Monday, May 23, 2016

A wonderful and wild weekend... The retired kind..

Good Monday Evening everyone.. 
This is the last day of our long Victoria Day weekend here in Canada... 

We had great weather with very warm temps and so summer like.. 
Friday night started off with a great time celebrating a birthday for a dear friend... So much fun and laughs..
Making memories..  
Then Saturday morning we were up bright and early heading to the estate/yard sale in Elgin.. 

We were a bit early but cars were parking everywhere.. 
Terry is already having a good time.. smile.. 

There were tables outside and inside the garage full of stuff and it took me at least ten minutes to figure out that the house was open and full of stuff, too.. 
By that time people were carrying around things that I might have bought.. grin..

I did find some goodies, though.. 
I told Terry we did not need anything and it would have to be special.. 

I have been wanting a small kitchen stool for the farm and I did get one that is almost new... 
I shall paint it, I expect... 
After we paid for the stuff we headed towards the farm which is in that area.. More towards the east, though.. 

There were also a lot of stuff at the bottom of people's lanes for the spring garbage pick up..

We found the old warming oven at one place.. 
I persuaded Terry to stop and pick it up.. 
He agreed to hang it on the wall in the pantry over top of the old sink .. 
I think it will be kind of neat... 
I need to clean it up or paint the bottom, though.. 
We took another road then the ones we usually travel..
We were not sure where it was taking us but we knew it was in the right direction because we could see the windmills in the distance.. 

Can you see them?  

Old empty farm houses where people used to live and raise their families.. 

Such a beautiful drive... 
Or so I thought ...

Then things took a turn for the worst, shall we say.. 

I don't know what there is about an old washed out road that is not fit for anything except all terrain vehicles that calls Terry's name but there usually is one somewhere.. 

We start out having a great time and enjoying each other's company and then an old road comes between us and I end up wanting to slap him right side of the head.. 

The road above is a picture I took out of the wind shield as we backed up the way we had gone at breakneck speed.... 
When we turned onto that road I tried so hard not to say anything and just let him drive over ruts and deep water filled holes and rock beds and just hang on with both hands all the time calling on the name of the Lord to give the man a speck of sense.. 

He just kept going.. 
Branches scratching the sides of the truck and a rock hitting the door and then we came to the top of a deep long rock filled hill with hardly room for a bicycle and he proceeds to go over the top... 

"Oh dear Lord ... 
Have you lost your marbles? 
Do you think we can get down there? "

"No... I am looking for a place to turn around," he says... 

Can you just imagine being this high up and looking down and there is not even a road.. 
It was not even a decent cow path... 

Let's just say that after my little tirade the truck suddenly goes into reverse and I am hanging on and trying not to scream... 
He was spinning the tires trying to get back up and I was bumping my head on the ceiling and trying not to cry out for mercy... 
I just wanted out....

By the time I could sit still long enough without having my neck broken to even tell him that we were more or less on even ground...
Oh Lord... thank you... 

Shall we say that we silently drove the rest of the way to the farm.. 

I needed a cup of tea to calm my nerves before I could do anything else.. 
I am telling you that this man is ageing me... 

The next time he says, " Let's go for a drive!"  I will just yell... 
"Wait till I get my sweater!"  
Tell me dear girls... 
What is wrong with this picture?... 
I must be slow minded or something because he will probably find another one of those roads.... 
Oh well.. 46 years later and I still haven't learned.. 
What can I say?  grin.. 

Sorry about that rant.. I do feel better.. LOL... 

Here is the stuff I got..   

Two home made quilts for only five dollars each and I only bought two and there were more there.. 
So proud of myself.. 

A dear little Carnival Glass chicken ... 

Transfer Ware bowls in red which I love... 
An owl wind chime, wild bird coasters, boxes of cards and such.. 
Terry picked up a few things but we did not spend very much.. 

Then on Sunday we had a wonderful day.. 
Morning Worship service, a few hours in the afternoon with our youngest son and then to the Youth Convention where our grandsons were.. 
So blessed to see them there worshipping our Lord.. 
And meeting up with dear old friends.. 
We sat with a sweet couple who have been friends for years and just enjoyed it all..

A lovely windy day for some laundry... 

Love fresh bedding.. 
Can't wait to get to bed.. smile. 

The Dandelion Jelly turned out fine.. 
Tastes just like honey.. 

I spotted more dandelions over by Terry's wood pile.. 
I really want to make a bit of soap... 

Trevor (our oldest son) got his bear.. 
What a beauty.. 
I was so proud of him.. 
Can't wait to try a steak.. 

Anyway, dear hearts this is my piece for tonight.. 
Hope you have a great week.. 
I think we are heading farm wards tomorrow again... 

