Sunday, February 11, 2018

This Week of Valentines....

Hello there everyone.. 
Hope you are all doing well in your part of the world.. 
It is Sunday here on the eastern coast of Canada and the weather has been the usual Canadian winter scene.. 
A bit of snow and then some rain to make the driving a bit of a hazard but all is well.. 
We did get out to church this morning so we were blessed.. 

This week we will celebrate Valentine's Day... 
So for a change in the blog here I thought we would perhaps celebrate it for a few days rather then just one.. 

Nothing too serious but I decided to share some past posts and stuff with up until then .. 

Some of you girls have followed this blog from the beginning and it will be old hat to you so just walk on by.. grin.. 
And for you who are new then maybe it will interest you.. 
Or not.. smile.. 

I am a sentimental old fool as they say.. 
Just ask my family.. smile.. 
With that being said.....
 Valentines has always been a bit special with Terry and I.. 
We may not go out to a fancy restaurant but have a special meal here at home or we may make reservations and go for it..
He might bring me a bunch of roses
or it could just be a card and a box of Toffifay or that wrench he .. 
But always we remember...
I will be honest.. 
I won't let him forget!!  grin...  

As most of you know this blog is just about our daily doings.. eh? 
This week I want to make it a bit special for him.. 
The man I married may years ago..  
I hope you will come along with me and see what is doing.. 

For tonight I am going to repost one that I wrote several years ago but really it is still true today... 

It was called.. 
It's The Little Things That Make Me Love Him So.. 

Today my hubby visited the farm and I stayed home to try and get some things done..
I don't accomplish as much when we are hanging out here together..
I don't know why because we do our own thing but I seem to get more done when I am alone..

I am trying to get ready for Keepers meeting in a couple of weeks and decided to make this new recipe for the breakfast part..

I took them out of the oven and iced them and left them on the counter cooling...

I knew Terry would be home soon so I had gone in to comb my hair and change my clothes as I had a lot of flour on me..
I am a messy cook.. smile..
I heard Sammi barking and knew he had arrived home..
I had told him I would make him a little something but not to get excited because it might not be good..
He laughed and said he would be looking forward to it..

When I came out he was grinning like a wee boy..
He said they were so good and went on and

I guess they are a success!. 

But for tonight I am feeling blessed to be married to a man who sometimes annoys me like mad but also makes my heart melt over something as trivial as appreciation for a baked donut..

Sometimes it seems as though the world thinks it needs  gloss and glitter to make marriages work..
Possessions like houses and vehicles and even  careers and beauty are thought to be the basis for a good marriage..
Time spent building careers and friendships seem more important then time spent developing a marriage..
Hollywood has not helped ..
Marriage does not count for much in that sphere..
Divorce is just an everyday occurrence and commitment is hard to come by..
Faithfulness is scarce and lifestyle is everything..

Still ...
There are many who desire a marriage that is steadfast and sure..
And they are still possible..
Even today..
With God all things are possible..

Sometimes I think that it is just
  the little things that make the difference in a marriage....

Things like sharing the bathroom and the making of breakfast together..
The sharing of a pot of coffee and reading the daily paper..
It is the sweet remarks about how beautiful you are when you know that you are anything but in that old red housecoat and slippers..

It's the wanting to kiss that bald head when he is bent over a task at the kitchen table..
And the calls on the cell phone saying he is almost to the farm and won't be long..
Important things like praying together for a concern of a child..
Or sitting together in church and smiling at each other over a grandson's remark..
The enjoyment of laughing together at the same thing..

The small things that you take for granted everyday of your life but would be so missed if they weren't around..
The good and the not so good...

Then there are things that are annoying  like driving slow to save on gas bills or his need to always be the one in charge...
But then you are so glad he is at the helm when there is a crisis..
And always being late.. Oh my... smile..

The faithfulness.. The loyalty.. The trust..The sweetness...

The meagre beginnings that are shared and appreciated..
The children that mean the whole world to both..
The joy of a hug and a kiss still after all these years..
Looking across the mall and knowing the set of those shoulders...
Seeing the same light in his eye that I saw many years ago.. smile..

The giving and taking..
The compromises ..
The love and trust we share in our God....

Yes... tonight it is the little things that make me love him so.. smile..

Thank you Jesus..

So....  if this is just a little too corny for you all then just blame it on Valentines Day...

That is all she wrote for that post.. smile.. 
Hopefully it will touch your heart in some way.. 

Tomorrow morning I hope to begin doing something special for him or us together until then.
Only 3 days..  
Tomorrow I think I will bake some homemade bread.. 
Don't tell him.. smile.. 
We haven't had bread for weeks so it will be a treat..
I will let you know how that goes tomorrow night if I possible can.. 

just the two of  us....
Thanks so much for dropping by and I so love your little notes.. 
I treasure each one.. 

God bless and may you have a wonderful week ... 


  1. I agree, it's the little things.

  2. What a sweet post! So thankful that God has blessed me with a loving husband and after 33 years of marriage, he's still my very favorite person. Your blog is my favorite and such an encouragement to me.

  3. What a beautiful pic of the two of you! Isn,t great to still be with the one you love after all these years we,ve had with them, we are truly blessed. Love you my dear cousin.

  4. Awww...precious picture!

    Grace & Peace,

  5. You said it all so perfectly! He is a blessed man, and you sound equally blessed. God is so good.

  6. Uplifting and not corny at all, it is indeed the little things that matter, you are both indeed blessed.

  7. I have smiled, I have cried, I have nodded my head yes, I have cried...oh, dear Faye, thank you for being in this space on the internet because we all need to be encouraged in a way that only YOU can encourage. Thank you for this very special reprint of an earlier Valentine's Day post. I loved it. My husband and I will be married 46 years next month and life together just gets sweeter every day. xo

  8. What a beautifully written post, it says everything.

  9. Vonda Driver has left a new comment on your post "This Week of Valentines....":

    This was beautiful Faye...I lost my husband in Jan.2015...and what you described was exactly how it was for me and my hubby...I miss all the little things that he did for me and what we did together...we had almost 45 great years together and I miss and will love him for the remainder of the life I have left.
    This comment was in my email and for some reason did not show up here but it was so sweet I wanted to make sure it went through.. thank you, dear.. xo

  10. How lovely, Faye! You are very fortunate to have such a close relationship with your hubby. Enjoy Valentine's Day.

  11. Aww Faye. I agree, it is the little things that make a relationship work. You and Terry are very blessed. Thanks for sharing. Linda

  12. Hello Faye, I could have written every word you wrote (not as well as you) but the words would have reflected our lives here at our house. We will be married 53 years this May. It isn't always like it is in the movies. It is a quiet contenment that has helped us through the years. I pray that you and Terry have the most wonderful Valentine's Day. And may God watch over you, Terry and your family.


  13. An absolutely beautiful post! Tears of love for my wonderful husband, and best friend of 33 years, poured down my cheeks as I thought of him while reading this. Thank you, Faye!!
    Many Blessings,

  14. You both are so lucky. You have no idea. I just got out of an abusive relationship. It would be so nice to be with someone who always has your
    back. I hope you have many more years together.