a half of a cup of water in a blender or such.. 
The taste isn't great but not too bad.. 
It is supposed to help one lose weight.. 
Do that for 5 mornings then take a 10 day break before you do it again... 
I saw this on the web somewhere... 

Terry and I took a drive to our cottage on Saturday.. 
I had seen the weather and thought it was only 4 cm. of snow so could not be too bad.. 
But the further we went the worse it got... 
We had stopped in Sussex for a coffee and Terry is driving along this windy slippery road.. 
It does not look like it in the photo but it was snowing then freezing rain and windy.. 

Please note that the driver does not have 2 hands on the wheel... 
Nope ... 
A one handed driver.. 
Just what every nervous old lady wants... lol..
What can one do but hang on tight and pray.. 

We finally arrived in St. Martins, though.. 

After checking the cottage.. ( the poor old place always looks so desolate in the winter) we drove down to the harbour.. 

I just can't imagine being out on the Bay in a fishing boat on a day like this but I am sure there were some.. 

Quite a day out.. 
Loved the wind, though.. 

We brought along a little snack to have with our coffee.. 
 I love making a little simple lunch and taking it with us.. 
Do you ever do that? 

Here is a project that I hope to get under way this week.. 

You dear followers who have been faithful down through the years may remember me making this a couple of years ago.. 
Well, I sold it at my shop and think I would like another for myself..

I saw this in the British edition of Country Living.. 
I think I will do it in reds and such... 

Anyway, dear hearts this is all for tonight.. 
Just a motley post about a our days... 
Nothing very exciting but busy just like everyone else.. 

A little catch up for you, though before I go.. 
How I make hair rinse.. 

2 tablespoons of cider vinegar with 1 cup of water.. 
Place in a squeeze bottle and add a few drops of essential oil to suit you.. 
I wash and rinse my hair and then squeeze some of this in .. 
Rub through my hair and put a towel about it.. 
I do not rinse it out but that is up to you... 
Lavender is lovely or Rosemary ... 
I used Patchouli this time.. 
It is supposed to help your hair thicken and helps it to stay healthy.. 

You asked for my Chicken and Wild Rice recipe.. 
I don't have a recipe but will make it again this week and try to write down what I do... 

If I forgot to answer any of your questions then please just remind me.. 
I am kind of forgetful lately.. smile.. 

Looking forward to hearing from you.. 
Either here on the blog or on the Face Book page.. xo 

God bless you all..

Ecclesiastics 4: 9-10 
9  Two are better than one, because they have a good return for their work: 
10 If one falls down, his friend can help him up. But pity the man who falls and has no one to help him up!


  1. Your posts are always so filled with joy Faye :)

  2. Thank you for coming to see me.
    It was a real pleasure for us to have you and Lindsay for lunch.
    My house is always open for you or other brother and sister in Christ.
    God bless you.

  3. Faye, we've been away and I've missed your gentle posts so much! This one is just filled with companionship and sharing. I hope 2016 brings you more of the same. Love, Mimi xxx

  4. Brrrr! Looking at your pictures, beautiful as they are, makes me want to wrap up in a warm quilt!
    At least your husband had his eyes on the road.
    The meal looks delightful. I have never had polenta. I should try making it sometime.

  5. Oh my, the outside photographs you took of all the snow, the slippery roads and the harbour - simply amazing and so beautiful!!!! I cannot imagine how cold it must be!! I live in southern New South Wales, Australia, so have never experienced first hand anything like your photos show. It looks like you had a wonderful meal and great fellowship including the opportunity to try a new craft project.

  6. Loved this post!
    Does your friend have a link to that scarf pattern? Anything special in the soup, or was it just veggies and then add polenta? It all looks so yummy!

  7. Oh my. What is it about men and icy roads, bad conditions? They just seem so much more comfortable with the driving part than we women do! My husband drives down icy roads like he doesn't have a care in the world, and he is careful of course, but I would be tense and gripping the wheel, and he does the one-handed thing too!!! LOL... and seeing that Tim's coffee, now I really am "jealous" lol! Sure do love and miss Tim's! ... It is the first place we make a beeline to as soon as we cross the border. :)

    Your lovely dinner with sweet Carmen - delicious - what a treat! And all the beautiful things she makes - so wonderful to have such a lovely visit together!

    I enjoy your little bit of this n that... you are inspiring with all you do to keep busy... and thanks for the hair rinse recipe, awesome to have!

    Have a blessed week! :)

  8. Your post makes me cold and hungry! I love all the biscuits and soup! I'm boiling water for some hot tea and will eat a bit of cinnamon roll with it. Late but need a snack as I'm a bit hungry and go to bed soon. I enjoy your posts. It's rainy here in OR all week. Snow in the mtns. So different than last year. Hugs and blessings!

