Saturday, March 18, 2017

Saturday Night Catch Up....

Hello dear hearts... 
Welcome to the Blessed Hearth on another Saturday evening.. 
This seems to be the night that I post this Winter.. 
Just doing a run down of our week and what we have been up to.. 
Come on in and sit a bit... 
I will tell you all I know so we know you won't be here long.. grin.. 
We started the week on Monday with our town day... 

We went across town to my favourite little apple market.. 
Bought a big bag of Honey Crisp for seven dollars.. 
A ten pound bag, I think.. 
We had a good day.. 
Perhaps some time I will do a little shopping day post with you.. 
Probably be a bit boring as I am not your normal mall shopper.. 
Thrift and book stores are where I always shop.. 
Made some soup again this week.. 

I don't make soup daily (although, I could if Terry liked it as much as I) but I do make it a few times a week.. 

I was trying to remember which one this was then remembered it is a Rabbit Stew.. 
Dear son brought me a rabbit and it was delicious!  
See the bit of yellow peppers and tomatoes at the top ... 
That is half a pint of the soup base that I canned last Fall..

We bought some seeds to get in when we were in town the other day... 

The Celeric and Parsley Root is for a different soup base Carman is going to show us.. 
Getting excited about the garden!
Kathy, I told Terry to get them peppers in.. grin.. xo

Terry saw this idea on the web and told me about it.. 

Save the covers off of your Parm cheese and use on a mason jar.. 
Great for flour when making pastry, etc.... 

Or for flouring your bread board when you are making bread.. 

This is the no knead bread and I made a small loaf and pizzas for lunch... 

One day I made a few Chocolate Banana Breads as we had a surplus and they were getting pretty ripe.. 

The recipe is excellent and they went over very well.. 

The link for the recipe is HERE
I doubled the recipe and it made these three breads...

Trying to find a place to put my bottle of dolls.. 
Or here.. 
Or here... 
Or even here.. 
Well, I am leaving it here as I am not sure yet... 

Made some of these this week, too.. 

Love them.. 
I hope to do a post on them next week... 
Do you know what they are? 

While I was pottering around in the living room I could smell a lovely smell... 

I finally tracked it down.. 

My box of Hippie Wild Flower Potpourri that I made at the farm last summer.. 
A whole lot more of this in the plan of things to make this summer.. 
Sandalwood and Patchouli .... 

I wanted to welcome the new followers that have come along lately.. 
I had not read my stats for ages and did so tonight and I thought I would like to say welcome to the dear ones who come on from Five Islands, Nova Scotia and St. Johns, Newfoundland... 
Elgin, New Brunswick..

Perhaps every once in awhile I will mention an area.. 
I don't know who you are.. 
Only that you visited from the place I mention... 

Most of the visitors are from our neighbours in the U. S. A. 
So whoever you are from Middle River, Maryland thanks for dropping by.. 
Thank you each and every one of you where ever you are from.. 
So happy to have you.. 

Well sweeties, this is once again all for tonight.. 
Just a little Saturday catch up for you all.. 

Enjoy the Lord's Day tomorrow.. 
We have such a faithful God .. 
Just keep a holding onto His hand... 



  1. Love your Saturday evening posts! I have 14 peppers up. I also planted parsley, basil and oregano. Those 3 are for my kitchen window sill until time to plant outside. I will start tomatoes and brussel sprouts the end of April. Spring arrives on Monday! Enjoy our Lord's day tomorrow.

  2. Always enjoy your Saturday evening posts. Like a famous magazine here in the USA. �� The chocolate banana bread looks amazing. I would love to follow along on one of your shopping trips. Thrift stores and book stores are way more exciting than the mall.

  3. Hello Faye, I look forward to your Saturday evening posts. Love to see what you have been up to the past week. Your shopping trips would be a delight as Thrift stores and books stores are the best! I don't even remember the last time I went to a mall LOL. Looking forward to your post on the mystery thing you are making...I don't have a clue, but it looks very interesting!! Have a wonderful Lords Day tomorrow as we worship together even though we are so far apart. Love being part of God's family!! Blessings to you and Terry!

