Wednesday, February 3, 2016

Just Lovely Ordinary Days.. .

Hello, my dears ... 
Thank you for dropping by the Blessed Hearth today..

Just sharing a few everyday pics with you celebrating our ordinary life. 

So thankful for these days.. 
When everything is the same but lovely non the less.. Trials come for sure and little worries that usually do not amount to much but wonderful moments sprinkled here and there making our ordinary day special in so many ways.. 

We are all fine even if we are sick and we are doing well even if it is storming outside.. 
Our bodies are slowing down and things are so long getting accomplished but we are still able.. 
Not everything is kosher but everything is still good.. 
Ordinary but blessed.. 

Coming out in the semi darkness and putting the coffee pot on.. 
Looking out on a Winter's morning and knowing that mercy is renewed and God's grace is sufficient today.. 
Thanking Him and feeling His sweet presence in our moments.. 
Just another ordinary day .. 
Thank you, dear Lord..

 Planning the menu and perhaps trying a new recipe.. 
Sharing it with the sweet man who has been by my side for 45 years.. 
Phoning my Mom or sister and then the phone rings and it is one of our children..
Blessed with friends near and far and hearing their sweet voices every now ant then..
So ordinary but so sweet..  

Getting some craft supplies together and doing a little research on Pinterst..
Making a new table runner or a valance.. 
Loving the creative urges that are so ordinary.. smile..  

Putting a pot of soup on the stove or mixing a salad.. 
Baking a batch of cookies and listening to the Christian Radio station. 
Rejoicing sometimes to a truth spoken that quickens our spirit and we say.. Yes, Lord.. 
Folding a load of lavender scented laundry.. 
So thankful for the ordinary.. 

Terry bringing home a parcel or card from the mail .. 
An ordinary but welcome surprise... 

A hot cup of tea with just a rice cake is ordinary but so satisfying..
Reading an old book that has been read before but full of inspiration and the joys of living.. 
Writing a blog post for sweet girls who bless my life ..
Ordinary simple pleasures.. 

Watering the plants and scrubbing a floor.. 
Ordinary chores but necessary.. 

Decluttering a closet or organizing a cupboard.. 
Ordinary housework but the music makes it sweet.. 
Putting a match to a stick of Sandalwood incense, closing the curtains and setting the supper table... 
The fires are burning and the candles are lit.. 
The CD plays a sweet melody and life is good..
Smelling the coffee.. 
An ordinary but good thing..  

Going out into the cold evening to a warm little church and hearing the Word of God .. 
Looking across the way and seeing sweet grandsons listening so intently....
Yes, thank you my Lord for Pastor teaching on embracing the ordinary.. 

Going to bed.. 
A warm shower, clean flannel sheets and reading His Word.. 
Knowing He is near... 
Just waiting to hear from me .. 

Thanking him for my ordinary day and the dear ordinary people who bless my life and make it so wonderful..

Just wanted to include a little recipe for some friends of mine.. smile.. 
Tried my hand making Jar Salads.. 
So nice to have in the fridge for a quick lunch or whatever.. 
This is an Asian one.. 
A layer of dressing then shrimp then rice noodles, bean sprouts and then lettuce.. 
The first one was really good but after a day or so the rice noodles became soaked with the dressing and were a bit gummy.. 
My friend suggested not putting the dressing in until you served the salad and I think that is a great idea. 
I loved loved the dressing though.. 
Here it is... 
Soy and Rice Wine Vinaigrette
4 tsp. rice vinegar 
4 tsp. soya sauce
1/4 cup of oil ( of your choice) I used canola 
grated fresh ginger to suit..
pinch of garlic
pinch of hot chili flakes.. 
Put all in a jar and shake.. 
Makes enough for a couple of salads.. 

*I loved it over the hot rice noodles, too.. 
Add a few shrimp, chopped green onions and veggies of choice and you have a nice bowl meal.. 

You can find lots of recipes on Pinterest and such.. 
Really, all you do is put whatever salad you want to make such as Greek, Spinach or whatever and put it in layers in your mason jars..
Keep them in the fridge for a few days at a time.. 

Let me know if you make these and what kind ... 

We had to cancel our Keepers of the Home last Saturday due to snow but it looks like good weather this Saturday so it will be on, Lord willing.. 
Hope we have a good turnout... 
Please let me know if you are planning on attending. 

