The Blessed Hearth

The Blessed Hearth


Saturday, May 7, 2016

Who will Pray for me when Momma's Gone..

Happy Mothers Day, dear friends...

Just wanted to share this post with you again that I wrote in 2011.. 
There is a link to an old Conway Twitty song at the bottom.. 

The picture above is of my Mom many years ago standing in front of her grandparents old homestead...
I am much older now than my mother was in that picture.  And my daughter is older now than my mother was in that picture..
Time has surely passed by and now I am a grandmother...
My mother is a great grandmother.
My daughter is a mother..
What is our legacy? 
What will our children miss when we are gone...
Time moves on dear ones whether we want it to or not... And if the Lord tarries we will go Home...
One day a few years ago one of my grandsons was with me when something surprised me... I said... ohhhh lord....
He looked at me shocked and said..."Grandma... and you a praying woman!!"  smile... The dear boy did not think I should say that but I am glad he thought that his grandmother was a praying woman...
That is the legacy I want to leave my children...
Mama prayed...  
Prayer touches the Throne of God.. When we mothers are gone to our heavenly homes we know that our prayers are still incense around the Throne of Grace...
They are not in vain....
We not only need to pray but we need to teach our children to pray.. We need to show them how to go before the Throne of God and receive blessing and strength...
They need to be taught that prayer changes things... 

I am so thankful for my Mom today... Whenever I am burdened with something I can call her and know that she will join me in prayer...I know that every morning she mentions my name and my children's names... 
I am also thankful to have not only a praying mother but also a praying daughter and daughter-in-law...
My grandchildren are blessed today..

I pray that God will bless all you sweet mamas out there today with his gracious blessings... That your legacy to your children will be prayer...

Have a wonderful Mothers Day... 
I am hugging you all in my mind.. 
And remembering you all in my prayers.. 

God bless... 

A song for you...  


  1. What a beautiful post Faye. Thanks for sharing your heart and faith and inspiring us to be better mothers and grandmothers. God bless you. Happy Mother's Day to you.

  2. Faye, that was beautiful! My sister in law and I were talking today... when I am gone, no one will visit our family in the cemeteries... it just doesn't seem like it be that "late" already. I hope you have a wonderful Mother's Day!

  3. Faye thanks for a sweet post. Happy Mother's Day to you. Linda

  4. Thank you dear Faye..beautiful post...So much to Thank God for, and thanks for reminding me how important it is to model tp our children how to trust everything to our heavenly Father.

  5. This was such a well written, touching post. The grandkids are paying attention, aren't they. Have a Happy Mother's Day.

  6. A beautiful post, wishing you a wonderful Mothers day we celebrate here in the UK in March. I am a firm believer in the power of prayer.

  7. Enjoyed your post, Faye. I knew I had a praying mother and as I reached into the so called golden years, I look back and realize that I also had praying grandmothers!! I believe in prayer!

  8. Beautiful, Faye. A Happy Mother's Day to you, friend.

  9. That's just what I want to be known as too...a praying mother & mom mom!
    Happy Mother's Day Faye! Loved the picture of your mother.

  10. Just beautiful Faye. Wishing you a very Happy Mother's Day.

  11. Very Important thing to pass down is the importance of prayer that is for sure!!

  12. Dear Sweet Faye, I truly appreciated reading your post. We taught our daughter to pray and we raised her believing in the Lord Jesus, then she went away to college and after college moved to a town filled with modern new age young adults, watching the moon and stars for direction in their lives. It was scary and we worried about her beliefs . . . then some things happened in her life that brought her back to the Lord. Sometimes He allows health issues and stressful live situations to draw us back. Raise your children in the way they should go and they will remember what is real. Now, she is a mother of two little girls that she wants to know the Lord and to have a prayer life. There is so much power in prayer, I can not imagine a day without touching the heart of Jesus in prayer. How do people survive without Him?

  13. What a lovely post Faye, I had a praying grandma, mom as well. Today my mom is a great great grandmother, and grandmother. I am a grandmother,and my daughters are mom's. Each of us are praying mothers. I am so thankful that we are.

  14. What a beautiful post! My mother is a strong prayer partner. I pray my children will have a closer walk with Jesus and be bold in their prayers.