Monday, January 11, 2016

Another ramble and roll...

Hello everyone. 
Just a little ramble and roll post for you all tonight.. 

My computer's battery is dead and I am having a bit of fun trying to keep it balanced so it will not shut off.. 
Hopefully, this week we will get a new battery but for now here we go.. 

Everything is almost back to normal here at home.. 
The boxes of Christmas trimmings have been taken to the basement and I took down all the boughs today.. 
Pictures need to be hung and a few more things restored but it is almost back.. smile.. 

We have been doing this and that.. 

Took a wee trip up to the old farm and when we came in sight of it we saw lots of smoke.. 
The farmer who uses our pastures had cleared another field and was burning the brush.. 
Terry had a great time talking to them while I dug out my old faithful book that I make sure is along with me.. grin..
In the Spring the farmer will plow and seed the field for another pasture for the cows.. 
We love that the farm is being used as a farm even if they are not our cows.. 
I am looking forward to Spring when we go and stay for a couple of days a week... 
You girls who have followed the blog have read past posts of those lovely days.. 

We have been enjoying bowls of soup and I noticed that my bottle of soup herbs are almost gone.. 
Another little chore to do..

Another little job was putting away or displaying Christmas gifts like the sweet owl pillow.. 

I noticed my Pregnant Onion plant has another baby.. 
So exciting!  smile.

We had a nice supper with my sweet aunt and cousins which was so much fun.. 
We enjoyed talking about Gram and Gramp and the old days when we were kids.

Dustin was out today and we had one of his favorite meals.. 
Hamburger Gravy and veggies.. 
I love it when the kids drop by... 

On Sunday we enjoyed worship services and great teachings and a bit of fellowship, too.. 

All in all it has been a nice couple of weeks as we go into the new year of 2016...

There is to be a big storm on Wednesday but hopefully it will not amount to too much..

I am going to be preparing for another Keepers of the Home meeting for the last Saturday morning of January.. 
If you would like to attend please email me or leave me a comment here or on the Face Book page... 

And I am getting my project list in order.. 
Finding supplies and such.. 
I want to make a centrepiece for the dining room table and hopefully a tied quilt.. 
What are your Winter projects?  

Thank you so much for your visit and I look forward to hearing from you all.. 
God bless.. 

Joining with JES at Art of Homemaking Mondays..


  1. I wish someone would invent a computer that runs on solar power! It's nice to relive the "good old days" isn't it? We are expecting a bit of a snow storm on Wednesday too, but only 1-3 inches, but some places are predicted to get 1-2 feet!! Stay safe and warm and have a good week!

  2. My dear Faye, what a joy to stop in for a visit - I have so missed you and your lovely blog.

    Your photos are absolutely delightful and I am glad you are doing well and enjoying the new year :) Have a blessed week. Hugs!

  3. That soup looks hot and delicious, especially as cold as it looks there. That's a hot fire the men have going. Poppy and I used to love to build a big fire and burn brush back when we were clearing to build the cabin.

  4. Hi Faye, So nice to read another of your posts. Delightful as usual. I, too have all my Xmas "stuff" put away but I always find it rather sad to put it all away. I also have a list of projects and would have to live to 200 to get them all done. Right now I am trying to get "new baby's" alphabet quilt finished. I am hand quilting it as I do all my quilts so it takes a bit of time. Keep well.

  5. Seeing that smoke so close to the farm must have given you both a start. I love the sweet owl pillow. It looks like the one hanging around Caissie Cape the past week or so. A storm on Tuesday night into Wednesday and another coming on Saturday will bring us back to winter again. Last week sure was nice eh? I hope you have a good week.

  6. Enjoyed your blog as I usually do and all the pictures. I too have all the decorations down and in the basement. That will be a project for maybe spring to organize and put some out for a fall yard sale. I'm cutting back. I belong to Sewing Servants group at our church. We meet twice a month on a Wednesday Most of our fabric has been donated and we buy some too. We have made hospital gowns for children in Operation Smile, diapers for orphanages in Africa, pillow cases for children in orphanage in U.S., flannel hats and scarfs for children. We take turns bringing in something to eat for lunch too. It is a wonderful fellowship for Christian women working together to help where there is a need. We are working on pillow cases now and may have a few children's' quilts. This winter I'm also knitting socks and trying to crochet a type of pancho. I bought one back in the spring and love it so now I am trying to figure out how they made it and crochet one myself. Of course, the pantry needs cleaning and I need to assemble a picture project that I started two years ago and then stopped. Like everyone else, there is much to do in the winter months. Hopefully, I can ready a book or two. I usually keep one in the car and I read that when I am waiting for my husband at the doctor's office, etc.

  7. Faye, I becomeso peaceful when I read your blog.

    My mother made hamburger gravy, we rarely had hamburgers in buns, always on the plate with potatoes and gravy!

  8. Faye, I becomeso peaceful when I read your blog.

    My mother made hamburger gravy, we rarely had hamburgers in buns, always on the plate with potatoes and gravy!