In just two weeks from today we head to Newfoundland.. 
Will chat with you again soon.. 
Thanks so much for visiting and leaving your sweet notes.. 
God bless.. 


  1. Oh Faye I was laughing so hard. . .you made my day as you told of your "wild" ride down the dirt road! 😂 must be something about a man,his truck and a dirt road as my husband loves to do that also.

    Love all your goodies: you did very good! Your time with family and friends sounds delightful!

    Enjoy your week and God bless! Linda

  2. You get the BEST THINGS at your yard sales! I remember the hooked rugs from the last time!

  3. That was a funny story! It seems he can't help himself when it comes to back roads!

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  5. Enjoyed ur blog. Luv' being with you. Yes I love homemade quilts. When u get that good of a deal please think of your friend. Hugs

    1. Oh Pam... I feel so bad.. I would have bought them in a minute.. I just was not thinking... Next time, my friend.. Love being with you, too.. Thanks for your lovely gift.. xo

  6. Faye, You have the wildest adventures on back roads.. haha. cheers!!

  7. A cup of tea was certainly needed!!! I love your purchases!

  8. Hello Faye....Keep the wonderful news about your trips out in the country coming!!!! I love them. I laughed so hard.....that I got the hiccups! Jim is the same way. He says - "Nothings going to keep this old boy down and besides we have a Jeep and we can go anywhere!" Meanwhile my knuckles have turned white....I am so scared. And did you ever get more scared when you realize the mud is very slippery...especially if you are going downhill? Jim snickers and I start yelling! Many times he has put his trusty Jeep into reverse and stepped on the gas(for a very long ways) to get out of those scary places!!!!!!!

    Have another wonderful week. This post was very entertaining!


  9. Faye that was a good one! Cracked me right up. Please keep them coming. : )

  10. {{giggling}}} I think our husbands are related, just saying. My husbands late grandmother collected those glass one knows what happened to them. She left them to me, again, their missing.

    Great finds, Faye...thank you for the fits of giggles, friend.

  11. What is it with Men and their trucks, certainly made me smile. You got some great bargains from the yard sale, loved the quilts. Sounds wonderful to be together with family, creating some amazing memories. Take care.

  12. Sorry, I had to laugh at the story of the typical man and his car!!

  13. I think they all need adventure, esp. In the woods in trucks. I think It keeps the little boy alive in them.
    My Mom had a hen just like that, and I love that kind of transfer ware too!
    Loved your sharing! I love the oven, it'll look great hanging there!
    Loved the journey too!
    Blessings abundant to you both!

  14. LOL! Last fall we got stuck in a ditch on a mountain road with no cell phone reception. Thank you Lord for sending a kind man along to pull us out! Life is always an adventure!

  15. Faye, I so enjoyed reading about your adventure! I do not think I would have been quite so patient as you. I love this season of marriage as even the little spats feel comfortable! My husband and I will be married 36 years in July. As my mother would say, I always love him but don't always like him. ♥

  16. I laughed out loud at the driving story about you and Terry! Sounds just like my husband and me! :-) Your yard sale finds are wonderful. I really like the red and white transferware and the quilts. Thanks for sharing.

  17. SCARY my friend...I would of felt the same way. I love driving down country roads but I have learned some do not lead to safe places.
    What an adventure.

  18. Thankfully, I don't have to worry about Murray taking back roads like that! Oh dear. He wouldn't want to harm our vehicle on them. I'd be feeling like you were though. That was quite the view from the top of that hill. I'm sure it would be beautiful in the fall with all the colours. You found some beautiful things at the sale. Wasn't that a beautiful weekend? I think we may get some thunder showers here this evening. We do need the rain. Hugs. Pam

  19. Great finds at the sale, love those old quilts, so nice that they are still being put to use. I understand I am the same way, I love going out on adventures to see what we might come across but when we get into pickles like that I think, why can't he just stay on a normal road instead of wondering what is down there, luckily we have gotten out of everyone of ours too :)

  20. I laughed so hard I could hardly read! I live on a narrow gravel road up a hollow in West Virginia but nothing like what you were facing! Loved your yard sale finds.

  21. Oh my, I am laughing and rolling my eyes.....your hubby's next of kin lives in Texas.....with me!!!!!!! I'm sure you have heard about all the rain we are getting.....yeppers, and with rain comes MUD...and where there is mud there are one or two vintage guys with pick-up trucks who just have to "check" and see if they can get through!!!!!!!!
    Nope, we didn't and yep, we had to have his son bring out the tractor to get us unstuck.....
    Gotta' love them...they are just kids at heart....
    Blessings to you,