Wednesday, January 27, 2016

A January Farm Day...

Hello there everyone.. 
Welcome to the Blessed Hearth .. 
So glad you dropped by.. 
Well, we are having some changing weather here in Eastern Canada.. 
Terry and Dustin (our youngest son) spent a couple of days last week working at our old farm up in the Kent Hills.. 
Those of you who have been following the blog for awhile know we have this old place that we both love and visit whenever we can.. Mostly during the Spring and Fall but when we have a good Winter like we are having so far this year we get to even go on Winter days.. 

Terry always goes even when the lane is plugged with snow.. He just snowshoes in..
He loves it.. He makes a fire and heats up a can of beans on top of the stove and just enjoy his own company... smile.. 
He putters around doing this and that but last week Dustin went up with him for two days to do some work.. 

Dustin loves it there, too so I think they enjoyed themselves.. 
I sent lunch both days and Terry sent the leftovers home with him.. smile... 
They finished the pantry floor and got all the walls finished in the back porch.. 
I was excited to go see what was accomplished so we headed out there on Saturday.. 
It was a beautiful day as you can see.. 

The old place looked sweet on this January day...

They had fires on so the house was quite warm and it did not take long to heat it up.. 
I loved the floor and was excited to stack stuff on the shelves... 

Then we had dinner.. 

Place mats sent to us from our dear friends the Mayo family from Wisconsin.. 
Aren't they lovely ? 

Just a bit of simple farm fare.. 
Terry's kind of meal.. 
Steak, mashed, squash, carrot and parsnip mix... 
A little Israeli Salad on the side...  

Then later after all was cleaned up... 
A bit of Magic Fruitcake made with my own Mincemeat and a lovely cup of tea.. 

A couple of pantry shelves.. 

Slow but sure it is all coming together.. 
I will share more pics as we get things finished.. 
We need to hook up an old porcelain sink and a cubby... 

This is an old cupboard that was given to us last week from a sweet friend..  

It is full of little cubby spaces.. 
I left it just as it was except cleaning it ... 
I found the little red cow curtain at the Thrift store this week and we got it hung.. 
I was going to make it but this was only $2.00... 
All in all it was a lovely day.. 

Dustin was in and blew out the snow as a surprise for his Dad.. smile.. 
He was pretty happy about that.. 
We went up again today and there is not hardly any snow ... 
We have had rain and mild temps the last couple of days so the snow has left for awhile anyway... 

I guess this is it for today, my friends.. 
Thanks so much for your sweet visit and I look forward to hearing from you all.. 
Your comments are what make the blog so much fun... 

Keepers is on Saturday and I will share the recipes with you after.. 

Isn't God good.. 
So thankful for all of his blessings this day and for being able to enjoy these times together..
Most people would rather be going on a cruise but this is what turns our crank.. 
Florida and such just does not call our names.. grin.. 
But that old farm shouts it out to us...

Sending hugs your way..  



  1. I love those blue dishes, Faye. So pretty. It's been mild here too which makes me happy. Have a great day!

  2. Everything looks so lovely. The food...yummy.

  3. Love the cupboard...everything looks so lovely.

  4. I looks like a beautiful spot! I would love the recipe for the cake made with your mincemeat. It looks delicious! God bless you and thanks for sharing. :)

  5. It's so beautiful where your farm is and what lovely sons you have!

  6. Your posts are always filled with cheer, dear Faye! I so enjoyed reading of what you've been up to on your lovely farm...I can imagine how delightful it must be to spend time there...I love farm life so very much! The new cupboard is too cute...and I love all your kettles and such! Hmmm...what a delicious dinner - I love simple fare, for they are the most my humble opinion anyway!
    Wishing you a blessed Thursday...hugs!

  7. Your photos look like postcards, Faye. How beautiful. No...I have no desire to go on a cruise either. Florida maybe...seeing as I live in Australia and have a friend there. LOL!

  8. He's a good boy that Dustin. I'm loving the photos of snow while we all swelter in the heat here. I'd love to be at your Keepers meeting on Saturday. Tell the girls I said hello. Take care my friend. xx

  9. Love the look of the farm, your dining set is so prettyxx

  10. Your pictures make me feel so peaceful just looking at them. Love your dishes and cute little teakettles. You have created a beautiful haven. Can't wait to hear about the Keepers Meeting and the recipes.:) Blessings to you, Faye.

  11. The snow is so beautiful! I loved the creek picture with the snow... just beautiful! Such a delight that you have the old farm to go out to and just enjoy, and you always fix up the most delicious dinners! Simple but amazing! Your new little cabinet and curtains are darling, and having pantry shelving is really something wonderful to have. With the exchange rate the way it is right now, leaving the country would cost a whole lot more than it is worth, I would imagine! And we have no desire to go on a cruise... our idea of fun is just like yours... a day out in the country :)

  12. Oh my! What a beautiful home you have, and what a gorgeous winter wonderland you live in! Its nearly 60 degrees down here in Oklahoma. We havent had a true, big snow yet. Your photos are pure magic!~

  13. Hi Faye...This is my Happy Place. Your blog brings out the good in me!!!!Love your blue and white table! The farmhouse is really coming together. You said it turns your crank! I love that because that is how we are. I suppose it would be nice to go to Florida and such but we would rather stay home and work on things we are interested here. Plus we can go to Kim's cottage whenever we want..spring , summer and fall. It is so nice of Dustin to come and help you. It means so much, doesn't it?

    Be good and God bless.

  14. Afternoon Faye, your wonderful farm house looks so cozy tucked away in the country. Those white and blue dishes are so pretty, I love them and the mats, so sweet... Blessings Francine.

  15. What a lovely blog. I just discovered you! Love the pictures and your comfy old place in the snow! I will have to check back and see what's happening with you and yours!

  16. Every thing is just so pretty, the scenery, the dishes in blue, the old ones on the shelves, the food, and the little cow curtain one to. So enjoy visiting with you.

  17. are so right about Florida! We recently purchased a condo in Florida with my daughter and we spend 3 winter months here. Hubby loves it I'll take cold and snow over florida anytime! It's good for a week or two but I truly get homesick......and Im a country girl too missing my hills, creeks and rocks! Patti

  18. All so lovely especially that delicious looking cake! xx

  19. Your farmhouse looks so cozy!

  20. Yes, ma'am, God is Good, all the time! Beautiful photos...thank you for the smiles. Blessings

  21. I know how much you enjoy this simple farmhouse Faye and it would be so fun to go out there and enjoy the peaceful beauty around it. It sounds and looks so cozy. The blue placemats and blue and white dishes are lovely and a simple country meal that looks delicious make for a wonderful visit. It looks like a mild day today then snappy cold tomorrow before it warms again. Strange winter weather. Have a blessed week.

  22. I enjoyed visiting here today so much!! I felt like I went on a cozy, wonderful mini-vacation! My ancestors were farmers which is why I think I have always been drawn to farms and family life on a farm, although I've never lived it myself. But through this post, I got a personal glimpse into how the Lord has blessed you, your family and your farm.


  23. Thank you for linking up with the Art of Home-Making Mondays Faye! Your blog is so warm and cozy and inviting :)