Friday, February 12, 2016

Farm Pantry...

Friday evening greetings my dears.. 
Welcome to the Blessed Hearth tonight.. 
We had a beautiful but very cold day and tonight is very cold, indeed.. Oh well, it is Winter, eh?  
This is just a little farm post again.. 
I find you girls like these perhaps the best so here we go again.. smile.. 

We went up there on Wednesday for the day.. 
Terry and Trevor had been up the day before smowmobiling so the house was not too cold and only took an hour or so to be really warm .. 

The first thing I did was to make up a batch of no knead bread.. 
As you can see I am using my new pantry counter.. 
This is the view out of the pantry window.. 
Pretty snowy looking, eh? 

Then I put some chicken in a cast iron pot to prepare for dinner.. 
I decided to once again use the old back porch stove.. 
It is not a cook stove just an old air-tight one but I can put 3 pots plus the old kettle on it at once.. 
My friend Becky wanted to see it but this was all I had on my camera.. smile.. 

I found an old old hand written cookbook that I used when we lived in Sussex 30 years ago and decided that I would like to make a few favourites that I had kind of forgotten about.. 
This one is Braised Chicken and I think it came from a USA Country Living magazine, I think.. 
All you do is to brown chicken in butter or oil until browned on all sides.. Then add 1 cup of sliced celery and cook for a few minutes.. 
Add 4 cups of water and let it simmer away for 20 minutes .. 
Then just add 4 peeled and chopped potatoes and a bag of frozen green beans or one of your bottles of canned beans.. 
Add salt and pepper and simmer away until potatoes are tender.. 
Add seasoning to taste with your favourite herb...
Summer Savory is nice.. 

Then while that was simmering away and the bread was rising I started making the curtains for the pantry..  

Remember when we went to P. E. I. for a 70 mile yard sale.. 
I had bought this fabric  along with a whole garbage bag full for $3.00... 

This is my little sewing kit that I keep at the farm.. 

It is an old tin full of sewing supplies that I bought at an auction.. 

All these thimbles were in it... smile.. 

Then the meal was ready so I pushed everything to the end of the table and set it for the two of us.. 

That old oven cooks bread so much better then my new one here at home for some reason.. grin.. 

Here are the curtains all finished.. 

I ended up making a little valance to match.. I had put up a little red cow one as you recall but I din't like it with the plaid... 
I will put it over the sink in the kitchen, I think.. 

The black piece there is an old set of dresser drawers that I will keep table cloths, tea towels, place mats and such in.. 

We are getting the pantry done bit by bit.. 
I have to arrange the shelves and hang more stuff and get the other wall cupboards and such up... 

Terry put the heat pipe through to the living room so now the next thing is to get the sink all in... 

I hope to get to the cottage in St. Martins because I have an old cupboard or two there that I want to use... 
All in due time... 

Here are the windmills just up the road from the farm.. 
Thank you so much for dropping by my friends .. 
So happy to hear from you all.. 
And you sweet girls who leave your comments anonymously, I am so glad to hear from you, too.. 
I wish I had the time to answer each one but I really am not consistent with that at all.. 
I do try to answer questions, though and know that I love to hear from you here or on the Face Book page.. 

Well, I must go .. 

We are having Keepers tomorrow no matter the weather.. 
We have had to postpone the last 2 weeks due to storms but I hope we get it done tomorrow.. smile.. 
I will let you know how it all goes.. 
God bless..  



  1. Supper looks YUMMY ! Lovely photos . We are having lots of heavy snow squalls today and this evening and the temps are bitterly cold winter took a while to get here but it is here now . Thanks for sharing , Have a good weekend and a Happy Valentines day to you both !

  2. I love your pantry with the new curtains and valance. I miss having a view as I do dishes or cook.

  3. Yes Faye, I love that view too. So cooling for us to look at during our summer. Your chicken meal looks so appetising. I will have to keep it in mind for when it cools down here.

  4. The chicken and bread look delicious. Hope your "Keepers" meeting goes well. I love the curtains and valance you made. Have a great week and stay warm!

  5. I love your orange pot Faye! It maybe because I have one the exact same found at a yard sale a couple of summers past. A pantry is so practical. I love how some older homes still have one.
    Happy weekend.....Lorelei. ( I haven't a blog and don't know how to post any other way but anonymously.)

  6. What a serene place to be able to go to. Love that view! Your chicken recipe looks like a great and easy one for my crockpot.

  7. I loved all of this post.
    The chicken dish sounds so good!
    Loved your curtains.
    I love all 3 of your homes!

