Wednesday, April 18, 2018

Midweek in April... ..

Good Evening my lovelies... 
Just a post of some web pics that I have enjoyed lately and a little midweek doings.. 
Someone said Spring is on it's way here and it put me in the mood for flowers.. 
Wild Spring flowers will soon be blooming here in the Maritimes of Canada.. 
Dandelions, May Flowers, Purple Violets, Trilliums,  Dogtooth Violets and so many more.. 
Looking forward to making Dandelion Jelly, Violet Salves and such.. 

We have been blessed with some rain this week.. This is a good thing as it is causing the snow to disappear..  
Feeling very sorry for Southern Ontario and the terrible ice storms they have had to get through and then more storms for tomorrow.. 

I guess we won't complain about our weather even though Spring seems still so out of our reach.. 

We are having a busy week.. 
On Sunday we had church and went out to lunch with friends, then Monday we had business (the dreaded taxes) appointments and on Tuesday doctor's appointments, a bit of shopping while we are out and about and Bible Study last night.. 

This morning I decided to get a few things finished before I had to get ready for another appointment this afternoon.. 
So I made a loaf of bread, a boiled ham dinner, cleaned the fridge all out and made an Israeli Salad, stripped the bed and washed it, emptied the dishwasher and put them away.... 
Oh yes and did a bit of embroidery when I take my wee breaks.. I am finding the picking up of it a bit addictive.. smile.. 

I am in my old flannel house nightgown.. You know the kind that is so great for housework but you wouldn't want to be caught dead in... I had washed my hair last night and had just tucked it up in a knot on top of my head... I looked so lovely!  
I didn't sweep because I had hoped to vacuum and scrub nor did I clean off the table because it had a pile of books that I needed to drop off at the library when we went to the doctor, a parcel that I had been getting ready to send to Dustin and..... 
Oh yes!  My new Betta Fish... Skittles|!!  
I had bought an old coffee pot at the Thrift store yesterday and a few fish bowl items and had put him in last night and that was all on the table.. I think Terry left his coat on the chair and a large bottle of pop sitting by the couch.. 
Whatever!! I expect you are getting the picture!! grin 

In order for me to get a bunch of things done when we have been running the roads every day is to just do them and forget the finer things of life like cleaning up.. 
I must not forget about the tax papers everywhere because that is another thing we have been doing for a couple of weeks here and there... 
Are you getting the jist of it all?

My typical type of household.. 
I was on my way in to get ready when I heard the dog barking.. 
I turned around and came out to see what was going on.. 
I thought it was Terry.. 
Went to look out the garage door and there were a couple of our dearest friends.. 
Oh my word!!  
All I could do was tell Terry to get the dog and told them to go to the front door.. 
We have to put him in the kennel because he is a bit scary to people.. 
I ran for the bedroom to put some clothes on and just forgot about my hair..  
They have been our friends for over fifty years and this is not the first mess they have witnessed!  
She is immaculate and always looks like a fashion model.. 
And always so hospitable.. 
So lovely to be like that... 

Life is what you make it!  
So we just sat and had a wonderful chat after I decided to stop feeling stupid..

I always tell everyone to just give me ten minutes warning.. 
Cell phones are great for that.. 
When I said that to Roger, he just laughed and 
said that wouldn't be any fun.... lol!! 

I was going to say that I need to improve myself and get more organized but after all these years that is not about to happen.. 
What I plan on doing is getting a nice dinner ready, the house cleaned and myself dressed and invite them back.. haha
Love our friends.. 

We went to the doctor and I had a great time at the Library while Terry did some errands..
Then home and supper and here we are... 
I did sweep as soon as I got back home... smile..

I was working on my journal the other day and came across a scrap of paper where I had wrote down a bit I had read in a book somewhere.. 
Thought I would share it with you.. 
Seems appropriate.. 

It is the ancient science of household management.. 
Making delicious bread.. taking care of husband and tending your soul.. 
I do some of that stuff.. grin.. 

I had planned on doing a blog post tonight so I had taken a few pics of the bread, salad and ham dinner...   

I love the broth on the dinner so I eat it like a soup.. 
Terry likes his on a plate.. 
Ham, potatoes, onion, celery, carrots and cabbage.. 
Add a bay leaf, hot pepper flakes and parsley.. 

This is my story for today dear hearts..

Dustin sent us this pic of the Alberta sunrise this morning.. 

Missing my boy... 

Thank you all for visiting and your sweet comments and sharing the post on Face Book.. 
Look forward to hearing from you as always.. 
Have a great week.. 
God bless... 
He is faithful!!  


This is a link to a youtube that my friend Rhonda posted on her Friday reading list.. I loved it .. You can see it HERE


  1. What kind of camera do you use for your photos? They are lovely.

  2. Oh Faye if you had not said you had company drop in after that great build up, I would not have believed you :) I was laughing out loud and wondering "who" came and so glad to find out it was dear long time friends....they are the best. So glad you let yourself enjoy the visit. Loved the picture of the Sunrise. Thanks for sharing and leading us on your "word trip" this time which was almost as good as your road trips. Much Blessings!!

  3. Love it all Faye! You are so sweet. You and I would do well. I always feel bad I am not more organized and wonder I am not more like my mother who keeps her house immaculate. I always need at least 10 minutes too :) At least it shows we have lots of fun involved in so many things! I don't think there is much chance my housekeeping will improve after 24 years of marriage! Love the pic of those little embroidered pillows!

  4. Love the beautiful photos. I too was laughing about your description and friends visit. True friends don't judge, so I am sure you have nothing to worry about. The bread looked delicious.

  5. What beautiful photos - it is so wonderful to see images of spring to lift the spirits. The cat and bird video is so tender- I have watched it over and over.
    Thank you!

  6. It had to happen! But with old friends what is more important than time together. I'm sure they didnt even notice anything amiss!

  7. I say, don't worry about how everything looked. They came to see you-not your house. I am trying to learn how to live this motto, not just say it. (lol) God bless.

  8. As always a lovely post and photos . Oh my word what a lovely surprise visit from your firnds so wonderful for you all . Here in southwestern Ontario our storms are all done but weren't as bad as they were for others to the north and east of us . No snow at all here green grass all around and our temps are warming ti what they should be now for the day and nights and lots of sunshine we finely have spring here WOOHOO ! Thanks for sharing , Have a good weekend !

  9. Such lovely, sweet, warm photos!

  10. By the way, what type of bread is this?

    1. Hello dear Sue... So happy to see you here.. The bread is the No Knead one that I favour...
      Here is the link..

  11. Your tomato salad looks so yummy ...and I am like you...I'd like my boiled ham dinner as a soup. I LOVE soup of any kind. And loved hearing about your morning of doing your jobs around the house in your nightgown and then having friends drop by before getting ready for the day. I did my housecleaning in the same attire yesterday, but thank heavens I didn't get company before I had a shower! :-) Have a wonderful weekend!

  12. Ha ha Faye, what a funny story about your friends arriving unexpectedly :-) I wish I had been a fly on the wall. Lovely photos as usual. I do hope you have warmer weather very soon.

  13. Isn't that the way it goes... one week you are out of the house every day and the next week you have no where to go and nothing to do! Happy weekend!