  9. I always enjoy your posts, it's like talking with a good friend.
    Loved your photos.
    Hope to see the table mats when you're done, I love reds.
    That St, Martin's Church steeple looks slanted because of the snow, and your camera angle. (teasing of course, grin).
    Your friend Carmen sounds lovely, and such good food and crafts! Wow!

  10. Your girls' dinner together with Carmen sounds so lovely, and the foosæd pictures made me feel hungry :). Rain freezing on the roads is what I hate the most when driving, glad you got there and back safely. We love a packed lunch too, tasted so nice along with a warm cup of coffee. A couple of years back we packed a lunch and went sightseeing. The weather suddenly turned and we had an awful thunder storm. End of story; we had to eat our lunch in the car while the storm raged. The boys still remember it and talk about how fun it was. Pam in Norway xx

  11. What a great post, Faye. You have been busy and it is nice to see you having so much fun.

  12. I do enjoy reading your posts about your week, always something interesting. Your weather looks very chilly. My daughter who lives in Vancouver had a sprinkling of snow not long ago.

  13. What a wonderful gathering and such a wonderful looking meal. I have never had polenta, I am not even sure what it is...The temperatures have dropped and there has been some snow here in the UK but still none here on the East Coast. I am going to give the hair rinse a try.

  14. Faye, I just love seeing your photos. My,my, it does look cold though. Would you like me to send you some of our Aussie sunshine? :-) I must make some polenta one of these days too as I haven't made it for ages although it looked good with the soup and it is not really soup weather over here at the moment.

  15. Morning Faye, enjoyed your post so much while sipping my coffee this morning. Blessings Francine.

  16. Your posts are always so full of love, friend. Beautiful-- and we have been getting winter weather here in western NY as is winter, after all (so I have to remind myself, smiles)...Blessings

  17. A great post as always, I love hearing what's happening in your part of the world, I love my country living magazine here in the UK.xx

  18. Oh my Faye - how I wish I was coming here every day to read your posts - you give such wisdom and your mini travels are always so interesting even through the horrible weather.
    Your friends menu looks wonderful. I've had Polenta fried with maple syrup over it. Grandpa used to make it for us a lot growing up.
    I will certainly love to have your recipe for Chicken and wild rice soup. It's one of my favorites from Panera and I haven't found a recipe yet that compares. I will be anxious to make yours.
    Have a wonderful rest of your week Faye - oh and I love the placemat with silverware holder, just adorable.
    Blessings my friend

  19. So grateful that you made it down to check on the cottage safely. Roads are so treacherous and scary to travel on this time of year!!
    Looks like you had a wonderful visit and luncheon with your friends.
    You are right... we are so much alike than we are different, even though we live in different parts of the world, and have different lives, we are all still children of a loving Father in heaven :)

    Have a lovely rest of your week.


  20. Oh you have been busy ! What a lovely supper you went to looks all soo YUMMY ! I cant stand it when Papa drives one handed in a storm either , it drives me nuts lol ! Lovely post and photos glad you got to all your destination safely . Thanks for sharing , Have a good day and be safe and cozy !

  21. Your friend's rolls and the other food dishes look so delicious! I've decided that the reason your little lunches you take with you on road trips look yummy because you use homemade bread or rolls. What a difference that makes! I don't bake either one I'm afraid so our sandwiches are rather plain. Have a cozy day/week.

  22. I am so happy to be back checking your blog and all the others that I have missed.
    We now have a new laptop so I am back to blogging.
    All the food at the start of your post is wonderful, all homemade and beautiful.
    You have had a lot of snow, we have not had any settle yet.
    Fondly Michelle

  23. LOL! The one hand on the wheel had me laughing!

    In reference to the scripture at the bottom, an elderly couple in our area fell in their yard 20 feet apart and could not get up to help each other. They ended up out there overnight and she froze to death with him so near and unable to get up to help. It breaks my heart. Please pray for that dear man who knew she was dying and could not help.

  24. My husband will drive with no hands if he needs to blow his nose. Uses his knees. Drives me crazy. I've told him it is possible to blow one's nose with one hand but does he listen? No. Love your cozy 'ordinary' day. Nothing beats an ordinary day. I haven't used a vinegar rinse for years, but when I was a teen always used one; supposed to get the soap all out and make it shine.

  25. How sweet of your friend to cook such a lovely & delicious looking dinner for you. You are so right in saying that we all serve the same God...always good to remember that. We are set for our first snow storm of the year here in eastern PA, however I think it will track a bit further south of where I am so I may not get so much. I really do love a good snow long as all are safe & sound.

    Thank you for remembering the soup recipe...I figured it wasn't a true "recipe", so I will look forward to knowing how you make it. I think I need to make a good soup in case we do get a good snow...I could eat it every day in cold weather! Stay safe & warm...God bless!

    Anita ~ the cabin on the creek