Thursday, May 12, 2016

A lovely meeting and some news..

Hello sweet ladies.. 
How are you all doing? 
Giving you a kind of mishmash of a post this evening.. 

I am way behind in my blogging and have not been visiting or such lately but will explain why here in a bit.. 

First of all I wanted to tell you about a lovely Saturday morning we had a couple of weeks ago.. 

Our Keepers of the Home group were invited to visit our daughter's church ladies group... They are named R.E.A. L. 

I just had to call Shonda to see what this stood for.. I forgot.. smile..
R- Relationships
A-Apostolic Living
Nice, eh? 

We had a great day... 
It started off with all of our group driving to St. John to the Mission Point Church ... 
When we arrived we were made to feel welcome with delicious Tim Horton coffees, fruit trays, muffins and such.. 
It was a great time to catch up with friends and get situated.. smile.. 
Then Shonda shared a devotional with us which was so encouraging.. 

She talked about how we all go through Winter time in our lives .. 
Not only weather wise but also we are sometimes assailed with trials and tests and makes us feel as though the frigid winds of fear and doubt are filling our lives...

She mentioned how on those cold Winter days when it seems as though Spring is a long ways off that she loves to stop by a flower shop and pick up a lovely bouquet of tulips.. 

Tulips hold such a promise of Spring and brightens up a dark February day... 
Putting them in a vase and placing them on a table gives you joy knowing that Spring is just around the corner.. 

She demonstrated how each tulip represented a promise from our God ... 
When we are in the midst of a storm we can open the Word of God and pick up a promise.. 

The promise holds the inspiring truth that Christ is there with us in the midst of the storm and He holds us in the palm of His hand and all will be well... 
Spring is just ahead and He will do more then we ask or think.. 
The promise strengthens us and gives us peace ... 

It was wonderful devotional and blessed our hearts..  
Thank you, dear..  

Then after refilling our coffee cups ...
She turned it over to me to demonstrate how to make some home made green and frugal house hold cleaners... 

Home made Lemon Dust Cloths from pieces of flannel and a real lemon... 
Lavender Beeswax Furniture Polish....

Orange Vinegar and Orange Household Cleaner
and a Air Freshener .. 

The recipes were all printed and passed out.. 
Shonda did a lot of work for this meeting and we appreciate it... 

Here are the links to my blog where you can find the recipes, too..

We all had a great time and then we went shopping.. smile.. 
Thank you, dear ladies for being so kind .. 
We appreciate it... 
Hopefully, you will come and visit us some day... 

On with the story.. 
I thought I would let you in on our plans.. 

Terry and I as you readers know generally head off to St. Martins to our cottage beside the Bay of Fundy usually starting about this time of year.. 

We have decided not to this year... 

We are getting ready to go to the farm for the summer... 
I am quite excited as we are hoping to have chickens, ducks, a few geese, rabbits and such... 
Also another garden and herb bed there.. 
I know.... Isn't that great ! 

I will miss being by the Bay every night but our youngest son and grandsons have volunteered to animal sit while we visit the cottage here and there... 
So that should be fine.. 

Not only that.... 
Even though we are an hour and a half from the cottage here at home; we are only a half an hour from the Bay when we are at the farm.. Not where the cottage is but a bit further this way... 
That is where some of my father's side of the family dwell.. 

If it is a hot day then we will just head out across Caledonia Mountain and drive to the waves.. 
Get cooled off and head home again.. 
No big deal.. right?  grin.. 

I have wanted to do this for ages and as I told Terry.. 
We are not getting any younger... 
We must do it while we can.. 
Really, I did not have to coax him at all.. grin... 
I had to convince myself that that is really what I wanted to do and I think it will be fun.. 
Time will tell... 

The thing I wonder about is the heat.. 
That is why I love St. Martins (besides loving my cousins) is that it is cool....

There is no internet at the farm at all or even cell phones... We have been spending a lot of time trying to get things in order to go and that is why I have not been very blog faithful.. 
Sorry about that.. 
As you probably noticed the comments are very minimal lately because of I haven't been visiting but I will try to get to it when I can.. 
I noticed the readers are still visiting, though.. Thank you. 

I will hopefully take lots of pics of the birds and the herbs and such  and keep you informed as we will be coming home to do laundry and we have another garden here ... 
While Terry is catching up on the garden and I am waiting for a load of laundry then I will get on here and give you the low down.. 

A little supper when we were last out to the farm.. 

Some sweet dear friends gifted us with some organic meat.... 

My... it was so tender and good and the gravy divine !! 
Thank you dear friends.. 

The porch-back room-whatever floor is done.. 
I need to come up with a name for this area.. 

It is at the back door and that is where you walk in.. 
This room has taken so much work as he pulled down the ceiling and put a new one much higher up.. 
It is all finished except for painting and putting up the boards... 
And the end pieces and back door need replaced but that will hopefully get done bit by bit over the summer.. 
Oh and a bench built behind the door .. 
And an area over the steps for baskets.. 
No.. just kidding.. grin. 

At least it is now liveable.. 

The pantry is practically done except for the sink so we will be fine.. 
So nice to turn on the hot water tap for dishes.. 
Now we can have hot showers and everything.. grin..

