Thursday, February 22, 2018

A winter's day road trip and a recipe..

my favourite view ..

Hello everyone.. 
Welcome to the Blessed Hearth today.. 

How are you all doing?  
Spring is just around the corner here in Canada... 
Yesterday we woke up to an icy day.. 
Charlie (our dog) goes outside first thing each morning and as he walked across the deck he slipped since it was so icy.. He was very careful going down the steps.. Usually, when he is coming back in he just bounds up the stairs and goes sideways as he is going so quickly.. Yesterday he very slowly comes up the steps and gingerly walks across to the door.. He is so smart!  grin.. 
Then as the day went on the sun was beautiful and snow and ice was dripping everywhere.. I think it went up to 12 degrees C..

Terry is beginning to panic as Spring will be here and he still has lots of inside stuff to do.. 
I have really enjoyed this winter as the weather has been weird but not many snow storms.. So thankful!  
Of course, we could still have a few.. smile..

On Valentine's day,  we went out for a little day trip.. 
We had planned to stay home and I had planned a nice supper as we had dined out the night before.. 
We were talking and I said I was longing to see the Bay of Fundy.. 
That happens several times a year and we have to make our way there. 
He wasn't too keen but when I said I would pay for the gas then he said, "Get ready and let's go!"  grin.. 

I packed a bit of lunch (biscuit, dried fruit, cheese) and the camera and away we went.. 
Oh and we took Charles.. Always!.. 
He is always ready for a drive.. 
Just like me.. grin.. 
Of course our first stop was for a cup of Tim Horton's coffee and away we went.. 
We decided to go by way of the farm instead of down to Sussex..
Everything was well there..
Just waiting for Summer and our company.. grin..  
Onward we go... 

This old barn is beginning to fall down.. 
It makes me sad when we pass so many of them where the wind and weather are slowly destroying them.. 
Love old barns.. 

We stopped and had a snack and let Charlie run around some.. 

This is in Caledonia Mountain.. 
My Gramp was born and raised here..  

A bit of folk art... smile.. 
Lots of  snowmobile and ATV trails everywhere up there.. 

The Bay of Fundy is only a half hour from our old farm when we are there in the summertime..
There it is ... 
The beautiful Bay of Fundy in all of it's winter splendour!.. 

Here is the first little town called Riverside Albert... 
A pretty little place.. 
In Albert County.... smile.. 
A lovely old school, I think.... 
Then onto to Alma... 

The winter is almost gone and pretty soon there will be tourists here everywhere.. 

The ice and snow will be gone .. 

And the freshest of breezes will blow across the beaches.. 
I told Terry my eyes were not full yet and to just wait a bit.. 
The poor man is so patient with me.. 

All good things must come to an end and so we headed homeward.. 
Drove to Sussex and had supper.. 
Not fancy.. Just take out.. 

It was a lovely day and I am so blessed to still have this man beside me for all these many valentine's days.. 
Thank you, Lord.. 

Next day we are back to normal.. 

Making meals.. 
We only have pasta once a week now so I always want it to be good.. 
I so love pasta... 
This is a recipe from a dear friend that I have had since childhood.. 
She makes it for our church potlucks and shared the recipe with me.. 
I know she won't mind you having it.. 

Macaroni Casserole by Evelyn... 
1 pound of hamburger 
1 chopped onion 
1 can of mushrooms (drained) or a cup or two of fresh sliced one.. 
Fry this all up together.. 
Cook up at least 1 cup of macaroni 
2 cans of cream of mushroom soup and half a can of milk each..
Mix all together in a casserole dish. 
(I seasoned this with a bit of garlic and a few hot pepper flakes) opt.
Sprinkle with paprika and bake in a 350 degrees F. oven for 20 minutes.. 
Terry really likes this casserole as well as me..
A salad goes very well with this meal.. 

My buddy keeping me company as I pudder around with my layered journal.. 

You may have seen the two above pics before.. 
I think my sister may recognize something there.. smile.. 
This is the base for the latest pages I am doing.. 
I loved the layered journals.. 
Do any of you journal?  
Here is the link to my Pinterest Journal page. 

Well dear hearts this is all for tonight.. 
On Saturday, I will be visiting our daughter and the group of ladies call R.E.A.L.  at the Mission Point Church in St. John.. 
Making and doing a couple of fun things.. 
I know you would be welcome if you are in the area.. 