  4. I want to try the bread, it looks delicious.
    I have three bananas here, I will save and use for it.
    I would think making it in muffin tins would be great too.
    Those apples look so good.
    That is one of my favorite kinds!
    I love the doll jar, but the way you moved it around makes it seem they are looking for their home, smile!
    I would like to hear how you did it.
    I would love to go on a shopping day with you, yes please share!
    Hugs sweet lady, spring is almost here.
    I love birds on pretty dishes.

  5. I always love your photos, Faye. You have such an interesting looking house. You must be so looking forward to the cold weather being over. My niece is visiting from Canada and she is enjoying our nice sunny weather here in Australia.

  6. Sadly, I only show as United States, I wonder why, giggling....what a lovely post, Faye. Thank you for the many smiles you bring...from a cold and still snow on the ground western NY.

  7. Great idea saving the cheese lids. Had no idea they fit a mason jar. Know what other lid fits a mason jar? Mayonnaise lids. I paid quite a bit for some white plastic mason jar lids, which I prefer when I use my jars for iced tea, nut storage, homemade salad dressing etc. One day I had the mayo out making a sandwich and I thought hmmm...yep, it fit. So now I save those. They don't rust, are only one part and if you use your jars primarily for storage like I do, they are great and 'free'. Can't wait to see what the mystery item is and how to make it. Are they napkins that have been starched and shaped?

  8. You have a very welcoming living room :) I think your bottled dolls look best on the sewing machine table. One of my favourite stores here is our local apple store. Don't you love that chill smell of apples that greets you when you walk in? I've seen that idea of the parmesan cheese lids as well, but haven't got through the cheese yet to try it out. I like your idea for flouring the boards. Your starched fabric bowls look like a great idea for Easter time. Enjoy your Sunday!

  9. I always enjoy reading your blog and I just know I would have fun making soup with you. I love soup, my husband - not so much, he likes meat and gravy. Woke up this morning to a magical confection snow glistening off of every tree and shrub. Absolutely, beautiful as I drove to church. Temperature came up and it was all melted when I got out of church but it is still a good soup day! It looked like you are making some kind of fabric bowls but I'm not sure what they are being made for. You will have to give and show and tell.

  10. You had a busy week! I love your thrift store posts, they are my favorite place to shop! I am getting ready to start my seedlings... we don't put anything in the ground here until May... it's too cold! I'm glad yo showed the cheese top on a mason jar. I've heard about doing that and wondered if it really worked.

  11. I would love a post on your shopping days! It sounds like fun!

    The Chocolate Banana bread looks wonderful. Thanks for the recipe link. Have a good week!

  12. I enjoy your photos. You should create a calendar. :-) Your photos are so well done and just show Home Sweet Home so well. That could be the name of your calendar, Home Sweet Home.

    xx oo

  13. I love my visits with you Faye, it feels like I am visiting in real life. I get a a little excited when I see a new post from you appear on my sidebar.

    Love the sound of those chocolate banana breads. They look so delicious. I have saved the recipe to try out a bit later.

    Your rabbit soup reminded me that I have a rabbit in the freezer that needs to be cooked up. I do mine in a pressure cooker and it turns out so tender.

    Wishing you a lovely and blessed week,


  14. Hi Faye, your jar of old dolls makes a cute addition to any vignette in your home. An interesting way to display them. It was a lovely sunny and mild weekend wasn't it? Today is nice for the first day of spring but the wind has a bite to it and will for a while. Have a lovely week my friend. Blessings.

  15. A lovely, homey post as always, Faye. Honey Crisp apples are our very favorite!

  16. Always so fun to drop in and see what you've been up to. Your living room looks so inviting. I wish I could bring some tea and enjoy some chocolate banana bread and your good company.
    Blessings from Missouri,