I had a lovely Mothers Day.. 
Our family all went to our church together and it blessed my heart to see our 5 grandsons sitting in the front together.. 
Loving the Lord.. 
My Mom was there too and we had 4 generations.. smile.. 
Thanking God for my dear family.. 
I received wonderful presents but this blessed me the most.. 
So thankful that my Dad found God all those years ago and how it has changed all of our lives.. 

Well, dear hearts this is all for tonight.. 
Hope you are having a great week and I truly do hope you have time to leave a note although I am not doing a good job at that myself.. smile.. 

Take care and here are a few promises from the Lord.. 

Philippians 4:13
Psalms 37:23-24
Isaiah 40:31
Proverbs 22:6
Hebrews 4:16

Oh and the tulips were gifted to me.. 
They have brightened my days,,
Thanks..  xo


  1. Hi Faye. Spending the summer at the farm sounds wonderful but doing without cell phones or internet would be a trial for me. :) I'm sure you will busy yourself with the critters and making lots of goodies from your gardens all summer though and the days will fly by. I remember visiting my uncle's farm in Butternut Ridge one summer and sleeping over. It was different, being a city girl and all. We also stayed in an old camp on a farm in Portage Vale for a week at a time for a few summers and that was a lot of fun. No running water, phone or fridge!! Only an old oak ice box and the pond to keep things cool, and an outhouse out back! We were really roughing it but loved it. So I know you'll enjoy the farm and get by without the internet and as you said, the cool air of the coast is just a short drive away. Take care. Blessings. Pam

  2. Hello Faye...your summer plans sound wonderful to me...getting away from the busyness of life and back to a slower place with your garden and animals. Hope you have a wonderful time.
    Thanks for the links to the cleaner-recipes I am always looking for something like that.
    Enjoy your summer get-a-way but do stay in touch when you can as I am sure I for one will be looking for the beautiful pictures you always share and hearing about the interesting days you will have at the farm.
    God bless...Linda

  3. Hi Faye, I am so happy to hear you are taking the summer to do something you have always wanted to. now there will be no regrets. I love hens and farm life. wish you a beautiful summer. you accomplish so much!

  4. It sounds like a wonderful summer! We're enjoying our chickens here at our little farm.

  5. Sounds like the best of both worlds to me! Enjoy it!!!

  6. That sounds like a lovely Summer. I could do without internet etc for a while.

  7. Your summer sounds wonderful! When I don't have access to the internet, I don't miss it at all. If it's there, that is another story. ;-)

    Have a blessed summer, Faye!

  8. Your summer plans sound amazing, hope it lives up to your expectations and you have a wonderful time. Thank you for sharing your wonderful cleaning recipes, I am going to give them a try. Take care.

  9. Your summer plans sound so fun. I'm happy for you. We will look forward to reading when you post - waiting for your

  10. I was just telling my husband the other day how I was wondering when you were heading out to the cottage on the bay (we were watching a show on New Foundland). He will be happy to know you will be heading to the farm. He said, "How lucky they are to have such places to go." We sure miss farm living/ day we shall get back to it.

    Have a lovely summer friend...Blessings

  11. How wonderful to be going to the farm for the summer - I look forward to hearing about your adventures.


  12. Your Summer plans sound just wonderful Faye. Hope you have time to keep a Diary of events with lots and lots of pictures. This is a selfish thought because we can then look forward to your report-back blog! So pleased your Mother's Day was blessed and that your daughter Shonda is following in His ways; her Tulip devotion was so different and the readings you have left are equally inspirational. We will be with you and your family in spirit while you experience being in the "cool" of the mountains, and will enjoy your posts when they arrive! Talk about being on tenterhooks.... LoL

  13. Forgot my suggested name for your "back room" which is: The SNUG. It just looks like a warm and comfortable room with the sunshine on the beautiful wooden floorboards. Can just imagine you and Terry after a long day's work, sitting on those sofas and sharing your experiences with each other before retiring for the night.

  14. That meal looks delicious! What a very nice gathering of the women in your church. Sounds like you have your summer all figured out. Have a really nice weekend.

  15. Dear Faye,
    Oh my, your summer sounds wonderful. I am sure you will love the time. I am excited for you to share it with us.
    Thank you for the re cap of the meeting. I always enjoy your posts.

  16. Your summer does sound fun! Its good to hear that you are well.
    The combined ladies meeting sounds like a lot of fun.
    Hugs, cindy

  17. Sounds lovely.... it will be like stepping back in time. I will miss your posts but will keep checking for new ones. And I will work my way back through the old ones. Blessings.

  18. Our dear pastor sometimes refers to 'White Space' as in a time in your life when you feel that you are set aside by God and seem to accomplish nothing. Somewhat like what Shonda referred to. Sometimes they are hard to bear as I well know since I have been going through one with my health for months. My husband has been so good of late to buy me flowers often and they are a ray of sunshine to me.

    Summer at the farm sounds absolutely lovely. I was born in Iowa farm country and it often pulls at my heartstrings. Enjoy!!!

  19. Sounds like a wonderful meeting and a great devotional. Hope you have fun at the farm and enjoy, we are realizing the same thing, we need to do things now while we can :)