Saturday, February 3, 2018

Saturday Night Ramble and Roll...

Happy Saturday night everyone.. 
Hope you are all having a great weekend.. 
It is a cold day here but we have had some weather the last few days.  
Snow then rain then deep freezing.. 
Oh well, it is winter here in Canada... 

And the month of January has passed and February is upon us.. 
Have been loving the days of January.. 
Some of the joys of being retired is sleeping a bit late in the mornings.. 
Especially, on windy blowy days where it is just so cozy to stay snuggled up in the warm blankets.. 
Making porridge with a drizzle of maple syrup for breakfast.. 
Doing the morning routine which we are used to.. 
One of the things I usually do is to strike a match to some incense or a candle if it is a dull cloudy day, especially.. smile.. 

A new box of White Sage that smells lovely.. 

Then on with the chores for the day... 
There is always laundry, tidying up and such to do.. 
Making soup for lunch almost always.. 
Asian Noodle Soup.. 
Some of my own sprouts on top.. 
So good.. 

Little chores..

Cleaning up a little thrift store find.. 

A wee silver basket filled with 4 fruit napkin rings.. 
Cute, eh? 
Love cloth napkins and napkin rings.. 

Putting labels on homemade marmalade.. 

Taking little drives..
This one to Sussex..

Trying out new recipes for supper.. 

Stuffed Apples from the Country Living UK magazine.. 
The apples are stuffed with a pork mixture.. 

A lovely old church in it's Winter White.. 

One of our go to meals.. 

Maritimer's Fish Chowder.. 

Bought some wonderful cook books at the Thrift stores.. 

Love reading them and finding a recipe or two to try.. 
Dinner Chez Moi is by a girl Laura Calder from our province of New Brunswick..  

Do you remember me saying that Terry had spray painted some pots copper colour for me to plant my herbs in?? 
I planted them all.. 5 of them and for some reason every pot broke. 
Weird, eh?  
Anyway, I bought 5 new pots and replanted them.. 
They look lovely.. 
The light was not good for me to take a pic.. 
Next time.. smile.. 

Enjoy the snowy days.. 

So long as it is not too fierce and our children are not travelling.. 
Makes me want to make soup.. lol.. 
I guess I would be making it anyway.. 

Tomato Vegetable.. 
Using up veggies that was canned last summer.. 

We had pizza one day with this great 2 ingredient crust recipe.. 

We loved this and Terry told me to make it again soon.. 
You can just make your own self rising flour. 

To make your own, combine 1 cup of all-purposeflour with 1 1/2 teaspoons of baking powder and 1/2 teaspoon of salt. ..

Perhaps we will have a Quesadilla for breakfast.. 
A drizzle of hot sauce and a bit of sour cream... 
Rambling along here.. 
Making some tea towels and such.. 

 during an afternoon.. 

I have also been cleaning and sorting and getting rid of stuff.. 

Doing the pantry and cupboards, drawers and book shelves.. 
Next week I hope to attack a few closets.. smile.. 

One fun chore I did was to make some Celery Pickles.. 

They are delicious!! 

The recipe came from the cook book 
Cafe Kitchen... 

Most evenings I will have a glass of Clamato Juice with a Celery Pickle.. 
So easy to make and such a treat... 

Well, dear hearts I guess this is it for tonight.. 

Just a little ramble and roll for you once again.. 

Tomorrow is the Lord's Day!
Read last night in Isaiah to call the Sabbath a delight.. 
And truly it is .. 
We are so blessed to live in a country where we can gather together on a Sunday and worship the King of Kings and the Lord of Lords.. 
You sweet friends have a great week and we will chat again soon.. 
Thank you for the new followers of the blog here and on Face Book and for all of your dear comments.. 

God bless you this night... 


  1. Faye, thanks for the usual beautiful photos of your winter. That is strange about the pots I must say. Church is over here in Australia and there is tennis to watch on TV this afternoon as Australia plays Germany. A relaxing day!

  2. Gosh, girl, I sure wish you would write a recipe blog! LoL I never thought about pickled celery. I bet it is good!

    Grace & Peace,

  3. Always a pleasure to visit here, it always brings a smile....same weather here in western NY, is winter afterall. I hope you have a lovely asunday, smiles.

  4. Faye, you truly know how to make a life beautiful. xo

  5. Your photos are beautiful and your text, very evocative.

  6. What a lot you achieve during your days. Loved the photos particularly of the snowy landscape and old church. We have many bulbs showing in the garden now so spring can't be too far away.

  7. Always a joy to visit your little corner of blogland. Love the images you evoke of your Winters and wonderful recipes. I love the idea of pickled celery.

  8. Wow you got a lot done! PS I am finally doing some planning for a blog. Will let you know when it goes live! You are an inspiration!

  9. You have been filling in your days very productively, Faye. Always so interesting to read.

  10. The very first photo on this post is so pretty even though it's cold outside! This afternoon Phil and I went out for lunch after church to Red Lobster, a gift card to redeem from our anniversary last year! I had mashed sweet potatoes, which are really yams, and topped with honey roasted pecans to go with my skewered grille shrimp! Oh so delicious! Clementine marmalade sounds tasty. Do you have a recipe for that? Yummy to eat them for my afternoon break at work. Our worship service is amazing and so was the sermon today. We are teaching 4/5 grade boys this month at church. Thanks for you blog posts...I enjoy them often! Have a blessed week!

  11. Lovely post and photos . I like the incense going on a dull cold day this time of year to , mine is Sandalwood scent smells soo nice and comforting especially with a hardy stew going in the slow cooker and a few nice cups of tea on the go . Thanks for sharing , have a good week !

  12. You are making the best of winter days! Always love seeing the little projects you are doing, and the fun new meals and canning recipes that you try. The days are getting longer, spring will be here before we know it. Pretty picture of your drive into Sussex. Hope you are having a lovely week!

  13. May I come live with you, Faye? I think you love soup as much as I do. smile. And your marmalade is just gorgeous. Makes me hungry for English muffins and/or biscuits with some of it spread on top of some good Amish butter. YUM!

  14. I loved all your ramblings, and all the photo's. What a cozy home and life you have. HUGS!

  15. We have been using cloth napkins too, makes our meals seem a little more elegant! Your food photos have made me very hungry, but it's 10:30 PM so I'll have to wait til morning!