Monday, March 6, 2017

Last days of Winter....

Hello dears.. 
Another week has come and gone and Spring is just that much closer.. 
We can smell it in the air and the evenings are beginning to stretch ahead a bit.. 
The sun sets later and I notice the sunlight on the kitchen wall much later in the day.. 

I mostly love that part of Spring except that now Terry begins to work outside after supper and I really prefer that he come in and relax.. 
Like I do.. 
I don't why but I always feel guilty when he is working and I am not.. grin.. 

Last week we had our town day.. 
I picked up one of my UK magazines..

I so enjoy them.. 
They are beautiful and not a lot of adverts and even the ones they have are lovely to look at.. 
Found some books at the Thrift store and we stopped by to visit my Mom.. 

She had a little present for me.. 
This is a beautiful handkerchief she wanted me to add to my album of Gram's hankies but this one is from her.. 

Terry dropped me by one of my fave health food shops.. 

Sequoia  .. 
I wanted some onion sprouting seeds.. 
They gave me 3 recipe booklets that are very interesting.. 
I would like to make the seed treats in the pic above.. 
I think I actually get a high from the wonderful aroma they have going on there.. 

Another day is over and the lamps are lit.. 
The days just seem to come and go so quickly, don't you think? 

I decided to try another new bread recipe.. 

It is really delicious and so different.. 
I love it toasted with a few different spreads..

I love dolls.. 
Do you?  
I have a collection of small bisque ones and such.. 

Saw a neat idea in Pinterest and decided to try it.. 
I just needed an old bottle (this is one my Dad bought me at an auction years ago) some vintage laces and the dolls.. 
I forgot to take a pic of it finished... Sorry.. 
Next time.. 
Love fresh herbs... 
Thyme, Basil and Rosemary are my 3 most used ones, I think.. 
Are you ladies using fresh or dried through the Winter.. 
I have certainly enjoyed the ones I dried at the farm last Summer... 

Then I messed around with some old florals I found in the workshop..

Not a great work of art for sure but I did not have a lot to work with.. 
Adds some colour in there, though.. 

Another view from one of our drives.. 

We went to Calais on Saturday just for fun.. 
Love looking at the fabrics and such.. 

We took along a couple of these muffins to have with our coffee on the drive there.. 

They are the banana ones I shared a post or two ago but I only used 3 small bananas and 1 cup of blueberries..  

Yesterday we had a lovely worship service with our church family and then a supper meal at St. Huberts with our family celebrating March Break.. 
I was thinking that it will not be very long and our March break days will be over even with our grandsons.. 
They are growing up so fast.. 
Two more are graduating this year and there will only be one left to finish school... 
There will be four of them in college for a few years anyway.. 
Darling boys.. 

Well, this is all for tonight.. 
Not much really ... Just a little catch up with our days here.. 
Hope you are all enjoying these last days of Winter ... 

Thanks so much for your sweet visit!  

God bless.. xo


  1. I've been noticing the longer days too and I'm anxious for spring to arrive. Did you mom crochet the hanky? It's lovely. I love muffins... we usually have one with our afternoon coffee too and the bread looks very yummy. I'm not a doll collector but I can't wait to see what you created with you glass and dolls! Have a good week!

  2. Enjoyed your post!
    The bread looks wonderful.
    Hope to give it a try :)
    Loved the pretty hanky.
    My Momma always loved hankies.
    I never see one that I don't think of her.
    Your grandsons have surely grown.
    Our grandbaby boy will be one this week.
    We are having another one, a boy, this August!
    The Lord has surely blessed you & me both :)

  3. It is always such a joy to visit you Faye. ...lovely post :=)

  4. Hello Faye...Always so lovely to hear from you and to see your wonderful photos!!!! I have been very busy lately and you just don't know how wonderful that makes me feel. I still have my bad days but not as many. I send healthy and happy prayers to you. Enjoy March!

  5. Those muffins look wonderful.
    I saw your UK magazine, a few years ago in our last house we had a spread in the same magazine for Christmas that was before the twins were born so more than a few, boy time flies.
    Hope Spring comes quickly for you and the snow goes.
    Fondly Michelle

  6. What a beautiful and unusual hanky, quite an heirloom.
    Your muffins look so delicious!

  7. My husband does that too - starts a project or something after I want to sit for the rest of the night....I feel guilty too...

  8. Always a joy to visit you, sweet Faye. My husband is the same way...must be a
    "male" thing. smiles

  9. I am hungry now...that bread looks delicious and the muffins...oh my! I will be looking forward to your next post with the after picture of what you did with the bottle, lace and dolls. I thought your floral turned out beautifully. You have many talents, my friend. xx

  10. Hi Faye. I see there is a Sequoia store opening in Fredericton soon but I don't know much about it. Waiting on the snow to start here this afternoon. Then rain tomorrow. Fickle March weather eh? Take care. Pam

  11. Faye I just love reading about your days and seeing what you have been cooking. After our dreadful heatwaves in summer it is finally starting to cool down as we are now in autumn. Now we have a chance to recuperate before the heat starts up again in spring as it seems to arrive earlier and earlier.

  12. Isn't afternoon sun slanting into a room the best? The sun comes into my living room in the afternoon, and it make me want to curl up in my 'reading' chair and knit ;) I'm curious about the bottle and the antique dolls. I have only my childhood dolls still. I don't collect them otherwise. The bread and muffins look delicious! It's nice to take along a homemade snack for long drives. Enjoy your day,

  13. I feel you on the guilt when my husband is working and I am not. :) Spring is coming on too early here in SC. The peach trees are blooming and I am praying we do not have a hard freeze to destroy the crop. We have pollen on the cars already, too.

    The handkerchief is just lovely. What a nice gift.

  14. No signs of spring here Faye - you are ahead of us! But the longer days let me know it can't be far off! Your banana muffins were perfect for the jaunt over to Maine. Hard to believe how fast kids grow and change! Life is that, constantly changing! Always enjoy the visits with you, just hearing what goes on in your world is comforting and enjoyable. Your flower creation is lovely too :)