  8. What a nice pantry. I'm using the bottom of a buffet for a pantry. It works. Old stoves are nice. Always wanted one. Thanks for a nice post as always my friend!!

  9. Faye, I love it when you and Terry go to the farm....maybe because I grew up on Mom and Dad's farm! Everything is coming along nicely, isn't it? I love the plaid of the curtains that you made. Very pretty. Nice of your son, Trevor, to help. Every little bit ...gets closer to being able to used the place. Well, God bless.


  10. Beautiful, Faye....many happy Blessings to you. We are snowed under here in western NY and it is minus 23. MINUS...yep. So, pantry cooking here today as well.

  11. Hi Faye.......... Guess we finally are getting some real winter weather....but here we are halfway through is going by fast; I love all of your pictures and posts but particularly the ones at the farm; I absolutely love the view from your pantry window...I could look at that all day long! Best of luck with your Keepers meeting...dont think theres bad weather forecast......cold perhaps but no storms?
    Have a great week; look forward to your next post.
    Cheryl from F'ton

  12. Hi faye.. I have never commented but enjoy your posts so much. I try to look at least once a week. Loved the Charles and Diana thimble!

  13. I felt I could almost smell that delicious bread as it cooked in the old oven!

  14. Love your pantry! I would love to have one someday. :-)

  15. You have a wonderful view from your pantry window, but oh gosh it looks cold! Stay warm and enjoy your sewing. Happy valentines! xx

  16. Faye, your little pantry at the farm looks great with the new curtain. It's nice to have a view while preparing meals and cooking isn't it. I love the bread and rolls, and the chicken dish -- yummy. I hope you are having a blessed Valentine Sunday. Keep warm!!

  17. Loved your pictures at the farm and the curtains you sewed up look beautiful in your pantry. I must say you always set a welcoming table and that bread looked oh so delicious. I baked baby back ribs for a special Valentine Supper and my husband enjoyed it and I did too. I hope you all get to your Keepers meeting this time. Don't know if you ever said who started it but it is certainly a wonderful way to support young ladies in the special Godly way of keeping your home.

  18. Your food always looks so comforting!, love the curtainsxx

  19. What a delightful blog, just love it all. Woo xx

  20. The curtains are so cozy and lovely. I love the views you have.

  21. I'm dropping by through Roses of Inspiration. Your blog is charming! The dinner you made looks delicious and the curtains look so homey! Great job!

  22. Oh, how I could envy you that pantry! (But I won't ... I am thankful you are blessed with it, though.) Both my hubby and I have fond memories of our grandmothers' pantries, which were separate little rooms off their kitchens. My grandmother's pantry had a pass-through to the dining room. Not just an opening in the wall, but an actual glass window that raised up and down. I loved her pantry and always wished I could have one like it!

    The curtains look lovely and oh, the meal looks so homey and good. I am going to try that chicken recipe as it looks simple and comforting.

  23. I love your blog! I am 62 and my husband is 67 and we do foster care for children ages birth to 5 yrs plus he still works full time. We live on 20 acres in West Virginia, USA. Needless to say, life gets hectic at times. Your blog is so beautiful and calming. I often think about you and a few others I read, how fun it will be to meet in eternity!

  24. How sweet and homey - a lovely evening with good, honest food and a bit of sewing. My favorite kind of day. First visit here from Home-Making Mondays. xx Karen

  25. What an enjoyable post from your wonderful chicken dinner and golden homemade bread, and your darling curtains made out of PEI fabric, and I noticed the sewing box had a thimble of Prince Charles and Lady Di in there too, how fun! Your pantry looks wonderful there in your farmhouse, such sweet joys to be able to go there and live a simple life! Have a blessed day my friend!

  26. Hi sweet friend! Oh, great minds think alike...I just finished making a curtain/skirt for my crafting table so that I can hide lots of things under it and I made a matching valance {{smiles}}

    It's such a joy to visit you, dear one. With life being so busy lately I have missed you and your posts.... I hope you are doing well.

    Thank you so much for sharing with Roses of Inspiration. Hugs and love to you!

  27. LOVE the farmhouse pantry! Thank you for sharing on the Art of Home-Making Mondays at Strangers & Pilgrims on Earth! :)

  28. Hi there...I love posts from the farmhouse and your pantry is looking beautiful!!!
    Your meal is wonderful and it is fun seeing "our" red transferware dishes. They look just as friendly and at home on your table as they do many miles away!! Hubby's oldest son and his wife were over to supper this week, and she told me to leave those dishes to her. :^) That makes me smile because I am the stepmother :^)
    Hugs to you both and many blessings,

  29. Hi Faye, you have the cosiest blog posts on the net!! Thank you for sharing.