Thanks dear hearts for stopping by and leaving your little notes.. 

Take care of yourselves and your families and enjoy these ordinary Winter evenings..
 They will soon be over.. 

 I Thessalonians .. 4:11
Also, make it your goal to live quietly, to mind your own business and to work with your own hands as we instructed you..


  1. A lovely post about ordinary days. I love these "hunkering down" days with fires, candles, comfort food and music. Enjoy the rest of your week... I hope you are able to have Keepers of the Home gathering this week.

  2. This was such a lovely, heart-warming post!

  3. Thank you for this sweet post and the reminder to rejoice in the ordinary.

  4. Love this post! It is in the ordinary simplest things that we can find the greatest Blessings. Have a great week .Hugs ~Angela

  5. A lovely post, Faye. I know all about bodies slowing down as we age. LOL! Mine is having trouble coping with the dreadful humidity we have had this last week as it saps one's energy. The snow looks very welcoming at the moment. :-)

  6. A wonderful post about your day......but it was not ordinary to me!!!! It was precious and I felt like I had spent the day with you. Faye... you should submit that post to a magazine or start a book. It was like poetry to me and I enjoyed it so much. It really was amazing. I read it twice and plan to read it again before bed tonight. You have a glorious, heartfelt way with words! Love it so!


  7. Beautifully written. There are great blessings in the small everyday things. Pam in Norway xx

  8. Your 'ordinary' life sounds lovely, very calm and comforting.

  9. Heart warming, your life is blessed with love.

  10. Faye, you got it wrong, you warm our hearts with your lovely posts. Have a beautiful day, friend.

  11. I love you/we can find joy in all things.

  12. Your ordinary day sounds perfectly delightful. Hope you and yours are feeling better soon.

  13. How nice to read your gratitude for ordinary and simple every day blessings.


  14. Dear Faye such another post and when you put your messages on about your keepers meetings I always think can I get there by Saturday? Then I remind myself NO as I am actually in rainy England! :))))) I am going to look into recipes for these salads in a jar, I have never used pinterest but my girls do. Wishing you a lovely day. God Bless x

  15. There is comfort in the ordinary. Thank you for sharing your 'ordinary' days with us and the blessing that each day is no matter how ordinary.

  16. Ordinary days are the best aren't they. Hubby and I have a saying about "having a day" which is just an ordinary day, nothing extraordinary, but just OK! I hope that all will be well in your life. xx

  17. A wonderful Post, telling us about life just as it is, those lovely ordinary and Blessed times we have in Him. Have a Blessed weekend. Woo xx

  18. Ah, Sandalwood and Lavender, two of my favorite fragrances! Your Valentines photo looks so pretty, as well as those pepper flakes in a jar. I have done the same thing, except I leave my cayenne whole - but use them so often in stews, soups, and stirfrys (ies?). Have another wonderful day, Faye.

  19. An ordinary day, the same, yet ever changing too! I really enjoyed your post Faye, as always... the contentment and peace that spills out with every word you write. Indeed, things come our way, unplanned, but we can still find peace in the simple quiet moments of life. Your day was filled with beautiful simple things, the joy that comes in the moment! The jar salads are wonderful! Perfect to take along with you. I will write down the salad dressing you shared. I look forward to seeing what you created with the heart banner! And will look forward to your sharing of your Keepers of the Home meeting this Saturday! Have a blessed day my friend :)

  20. Beautiful post about the ordinary days! Really, those quiet, simple, ordinary moments are such a blessing from the Lord. So many of His children are living out-of-the-ordinary, difficult days in other parts of the world. I am so thankful for those quiet and ordinary moments. Thank you for sharing this beautiful post.

  21. I love the reminder to take joy in each and every "ordinary" day.

  22. Aw, the ordinary. It gives comfort and then the good surprises... mail, phone calls..primrose and pansy given to me by my daughter who lives with us. She knows what I like! A blessed weekend I had with women at church at IF:Gathering. Amazing teaching. Blessed my heart and soul. Always enjoy your photos of your life. Have a blessed week.

  23. Thank you dear Faye, the message was like a precious hug. I love the pace and peace of ordinary days. I thank God for them.
    Because HE lives I can face tomorrow.

    With Love and appreciation, Trish Clark