Thursday, March 23, 2017

Homemade Cling Wrap, sort of and soup...

Good Evening my dears.. 
Welcome to the Blessed Hearth on this cold day.. 
At least here in Eastern Canada! 

It was beautiful this morning looking out the window, though.. 

Terry is keeping our Sun Room a bit warm as we have a bunch of seed pots in there so the window was a bit frosted.. 

But so beautiful looking through.. 

I think the temperature was -21 degrees C. but there was a fresh snowfall and a beautiful sun early this morning.. 

On my last post I mentioned that I had done a little project.. 
I had visited one of my favourite health food stores called the Sequoia in Moncton and was entranced with a product they had there.. 
You can find it HERE..
They had a little bowl on the shelf with the organic type cling wrap covering it.. 
They call it Beeswrap.. 

I couldn't wait to get home and see if there was a homemade version that would be simple and cheap to make.. 
And yes there are many DIY versions out there on the web.. 

I gathered up some fabric.. 
The ones on the web are square and flat and reusable.. 

I liked the one that I had seen at Sequoia so I made mine round.. 

This is the shelf of bowls that I use mainly for left overs.. 

Small, medium and large.. 

 I found a tinfoil rectangle shape container that you can buy at the dollar store with covers.. 
Fill a pot with several inches of water and bring to a boil.. 
Place the foil tin over the top or an old foil bowl..
Add a bit of  the wax and let it melt.. 

Now I am going to be truthful here.. smile.. 

The Sequoia covers were made from beeswax.. 

I decided to use Preserving or Paraffin Wax.. 
It is cheaper and I wanted to see if it would work..
I used it for years over my jams and such so it was worth a try..  

Put in a block at a time until when melted, it is just halfway up the container.. 
Spread out a sheet of foil or parchment near the pot and with a pair of tongs put the edge of the fabric in and slowly pull through the wax.. 
Be careful as wax is hot and will flame up ... 
Let it drip for a minute and then just place it on the size bowl you want to cover and with your fingers press around the edges.. 

And then set aside until you make as many as you like.. 
I just put the bowls in the dishwasher and any wax that had collected on the bowl just washed off.. 

Use different size circles to fit whatever bowl you intend to use.. 
You kind of have to guess how big a circle to cut.. 

There was a cover for the little tinfoil container so I just covered it until I need it again for candles or whatever.. 

I forgot to take a pic but I use an old flour canister to store them in... 

Next time I will do square ones with beeswax and see how it goes.. 
I think we will make these at our Keepers Meeting next time.. 

If you have any questions you can leave it in the comment section..

This morning I was chatting on the phone with my friend and she was making a big vegetable soup and it inspired me to do the same...  

Since it was such a cold day and I did have extra veggies that could be used up... 

Bear broth, canned tomatoes, leeks, carrots, cabbage, grated turnip, peppers, zuke, celery and parsnip... I think that is all.. 
You can use chicken broth, though!  grin.. 

I am trying to save my Soup Base as I only have a few bottles left that I canned last Fall.. 

Salt, pepper, chili flakes, ground lovage, frozen pesto cube, bay leaf and lots of chopped parsley.. 
Simmer... simmer... simmer.. 

This is for my sweet friend Cheryl S. from Rothesay... 

I guess this is all for today, lovies.. 
Not too much happening on the home front... 
The first day of Spring is here, though!  Yeah!!  

Hope all is well in your world and may you keep the Lord close... 
He is just so precious!!  



  1. What pretty bowl covers! Had no idea they were cloth dipped in candle wax. Wondering how long they last. I assume you just wipe them off if they get food on them?

