Saturday, April 9, 2016

This April Morning....

Good Morning, dear hearts.. 
Just a little post to show you a little project that I am working on this morning.. 
I so love linens and lace.. 
Do you?  
My favourite thing to purchase at an auction is a box of linens.. 
I just can't wait to get home and lovingly go through each and every piece... 
Sometimes, my Mom will give me a cardboard box full of doilies and such and I treasure each and every one.. 
She buys them at an auction or is going through her stuff and discards some tattered and torn ones.. 
She knows that I will find some 
way to enjoy them or put them to use.. 

This is my newest idea.. 
A window treatment.. 

I like both but I don't think there is any particular rhyme or reason to making this.. 
Do you?  
I just pulled out a bunch of doilies and with a thread and needle started going from one to the next.. 
I tried using my machine but had a problem.. 
Whenever we go to the farm a lot of times I will take my machine because who knows what I may want to do.. 
I have some fabrics and old curtains there and I might get inspired. right? 
Well, in the transporting I have lost a little piece of the machine that holds my thread spool in place.. 
Oh brother ! 
So.. until I can find it or buy it I am using my tread and needle.. 
Probably the best way anyhow.. 
Our back door needs a curtain and I kind of think this would be neat.. 
The light will still come through and just a bit different.. 

The second picture is a pin on Pinterest and at the bottom it said these words.. 

Hello... I think we have something to talk about.. 
I thought that was cute as I would think the same if I went to a door and saw this curtain.. 

Mine is not finished but as soon as I figure out a way to hang it then I will take a photo and let you see.. 
It won't be as nice as the ones above but I am having fun.. 
If you get my drift... smile.. 

Have a great weekend dear friends.. 
God bless...


  1. Faye, I love your ideas...I know this will be so sweet and inviting once it is put up. I too love old lace and linens. Have a blessed weekend! Linda

  2. We love doilies and lacey things all over our cottage too. Your idea looks wonderful!

  3. You can do so much with lovely antique lace. I love the way the sun comes in through the patterns.

  4. Faye, that is just beautiful. It is so funny because only yesterday I made some hoops (embroidery) with old doilies. I want them to be appreciated by someone not just languishing in a drawer somewhere. I love the curtain, I may be a copy-cat. Love the pinterest saying too.

  5. Faye you are a true romantic!! I love this!!

  6. I think this is a sweet idea Faye. It is so pretty. I have also seen them stitched together as a table runner. Have a nice weekend! XX Pam

  7. I love, love this idea Faye!!! So beautiful!!! :)

  8. Great idea Faye ! Looks pretty and different . Thanks for sharing , Have a good weekend !

  9. Looks like fun to me and it will be so pretty and different!

  10. Whoa!!! I loveeeeee this!!! I have a box of lace doilies---I love this, Faye. Thank you...Many Blessings to you.

  11. Such a lovely idea, looking forward to seeing the finished curtain, hope you show.

  12. Very pretty, it would go well with a doily table runner!

  13. I love this! Looking forward to seeing the finished project!

    If you have a sewing machine shop they may have the piece you need for yours.

  14. Hi,
    I am looking forward to seeing the finished are so creative. :-)

  15. old lace is lovely and I like older doilies as well. I bought a couple awhile back at an antique store that wasn't too expensive. One of these days they'll all be gone! Happy week, my friend!

  16. That is a very cute idea, hope you find your part soon!

  17. I love this idea Faye. I would think the best way to make the curtain would be to sew the doilies to a piece of netting. Just a thought. Looking forward to the finished product.

  18. What a wonderful curtain! So clever and it looks fabulous. I so admire your ambition and adventurous nature! I have said it so many inspire me in so many ways! I'm so thankful the Lord led me to your blog!