Wednesday, February 28, 2018

This and That..

Hello dear hearts.. 
How are you all doing? 
We have had a lovely sunny day here in New Brunswick.. 
It sure feels like Spring and makes one think that she has arrived.. Won't be long now.. smile.. 

Just writing a little post about our doings as usual.. 
The sun has been shining in the windows and make me long for the garden so I did a few plant chores.. 
My Pregnant Onion which I love had outgrown her pot so repotted her and her many babies in a nice new home. 
It has a few specks on it so cut it down and sprayed some homemade Insecticide..
1 heavy T. Castile or pure Soap to 1 litre of spring water.. 
Place in a spray bottle.. 
I find this works really well.. 

On another day when we were at the market I bought a lovely big box of pears and made these.. 

They are so delicious with one in bowl along with a some of the juice and a bit of whipped cream.. 
Perfect ending to a supper meal.. 

Love fish meals.. 

On another day my friend Dawn and I each made this bread.. 

And sent each other pics of how it was turning out.. smile.  
Neither of us liked the apples on it but the bread was good.. 

This is a photo of an old church near where I grew up.. 

My sister sent it to me.. 
When we drove by the other day it was being renovated to be a house or something.. 
Such a shame that so many of these old churches are not being used as churches any more.. 
Matt. 24: 12-14.. 

I haven't accomplished near the chores that I hoped to... 
As always... 
I did get all of my cupboards and pantry cleaned and organized though.. 

I love blue dishes.. 
Do you?  

What do you like for breakfast.. 
Here is one of my favourites.. 

Eggs and bacon are not anything  I ever want .. 
Terry loves that .. 
Whenever I cook rice for supper I always make extra so I can have a breakfast bowl.. 
I just put a speck of oil and butter in a small fry pan.. Add some chopped peppers, onions, and here a few asparagus.. 
A shake of chili flakes and garlic powder and that is all it needs .. 
Salt and pepper.. 

Try it .. You might like it.. grin.. 
A couple of old dishes that I love.. 
I bought the mild pitcher at an antique store and my sister gave me the little salt shaker/pepper set.. 

Came across this on the web.

How true it is for me.. 

A few old books around here.. 

So that is all for tonight my friends.. 
I am afraid it is a bit mundane on here tonight.. 
Sorry about that.. 
I will try to do better next time.. 

I do have a prayer request for you who believe in the power of prayer.. 
A sweet blogger, Donna who I have learned to call friend is in need of strength and peace.. 
A very short time ago she lost her husband to cancer.. They are only middle aged and she still had two girls home with her.. 
And an older girl who with her husband and children moved home to be near her Momma.. 
Yesterday, I received the saddest email from her requesting prayer for her and her family. Her sweet Julie had been killed in a car accident on her way to college.. 
My heart so goes out to her... 
She said her heart was shattered and only Jesus was holding her together.. 
So thankful she has faith in God.. 
He alone can give her the peace and strength she will need.. 
Please join with me in lifting her and her sweet family up in prayer.. 
The Dawson Family 

Thank you .. 
God bless and and hug your loved ones.. 


  1. Praying for Donna and her family. So grateful to know there is more to life than this cruel world!

  2. Holding the Dawson's up for comfort, peace, courage, and strength.
    My heart breaks for them!

  3. Heart breaking to hear of your friend losing her husband and daughter so close together. Prayers go out to this family and will request my prayer warriors to hold them up in prayer also. Love each and every blog you write and so appreciate how this modern age of technology can be used to bind christians together to pray for and uplift each other, no matter where we live. When I almost died from cancer 4 years ago, that's what kept me going. Katy Lamb in Arkansas

  4. The Dawson family will be in my prayers. Like Katy I am so thankful for technology keeping families together and sustaining each other through prayer.

  5. The Dawson family are in my thoughts - words don't seem enough at a time like this. Wishing them strength and love to see them through.

    Please don't feel your posts are mundane Faye - they are an anchor in stormy seas and the everyday is sometimes just what we need.
    I love the quote about the love of books and a garden ( I would have to add dogs too!).

  6. Hello dear Faye, I always enjoy a tour of your pantry because you always have something beautifully blue and white in it. ~smile~ I love pears and yours look scrumptious...and I'm giving your end of the meal suggestion a know, the pear with some juice and some whipped cream. Sounds divine! Unfortunately, we are seeing the same thing happening to our rural churches here, too. It is such a sad thing to see happening. Have a lovely weekend, my friend.xx

  7. Not at all a mundane post, Faye, just a lovely gentle meander through your days.
    Praying for your friends, so very tragic.

  8. No mundane post here Faye, you always bring a touch of sunshine into our lives. My mouth is watering looking at those beautiful pears! Yum. Oh the beauty in those colors of the sky and beautiful church with snow all around. Your sister got a great photo! I am not much on breakfast either, so your rice mixture sounded very interesting...might give that a try someday. I love books also, reading is such an adventure in your mind. :) Praying with you and all the others for your friend, so heartbreaking. Have a great weekend and God Bless!