Wednesday, December 7, 2016

Christmas doings and an old card...

Hello there everyone.. 
Welcome to the Blessed Hearth today.. 
I hope you are having a great week.. 

It is kind of messy here at our house today.. 
This morning I picked out the boxes that I needed Terry to bring upstairs to start a bit of decorating.. 
I thought I might get away with doing just fresh decor but no... 
I started remembering some things I had that were a bit special and decided it would not be a normal Christmas without a few of them.. 
A vintage Christmas cat that has been around for years.. smile.. 

Several totes were hauled upstairs and a pail of trees and......

An Old Father Christmas had to be hung where he usually hangs since Shonda gave him to me and a snowman that Trevor made.. 
And an angel that was a gift from Dustin... 
|And so on... 

I decorated all day... 

The fireplace is finished, the hutch is done and the kitchen windowsill... 
There is still much to do but at least it is beginning to look a little like Christmas now... 

Yesterday, I did a spare room just in case someone stops by and found this dear old card .... 
I had bought a box of antique ones at our antique dealers (Julia's) many years ago and always string them across the window.. 
Then I look through the rest of them as they are in the drawer of the dresser.. I love old cards and such.. Do you?  
I thought you might enjoy this one as I always do... 
It is a homemade one.. 

They typed the words there on the bottom,..
They are holding a hot water bottle in their hand and have mitts on as you can see.. 
Along with scarf, earmuffs and what have you.. grin.. 

They glued some stars on it and coloured it with a coloured pencils, I think.. 
This is the inside.. 

Trying to get warm in front of the fireplace before they hit the sack, I would say.. 

Here is the verse.. 

Can you imagine?  
The Christmas of 1942.. 
And wishing them a prosperous new year of 1943... 
Peace on earth and victory.. 
Victory did come in 1945 thank the Lord.. 
What a great attitude they had during those terrible years... 
So thankful for all they did for us... 
Not only the soldiers but the families left at home to cope with the shortages and lack of everything... 

We are so blessed here in Canada .... 

I want to love the season this year.. 
To have joy and celebrate the Christ of Christmas... 
To put a little extra into the preparations and enjoy it all.. 
To look forward with hope... 

What a wonderful gift God gave to this world... 
How he loves us... 

Well, I am a bit slow compared to many people getting ready for the big day but I love the days leading up to it all.. 
Making and baking and such.. 
Even if it takes me at least 3 times as long then it did a few years ago.. 

This is a pic that Google sent me.. 

The same bedroom that I decorated yesterday.. 

Well, dear hearts this is it once again... 

Hope you are enjoying the season...

Any of you Keepers out there that read the blog and are not busy on Saturday we could use your help to decorate the church and make cookies and such... 
Please let me know if you can come.. 
At 10 am at the church on Fredericton Road.. 
Love to have you... 

Looking forward to hearing from you... 


  1. Hello to you tonight Faye. I love the antique Christmas's the most. The card is a treasure for sure...hard to think of all they were going through and still sending out the best to everyone. Your home looks so inviting and like Christmas. Have a wonderful weekend. Blessings.. Linda

  2. Your decorating looks beautiful mom! Can't wait to come, sit in front of the fire with a cup of coffee and chat :)

  3. Lovely place you have there Faye...blessings.

  4. You are on a decorating roll... and I have only put up one Christmas lamp and decorated the mantle above the woodstove. We are bringing the tree in tomorrow to decorate.

  5. What a charming blog, i thoroughly enjoyed every part of it. Love the new header to your blog page too, although I haven't been on in a while, so it might not be new. Have a wonderfully Blessed weekend. Woo xx

  6. Thank you Faye for the beautiful post...have a lovey day...smiles

  7. Your Christmas decorating touches are lovely Faye and that old card is so cute and has a great sentiment. I suppose cards were hard to come by in some places during the war years. Have a wonderful time decorating and baking for Christmas! Blessings, Pam

  8. Your decorating is lovely. I am being very slow, but doing it bit by bit.

  9. I love your Christmas decorations; and this post is special b/c of the 1943 card. I can only imagine how difficult those years were. But the spirit of God indwelling the spirit of man makes us invincible doesn't it. My dear mother was 13 that year, born during depression, in late December right after Christmas. She was made of stern stuff; but wonderfully loving and the best friend I've ever had. Thanks for the reminders of 'vintage' times; b/c vintage reminds us of what was and helps us find our way in the present. I love your vintage 'ways' too. Love reading your blog, b/c it is a snapshot of your life and you are a dear good lady. Blessings to you and yours and a wonderfully Happy Christmas season!!

  10. Hello dear Faye and thank you for sharing your home and beautiful vintage Christmas decorating with us! I love it all!
    God bless, dear friend!

  11. Your Christmas decorations and preparations are beautiful!

  12. We are so blessed! Reminded just how blessed we are with that special Christmas card you found! Wow. I still use my hot water bottle, but I don't think many do any more. I enjoyed seeing the decorating you were doing, all the special touches and gifts always make it so special. Hugs to you today!

  13. Looking beautiful, so wonderful to have homemade things all around that bring back memories and how special are those cards you have!

  14. That card is just amazing. I remember much of those times, I would have been seven or eight. Just lovely!