Wednesday, January 13, 2016

The difference a day makes...

A sweet present from my sister.. 

Hello everyone.. 
Thanks for dropping by the Blessed Hearth.. 
As you know we Canadians have kind of a weather penchant..
But to be fair I think we have reason to... eh? 
Yesterday was a lovely day.. 
The sun was shining in the family room windows.. 

Lighting up my new cushion that I found at a thrift shop last week.. 

And looking out those windows we spied this sweet thing.. 
It is a Morning Dove, I believe..

As you can see there is not any snow.. 
Due to rain and mild temps for a couple of days our snow had disappeared..

But this what we saw out the same windows this morning.. 

It actually snowed all day and we received 28 cm. here in the south of the province although they had 38 in Fredericton.. .. 
Not all that bad, really.. 

Since I knew there was a storm coming yesterday I made a nice large Chicken and Wild Rice soup but we ate it all.. 
Terry really liked it as he was in the woods all day and needed the sustenance ... smile.. 
So ... 
I decided to make a pizza for lunch.. 

I haven't made one for awhile so we enjoyed it.. 
Terry enjoys meat so I make his 2/3 with meat and mine is all veggies.. 

I noticed that my bulbs had finally blossomed ...

Love my plants during the Winter.. 
Do you girls have lots of plants growing ?

I made some of my vinegar hair rinse, sewed up some cushion covers, did dishes and tried to find some ideas for Keepers.. 

Terry went out and cleared the drive and walkways.. 
All day our youngest son was on our minds as his business is snow removal during the Winter...
He loves it, though.. smile.. 

Another day draws to a close and a bowl of fish chowder on our lap is just lovely...  

Thank you so much for your visit and I wanted to say that I am so enjoying your lovely comments and I hope that you readers enjoy each other comments, too.. 
You are all so interesting..

I wanted to include a couple of requested recipes .. 
Sorry, I was so long on this one. Karen.. 

Hot Veggie Pickles.. 
1 quart cider vinegar
3 quarts water 
1/2 cup of coarse salt 
hot peppers of choice and to taste.  
I use 3 pieces of jalapeno peppers which is quite mild ... 
1/8 tsp. veggie oil per quart.. 

This batch of brine does 6 quarts of pickles.. 

Peel carrots, cut up sweet peppers, onions, cukes, green beans, lots of cauliflower and such of your choice to fill 6 sterilized quarts ..

Bring brine to boil and pour over veggies.. 
Add veggie oil and seal with sterilized lids ...
That is all there is to it... 

Now, for Linda dear.. 

Soup Herb Bags... 
The link to the post is HERE 

That is all for tonight, dear hearts.. 
Looking forward to hearing from you all both here on the blog and and the Face Book page.. 
Remember, you do not need to belong to FB to click in on the sidebar at the top and see what is going on.. 

My dear aunt who I mentioned visiting us last weekend is now in the hospital ... 
Please keep her in prayer.. 
Her name is Aunt Eleanor.. 
Thank you.. 

God bless... 


  1. Oh Faye, I will keep your aunt in prayer...what a delight to see so much snow. It is just delightful :0) here in the mountains, it is just cold and windy and very little white :0( the fish stew...can you share the recipe? I would like to make it here for the weekend when things tend to slow down a bit :0) mari

  2. Hi Faye. It has been that kind of day hasn't it. I too made a chowder for supper. Very comforting on a snowy day. I would love to know what you put in your vinegar rinse. I am also looking for a shampoo recipe. I don't like all the things that are put in the ones you buy.
    Prayers for your Aunt Eleanor. I hope she is doing better.

  3. Keeping your aunt in prayer...and we awoke to 6-7 inches of snow here in western NY this is winter after all, wink. Thanks for sharing your posts...Blessings

  4. Thinking of your aunt!! And I like your JOY board... (wink!) perhaps you saw I have one too. I plan to have it be a reverse board with something written on the other side for display - other than at Christmas. Maybe the word HOME - will be next.