  9. Faye, I love seeing your winter photos especially on a hot day like today. A day in the snow sounds very nice at the moment :-)

  10. As always , beautiful photos. Love the look of the soup warm and appetising for a cold winters day. We have had such a mild winter here in the UK but the temperatures are predicted to drop drastically over the next couple of days bringing frosts and snow. My winter project is a crochet throw for the sofa. Take care.

  11. I enjoyed your post and loved the way you interspersed the snow pictures with the others. I hope Wednesday isn't too bad for you. Have a good week.


  12. It sounds like a lovely start to the year.

  13. Sounds as though you are having a lovely time in winter! I wondered what the plant was. Hope that you stay warm, it looks cold! xx

  14. Such a nice post. Makes me feel cozy. Love the hamburger gravy meal. Think I must make some soon.

  15. Just love seeing your photos and all that wonderful food. Hope you had a lovely Christmas.
    I do not have a laptop at the moment so will borrow my husbands soon to do a post.
    Have a wonderful 2016
    Fondly Michelle

  16. Enjoyed my coffee with you this morning Faye, always a treat.Blessings Francine.

  17. Just like coming home! Whenever I visit here - I love that I come away - always! - with that feeling! :)

  18. My Christmas decorations are all put away for another year. Kind of a sad event, yet it's always nice to free up room in our already cramped house. I love your pictures, as usual, Faye. Have a wonderful day!

  19. Soup Herbs? Would you be as so kind to list what is in that? (pretty please--smiling)

    Beautiful pictures, Faye, always a joy to read what your up too...expecting upwards of a foot of snow here in western NY today into Friday. Have a beautiful day, friend.

  20. O Faye , what a lovely ramble and roll it was . What an amazing view from the farm , just so stunning . They say you can take the girl from the farm but you cannot take the farm from the girl ! Having grown up on a cattle farm , I find that so true especially with so many farms here in the States falling to developers instead of continuing on for generations to come! I hope to try my hand at a few new things this winter, maybe punchneedle, rag quilting, sewing a few dresses for my lil Princess. Wishing you great Joy with your projects for the new year. ~ Blessings Angela

  21. Lovely photos Faye and always such a YUMMY! post to ! We have been in a winter storm on and off since yesterday we have gone from green grass to rain to lots of cold winds and snow our Ontario winter is finally here . Thanks for sharing Hope you get your computer battery sorted out, have a good week and stay cozy and safe in the storm that's on its way to you !

  22. You always set such a beautiful and inviting table and I love the attention to detail like the individual salt and pepper shakers!! And the placemats are gorgeous. I always enjoy the visits to the farm in the springtime. Thanks for letting us tag along.

  23. I just love the "ramble and roll" posts! A peek into your life is always a wonderful one, you are such a busy gal, doing this and that in your home, and your hamburger gravy meal reminded me that I haven't made that meal in a while, lol! May have to put it on the menu this week :) Hope the snow tomorrow isn't too much for you all... stay warm :) Big hugs to you!

  24. I loved your sharing!
    I love your photos esp.

    Planning on decluttering, some more!
    That seems to be on going.

    After I put the decorations away, my Sweetie kindly pointed up and there hung the mistletoe ball (artificial) on the ceiling fan. Think I'll leave it up and have an excuse to kiss him! I also left out big Father Christmas figurine sitting on an upside down old crown crock beside the fireplace. Might as well leave him awhile, I can't get back into the attic storage area right now. I bet I walked past him a hundred times during Dec., wonder how I missed him on put away day?

    I'm working on a baby quilt, and some button bracelets out of old shirt cuffs I cut off a worn denim man's shirt. I also want to take one of the extra fleece throws and copy a vest I have. That vest is esp. warm, and only 3 pieces plus a zipper. i could use a couple more to wear here in the house. The original one I love was thrifted last year for about $4.00

    Take care, it is blisteringly cold here tonight, and very windy. brrrr

  25. All our Christmas stuff is up and our cabin stuff is out. Every season I change our home. Winter is Cabin decor, Spring and Summer is farm house stuff, and Fall is sunflowers, pumpkins and leaves. I really enjoy changing it up. Right now my two main goals are making soap and finishing All my half done quilts in my quilt room.

  26. What a lovely blog, so interesting, yet so peaceful too. Love the idea of soup Herb bags, will do that for my own soups..thank you. Woo xx

  27. I love these posts that ramble and roll!

    I make hamburger gravy when the kids come home, too. That and my macaroni and cheese are their favorites. We are in the middle of a huge mess of a kitchen re-do and I did not realize how my day to day comfort and peace are tied to the kitchen until I could not use it. I'm sure you can relate to that!

  28. Hello there, Dear Heart! I had to quick catch my breath when I saw the smoke out at the farm. That makes a huge pasture with those trees gone...and good to burn up the brush. I love the gorgeous owl pillow!!! So pretty on the white. I have not had hamburg gravy for so long. My mother used to make it for us on the farm. Dad loved it. Yours looks so good. I think you could start a cook book! I would be your first customer!!!!!

    All for now.
    Remember to keep God in your heart!

  29. Lovely home life! But... I always walk away hungry after visiting your posts! :) Thank you for linking with the Art of Home-Making Mondays! :)