Hope you all have a grand weekend and will chat with you all later as the Lord wills.. 

Thanks for all your sweet comments on the rather long valentines posts last week..
Praying for all the sad things that happen in our world.. 
Good things, too... 

Praising the Lord for the example of Rev. Billy Graham and the impact he made upon the lives of so many people.. 

Thankful for the hope we have in Jesus.. 
He is a good God.. 

Have a great weekend, my friends.. 



  1. Loved seeing our favourite roads from your vantage point. We usually come up on that old barn from the other way to go over the mountain. We will have to go see the folk art man on the mountain before spring. That road is always so bumpy this time of year. I want to make a point to find you this summer!!

  2. Loved the pictures Faye, I been wanting to go down Fundy for a long time, that just hit the spot, so to say.. And yes, I love the pictures of Peter Rabbit :) Charlie is adorable.. Glad you two had a great day.. love ya xo

  3. I love it when you take us on a drive. The pictures are lovely. It sounds like you all had a wonderful day. Thanks for the recipe. I think I would like to try it. Sounds like something we would like. God bless.

  4. As always, a lovely post. I esp. love your layered journal. I love doing paper collage but can't bring myself to do a journal b/c when/if I craft it must serve a purpose. If I don't, in my mind, it becomes clutter. So I don't do any art journaling. I'd love to know why you make journals and what you use for the base...old books, sketch books,??? And what kind of adhesive do you prefer; where you find your papers that go into your journals? etc, i.e. the methods to your madness :-) ...........(as a crafter I am mad for all paper crafts :-)

    1. Hello dear Dinah... Thanks for stopping by.. I have had a journal of some kind since I was 12 years old.. I have always loved to write something.. Daily happenings, special occasions, daily doings, scriptures, recipes, lovely words of a poem, a paragraph from a book that touched my heart. smile.. I think the journals are kind of a legacy... My children or grandsons may or may not want them but I still love doing it.. The layered one is just so relaxing and rewarding to work at..It is so creative.. For the journal itself you can use old books, sketch books as you say or just a spiral notebook from the dollar store.. I use all kinds of old papers.. I have a drawer in my craft desk just for anything that catches my fancy at a thrift store or yard sale or at my Mom's.. grin.. Old books, wrapping paper, old or new, music sheets, paper bags and such..When I was a child I would use scribblers.. I also use a glue stick or a bit of hot glue for lace and heavier materials such as buttons.. I obviously am not concerned with clutter when it comes to journals..They are like a part of me.. Actually, my son in law gifts me with several journals every Christmas.. They usually are the hard black type that businessmen use with dividers and stickers. I love them.. I also love all paper crafts... Hope this helped you see my madness in more detail. lol.. God bless sweet friend.. xo

  5. You took us on a wonderful road trip, so nice to enjoy the amazing views and get to know a little more about your part of the World.

  6. I have just been thinking about a crowd pleaser supper, particularly with children in mind and your macaroni cheesy recipe looks to be the answer - thank you! So glad to see the photo of Charlie - what a handsome chap he is.

  7. I have just been thinking about a crowd pleaser supper, particularly with children in mind and your macaroni cheesy recipe looks to be the answer - thank you! So glad to see the photo of Charlie - what a handsome chap he is.

  8. Beautiful photos as usual, Faye. Your Valentine's Day sounded so sweet. Our summer finishes on Wednesday so spring must be around the corner for you.

  9. Hi,
    Thank you for the macaroni cheese recipe. I copied it and plan to make it this week. Yummy!

  10. I have been wondering how your Valentine's Day went and I have to say judging from the gorgeous photos you have shared that you had a lovely day! I am not surprised. My hubby retires the end of June and I am so looking forward to it. I've enjoyed your blog for many years and reading this year's Valentine's Day post just makes my heart yearn even more for the day of his retirement! :)

    Thank you for the macaroni recipe. I shall definitely be giving it a try. Your food pictures are always gorgeous! That salad one makes me want to go straight way to the kitchen and fix one.

    Have a wonderful week ahead, my friend. xo

  11. Lovely photos... don't you just love road trips?

  12. Hello Faye, thank you for taking us on your road trip with you, loved it! I copied your Macaroni Casserole and am going to make it for Sunday, we are eating at church after services as it is our Pastors 3rd anniversary of coming to preach here. The salad looked as good as the pasta dish :) Charlie is such a beauty! So glad you had a nice day out. Blessings to you and Terry!