Monday, May 2, 2016

Here and There ...


Greetings my dears.. 
Hope you all had a great weekend.. 

We have been running to and fro... smile.. 
A day at the farm ... 
Making dinner as usual... 
Terry's favourite meal.. 
Hamburger Gravy, mashed, cabbage, carrots and using up last years preserves.. Mennonite Bean Salad.. 
I felt he deserved a special meal as he had been working hard at getting the back room finished at the farm.. 
The floor is now stained and has 2 coats of varnish.. 
One or two more coats and we can almost put it back to rights.. 
He has to paint the ceiling and put up some boards..
I will be so happy when it is done.. 

He bought me a new tool bag when we went to Calais and I love it.. 
Whenever we go up there I am pushing my glue gun and such into whatever bag or box that is going.  There is always something that I need to do.  smile.. 
 Now all I have to do is grab my tool bag.. smile.. 
It was at Mardens for only a couple of bucks.. 
I love it.. 
Like Terry says... He is just a nice guy.. lol.. 

There is also a picture of Shonda and I along with her friends at Ladies Retreat... 
Such dear girls.. 

A few kitchen pictures from home here.. 
Made my Lebanese Lentil Soup.. 
I included a pic of a great hint I found along the way.. 
Drain your veggies.. carrots, green beans, potatoes or whatever and freeze the stock in ice cube trays.. (I love these ones that Dustin and Veronique gave me for Christmas from Epicure.. They are huge and makes lovely big cubes).. 
You can use them all at once or just add one if you need more broth or just need a bit of stock for gravies and such.. 
Veggie stock is very good, actually.. 

This past Saturday our Keepers of the Home visited the R.E.A.L. Ladies Group in St. John.. 
We had a wonderful time and I will show more pics on my next post.
 My camera is missing at the moment .. It must be in the car.. 

Anyway, they gave me the lovely tulips and my friend Faye gave me the delicious free range eggs .. 
Don't you love those blue ones?  

When we were thrifting I found these great magazines.. 
Five for four dollars.. 
They are full of wonderful tips.. 

Anyway, this is all for this evening.. 
Are you ladies busy doing Spring things? 
I have been housecleaning here and there.. 
Not too organized but accomplishing a bit..

Thank you so much for visiting here.. 
I meant to thank you dears for following the Face Book page.. 
I am having a bit of problem as several readers are not receiving the notifications when I post.. 
My sister said she just went in and clicked on default and signed on again and it worked.. 
I tried everything to see what is wrong but I cannot figure it out.. 
Sorry about that.. 

It is a rainy night here in New Brunswick and I am heading off to bed.. 
Take care and God bless.. xo


  1. Love, love , love your blog!

  2. Faye, that is a lovely dinner you made with the cabbage in it. I have some growing at present but they won't be ready for a few months that is if the white butterfly leaves them alone. :-)

  3. Hi Faye, Wonder if your plans are to go to the cottage soon? I love that adorable place, too. All of your pics in this post are beautiful. Your camera and you are doing a great job. The picture with the lemons could be on the cover of a magazine for sure. Your food always looks so very delicious. You sure do have the gift of cooking.It has been cold, dreary and rainy here. I wish the temps would get back to normal. Jim did plant 400 onions last week and has 200 of another kid to plant as soon as it dries a bit from all of this rain. Take care and God be with you, my dear!


  4. Happy Monday, Faye! Your food photos make me so hungry! Have a great week!

  5. Always a joy to visit and see your amazing photos. A great tip for storing vegetable stock. Take care.

  6. Your lovely photos made me feel quite hungry! Your new tool bag is so nice and will be very useful for all those little extra things.

  7. Hi Faye looking at all your pictures makes me want to get up and cook! LOL You do a great job on all the photos. I love that tool bag how sweet of Terry. My husband would like that meal with the hamburger gravy, potatoes and cabbage/carrots. Need to remember the tip about the vegetable broth and freezing it! Have a wonderful Mother's Day this Sunday and God Bless! Linda

  8. That is the very first time I have seen Blue eggs, how interesting. Have a beautiful weekend, Happy Mother's Day.