    1. HI Dina... Yes, we will see how long they last but yes you just wipe them off... I hope to try beeswax ones soon and compare.. Thanks for dropping by. xo

  2. Very nice!
    Wonder if the kitchen got hot, if the wax would melt ?
    I would think it be wonderful in cooler temperatures.
    The soup looks delicious! Yum!😋

    1. Hi Ann.. So lovely to always see you visiting my friend.. I don't think our kitchen ever would get that hot.. smile.. If we only lived in Virginia now we might have that problem.. grin.. oxooxo

  3. How interesting to make the bowl covers, and they are pretty too.
    Bear broth? Real bear?

    1. Hi Elizabeth.. So nice to hear from you.. Yes, real bear broth.. Our son got a bear last spring and gave me some of the bones.. They made a lovely broth that I froze for the winter soups.. It is really good.. Like beef broth, really... xo

    2. Well that's something we will never see in England! Thank you for the explanation.

  4. Faye, beeswax covers for food in school lunchboxes are very popular over here and lots of people make their own. Your bowl covers are very pretty I must say.

    1. How neat is that, Nanna? Beeswax here is very expensive but I hope to give them a try.. Thanks for letting me know... oxoxo

  5. Very interesting to see how to make these waxy covers... and Bear Broth... nothing wasted!!

    1. Hello dear.. No, nothing wasted! LOL! Some people would not want to try it but it is very good.. Love hearing from you.. xo

  6. Very neat idea! How would you keep them clean? Do they just wipe off if they get messy? I'm always amazed at the things you come up with, Faye. :-)

    1. Hi Terri! Yes, you just wipe them off.. It will be interesting to see how long they last compared to the beeswax ones... I will let you know.. xo

  7. Your winter snow scene is beautiful! We had one recently and it was perfect... woke up to it draped over everything as I drove to church and then it had all melted off the trees by the time church was over. Now that is the kind of snow I like. lol Your wrap is interesting. I have never really liked plastics for storing hot food or warming up anything in the microwave. I must be dense, lol, as I am still trying to figure out use for those bowls. If you use them as covers for ceramic or glass bowls, would they fit tight? I did look at the site you highlighted and theirs seemed to be wrap (like for sandwiches) or the round used to wrap up some food like mushrooms, carrots, etc. Your soup looks delicious, vegetable is one of my favorite. Think I will make some for this weekend.

  8. Hi,
    I use a lot of cling wrap. This would be a good idea for me to try.
    Thank you for sharing.
    I love the second photo.
    xx oo

  9. What a clever idea for covering your leftovers. I thought they were going to be bowls that had been dipped in liquid starch. I wonder how long they will last. I imagine if the was begins to crack, you can just dip them again in the hot wax and good as new. Your soup looks delicious, and I wish I could steal a spoonful right off the computer screen.

  10. WOW...that is some kind of cold you had there, Faye! I know some days when we have cold temperatures for us I think of our son that lives in Maine, about two hours from the Canadian border. For him, our "cold" temperatures would seem a heat wave.

    That whole process of making your own bowl covers is so interesting. I'll be interested in hearing how long they last.

    Your soup looks SO good, my friend. It always excites me to see people who use leeks. I love them and they would be so good in soup!

  11. What a terrific idea Faye! you inspire me to make more soups :0) mari

  12. Dear Faye,

    Wow it is freezing in your neck of the woods! Hard to imagine when our temperature is 106F here tomorrow. It is Autumn here so I am hoping for cooler days to come soon.

    I love those wax covers. I had seen them on other blogs but never really took an interest. You made it sound so achievable, so maybe I will have a go at these, and your fabric is so pretty.

    It will soon be soup weather here, and something I will be making a lot of. Yours sounds delicious! We don't have the cold weather you experience but soup is always a favourite to warm the belly and a good healthy meal.

    Wishing you a blessed week,


  13. Bowl covers are nice. I don't use open bowls much here. I usually have lids for them...Tupperware. I do use a bowl or two without lids. I'll see how it all works for me if I even get to being that creative! The inside looking out into your snow covered land is lovely. It's amazing how snow changes the landscape so much and it's so pretty. Much prettier than the puddles we've been having lately. Hopefully you all will warm up soon. We've had a cold winter and now the tulips are having a hard time coming up. Mid April full color at the tulip festival. Happy weekend and a blessed Sunday to you and Terry!

  14. I'd like to try this idea. Thankyou for this great tutorial !! - Blessings (Linda)