Tuesday, February 9, 2016

The days of our lives...

Hello everyone.. 
Hope you are doing well this week.. 

We have been having quite a bit of snow and high winds but I think we should be back to normal tomorrow..

This is just another everyday post.. 
I want to say how thankful I am to hear from you dear girls who tell me that this blog interests you even when I expect sometimes that I am boring you all.. 

The picture above was our breakfasts this morning.. 
Terry makes really good fried eggs and with a left over boiled potato and half an avocado and a bit of tomato it really hit the mark with me.. 
I am not a breakfast person at all.. I would sooner have a bowl of left over soup or salad... smile..

I know there is a lot of food talk on this blog because that is something I love to do.. 
Cook, look at cookbooks, try out new recipes, buy groceries, explore new ways to preserve and yes it is a battle for me to try to lose weight but you know what they say.. 
If there is life then there is hope ... grin.. 

On with the story of the days of our lives.. 
Last week when we had a simply lovely warm day we went to the old farm.. 

The snow was almost gone and it was so warm that the brook kept making fog.. smile.. 

Terry bought some wood to finish up the back porch so while he worked away at getting it put away I made our dinner.. 

We have an old wood stove out in the porch room and so I cooked everything on top of it.. 
Mashed potatoes, lemon broccoli, and hamburger patties.. 

The hamburger patties were cooked in a cast iron fry pan and I found a bottle of pickled green beans.. Yummy.. 
The burgers look burned but they really weren't.. smile.. 
Crusty.. lol..

What can I say about this picture.. 
A happy man with his old barn and flannel shirt and a camouflage cap.. grin..
He loves going to the farm..  

After the dishes were done, Terry had a nap out by the fire and I made a nice cup of tea and we had a wee treat..  

Christmas Shortbread that was froze.. 
We seldom have sweets but I thought that a little taste would not hurt too much.. smile
And I took a book and read for quite awhile.. 
A simply lovely day.. 
Rain on the roof and wood in the fire and a great book.. 
A hot cup of tea and a happy husband.. 
Yes, God is good... smile.. 

The wood pile is getting smaller.. 
It is hard to believe how fast this winter seems to be going.. 
This weekend is heart day and soon it will be Spring.. 

This is a pic I took waiting for Terry to lock everything up.. 
He , Trevor and the boys were up there today snowmobiling.. 
They had to blow out the driveway again.. 
The weather changes so quickly, eh? 

Yesterday, we went to the city and I spent an hour or so in Chapters while Terry and Dustin went on errands..
I love doing that.. 
I gather a couple of magazines, several books, sometimes a cup of green tea and find myself a chair.. 
I browse away and smile at everyone who passes me by.. 
Just a simple old woman in her element.. lol.. 
I even like the way the place smells.. smile.
Do you ever do that?  

This book was on sale.. 

It is right full of wonderful ideas and recipes..
So with all the browsing I did spend a wee bit.. 

It inspired me to start this today.. 

Orange, Coriander and Thyme Jam.. 
There is a cheesecloth bag full of orange peels, seeds and such soaking in the orange and lemon juice.. 
Interesting, I think.. 
We will see tomorrow how it all turns out.. 
I will let you know.. 

Another day I cleaned out my closet.. 

I had not looked in an old memory box for a long time.. 
A book of maps that my Mom did in 1948, a box of old cards that I could not part with.. 
Sweet little home made things that the kids made stored in a tea set box that Shonda received for Christmas when we lived in Sussex... 
Terry's baby book and graduation year book.. 
Boxes filled with wedding mementos.. Our's and the kid's.. 
Ours still has a piece of our groom's cake in it.. 

An old chocolate box with letters and such from my darling and even wedding cards that will be 46 years old next month.. 
This card was from my sweet Aunt Leatha and Uncle Herb.. 

An old graduation pic, baby book and the mirror that Terry gave me for our first Christmas.. Kind of delapidated but still holds the sweet memory of that first Christmas day together.. 
And an old home economics project that I did in grade 9.. 
A restaurant menu.. smile.. 

Do you have a memory box?  
Our poor kids will shake their heads over all of this stuff someday, I expect, if the Lord tarries.. grin.. 
These are things that only this mother could love but that I do.. 
Love them, that is.. I know that some people declutter and would have thrown most of it away but I don't want to... 

I expect some of you are very organized and have simplified your homes or downsized ... 
I guess that I just am not ready yet.. 
To be honest, I hope that we can go on this way for a very long time yet.. 
We may be retired but I just want to enjoy our lives and on another  day when I clean out the closet, I hope I can still go through my memory box and shed a little tear or perhaps smile over the dear things that don't count for anything to anyone else but me... 
Let's just say that it turns my crank.. lol.. 

Well, lovies this is all for tonight.. 
Not very insightful or inspiring or spiritual.. 
Just everyday in the lives of simple people who love the Lord and He makes our days special .. 

Thanks for visiting and your lovely comments and messages.. 
Take care, now..
Till next time.. xo


  1. HI Faye, it does look like we're back to winter right now with all the snow the past week. Then the big cold snap coming on the weekend. Brr. I love your photos of the farm and hearing what you do there. I have a lot of mementos in a hope chest from my childhood and my kids plus old baby clothes that go back to grand parents. Quite a collection that will end up in the landfill someday rather than a museum. The memories are mine alone I guess. You and I and many more hang on to these cherished mementos and we won't know what will become of them as it won't matter then. Have a blessed week my friend.