    I'm so glad you have some snow. We got our first - last night... honestly - just a dusting to 1/2" - but it made the roads icy. I have a wall calendar that says - January warm - the Lord have mercy! I am beginning to believe it. We'll take any and all snow we can get. :)

  5. Praying for your aunt, Faye, but please keep the snow up there!

  6. Praying for your aunt, Faye, but please keep the snow up there!

  7. O Faye ,always so nice to visit with you , that pizza looks delicious! Sending love and prayer to your Aunt. Stay warm friend ~ Blessings Angela

  8. Lifting prayers for your Aunt Eleanor. My hubby loves mourning doves... they have such a haunting song. The only plants I have in the house are two African violets in the kitchen and a pencil cactus and a Christmas cactus in the living room. Enjoy the rest of your week!

  9. Well, another delightful post... filled with so many delightful things - it is lovely getting a peek into your life, and all the little details that make up your day! I would be interested in your vinegar rinse recipe as well. Your pizza and chowder looked simply scrumptious, and I'm sure the chicken soup was perfect for that cold winter day too! I am wishing we could have some of your snow... we are getting rain here, and it is such a slushy mess, as it is raining all our snow away. Will look forward to seeing what projects you choose for your Keepers at Home meeting, and will keep your dear Aunt Eleanor in our prayers!

  10. Hi Have said my prayers for your Aunt Eleanor. Hope all will be okay soon. I have been a terrible friend to you here on your blog. I think I have missed 3 of your posts. Now...that is not like me and I am sorry. But the days go by so fast for Jim and I. We are both doing things that we are interested in. He refinished a great prim, and I mean prim.....old country cupboard. It came out great and I must find a place for it in the house. Now the weather has turned cold so no more refinishing for awhile! I have been doing some quilting and it feels good...for a change. I love your flowers that you grow (from bulbs?) each winter!!! I did not even get an amarlyis this year. Now, I wish I had. Your posts are so lovely....they get me feeling energetic and you know I need that with my troubles. I appreciate all the things that you do because then I think - It is time for me to get going, too. Say hello to Terry for me and God Bless.....


  11. I love your thrift store pillow!
    Do you have a recipe for your vinegar hair rinse? In the meantime I will search your page.
    Thanks for sharing your recipes.
    Your weather is similar to ours here in Southeastern Colorado. One minute sunny, the next cold and overcast. Though we could use a little more snow than we get as we are recovering from drought. I'm not big on snow after Christmas, but it is much needed, so I will take each day as God brings and enjoy it!
    I will pray for your Aunt Eleanor.

  12. It is lovely to visit, you have so much snow. The temperatures have dropped rapidly and frosts and snow are predicted but it is rare that we get any for long. The pizza looked wonderful. I will certainly pray for your dear Aunt.

  13. Brrr!!! It is looks very cold in your part of the world. I think that we are all obsessed with the weather wherever we are, well, the English and the Canadians certainly are! I hope that all will be well for your Aunt. xx

  14. The pizza looks delicious, my boys favorite. I made some of your lovely soup herb bags yesterday, extremely useful for all sorts of things..thank you. We have a little snow here in the North of Scotland, nothing compared to yours though. Stay warm Woo xx

  15. Another cozy post. How I love it. It may be very cold outside, but inside, warm and cozy in your sweet home. Thanks for allowing us to share it.

  16. That was quite a snowstorm Faye, and I was surprised that we got the 38 cm. reported. It was blowing hard so difficult to tell how much actually fell. You've inspired me to make biscuits for supper tonight with homemade soup. :) Your pizza looks so yummy. Stay warm and cozy in this cold snap and I hope you have a great weekend. Hugs. Pam

  17. Its been a while since I looks like you still are making some mouth watering food...Yummy! We have had some frigid temps here in USA/Kentucky but no snow yet. The sun is shinning today! Yay! Stay warm and keep on cooking! Blessings!

  18. You snow is lovely! Our squirrel's nests here in the upstate of SC are so small this year that I am thinking we will not have any real winter weather. Unless I see them building them up I am not going to believe the weather forecasts for snow. God tells the animals and they are smarter than the computers that tell the meteorologists what is what. :)

  19. I love this post, Faye...such a cozy feeling. Here in eastern PA we have only had a couple of dustings of snow. Much unlike our past couple of winters. I admit that those years were troublesome with all the snow, but I wouldn't mind a bit more. You know...a happy medium!

    I would love to know your recipe for the chicken & wild rice soup. I have experimented with a few, & though they have been pretty good, I don't think I've hit on just the right one yet. I know how busy you are, & I can't imagine keeping up with a blog, so I will check back regularly to see if you have had time to post it. Take good care.

    Anita ~ the cabin on the creek