  2. Hello Faye, I have been reading your blog for awhile now and wanted to say just how much I enjoy your writing and photographs. I love the relaxing feel of your everyday happenings. Oh yes, and as a fellow cookbook lover could you maybe someday post some of your favourites?
    Have a wonderful week!

  3. As Lorelei says above, your posts are so relaxed and that comes through and settles in the soul :) I've enjoyed this post again to day of all your everyday happenings.


  4. I am not sure why but I smiled the whole time reading this post. I always do when I come. I feel like I am sitting write at the table drinking a warm drink chatting. I love the scenery of the land. Breathtaking!

    Each of my children have a memory box in their closet, I have a wedding Memory box, and a small box of things I wanted to keep over the years. It is always fun to go through them. It has been a while since I have. I may do that. :)

  5. Faye, I have quite a few photos and postcards that belonged to my grandparents who were born in the 1800s and I guess that one day they will be thrown out as I think my mum kept every single one that they owned and they were passed down to me when she died. There are lots of them. It is hard to know what to do with sentimental items that would probably have no value to someone else. Perhaps one day I will declutter them but I will keep the items that remind me of my children growing up and then it will be up to them to decide what to do with them down the track;-)

  6. Dear Faye...your sweet blog is one of my favourite places to come and be refreshed with simple pleasures in this beautiful life! Your words are so lovely, and I enjoy seeing what you've been up to!
    My...your farm is beautiful, and I can imagine how dearly you enjoy visiting it and adding touches here and there... The jam you made sounds delicious indeed - do share the recipe if you have a and lemon season will be here pretty soon, and I cannot wait! Sigh...I love preserving!
    I too have a memory box which contains several old journals and all those dear things I hold close to my heart...I do love looking through it - I am glad you have one too, dear Faye...
    Many blessings to you...

  7. Faye that is like me too. I love food, planting it, growing it, eating it, canning it, baking know. I too have always struggled with my weight. I have memory boxes. It does a heart good to look back and see all the Blessings Jesus gave us/gives us. Have a good week. I have an antique show - I'm not ready for...did I mention I am a procrastinator? Are you?

  8. We are finally having our winter now snow has been falling and blowing about since last night and it is cold , Birdies feasting at the feeders like mad lots of cups of tea going on here with comfort foods . I love finding the old shoe box with pics and old notes from the past it is nice to see it all again and go back to the days that to me is spiritual . Lovely photos and post YUMMY as always to hehe ! Thanks for sharing , Have a good day !

  9. Faye,
    I love your blog....I live on a farm in Southeast Kansas. It is such a wonderful spiritual, uplifting blog. I love the simplicity of so many of the things that you enjoy. It has motivated me to slow down and spend more time in the pickup riding with my husband as he feeds cattle etc. We always take warm coffee and I just simply live that moment. You have inspired me to do that.
    Thank you....and your posts are always so beautiful.

  10. "Everyday" things are the most beautiful. Your pictures go beyond everyday. Love your post.

  11. Such a beautiful post. I love looking at the countryside where you live, it makes my heart just melt it is so pretty. I suspect we all have those memory boxes that tug at our heartstrings. I enjoy the same things that turn your crank, as I believe most of the ladies who come to visit you do ,too. You are a precious Godly woman and I thank you for sharing your peaceful, happy life. Have a blessed day.

  12. Your day at the farm sounds just lovely!

  13. A good days eating! I have some things like that too in my collections of memories. Although I clear out and declutter many things I do keep our wedding cards and many other treasures, so I get it! xx

  14. Dear Faye, You are never Boring not to me ever. The picture of Terry Breakfasts looks so yummy. Love your post all of them. Sorry that I don't always stop to comment. God Bless oxox

  15. That breakfast looks SO delicious. Avocados are so good with eggs, I think. And your day at the old farm looked like such a wonderful day. Loved that you cooked your dinner on the old woodstove. Just a nice post. I so enjoyed reading it.

  16. Faye, I love this blog - it is so nice to see how people in the country live and not having to fight traffic in the big city. Also, love your spiritual insight - and you said, "if He tarries" and yes, we too are looking for His coming but in the meantime, we enjoy your blog. Keep up the good work.

  17. Hello, I just wanted to say how lovely your blog is again, it's a place I come to when I need to feel safe and homely, not at all bored, but just love it. Thank you, Woo xx

  18. Oh yes I have a memory box well a chest to be honest. Full of wedding cards etc & things the children have made, its full.
    Your food looks wonderful, all so homely.
    Fondly Michelle

  19. Faye,I praise God for you, your words and your pictures. I think you and I are a lot a like. My place for memorabilia would be "memory drawers" along with boxes. This year I am trying to purge because I don't want my children to realize their momma was nuts-lol. I have wanted to express my appreciation for you for a long time but always erased my comments. For now just know God has used you to bless people with your words of truth and love. I wish you and your hubby a very "warm and joy filled" valentine's weekend.

  20. Happy Valentine's Day
    I do love this post.
    xx oo
    Special treasures indeed! Memories are so special for all of us. I bet your kids will enjoy the treasure box.