Wednesday, April 11, 2018

Midweek Ramble..

Hello my dears... 
Welcome to the Blessed Hearth today.. 
What a perfectly lovely day!! 
Sunny and warm.. 
We can smell the Spring in the air and snow is dripping off of the roof and no icicles.. Yeah!!  

I don't like to complain about the weather because we do live in Canada and it is as it is.. But I am ready for the snow to go.. 

On Monday there was a wonderful wind blowing so I filled the line with bedding... Such a heavenly smell even when we walk into the bedroom.. You can just smell fresh laundry.. 
Should bottle that! smile.. 

I was complaining  speaking to Terry about feeling so so tired lately..
I know it is just the change of season and it happens to me every year but I still complain about it..
My friend Pam also has the same
I mentioned to him that perhaps it was the air in here making me that way.. 
He said very quickly that it certainly was not that way in the bedroom!!
  One would think I have the window wide open every night..
 wink wink.... 
I know that this too will pass or I hope it will and I will feel a bit of energy.. 

Do you feel tired this time of year? 

Well.. On with the story.. 

We did have a lovely day..

First thing this morning I went into the pantry and made a pan of raisin scones.. 

So happy that I did make myself learn to make these this past Winter.. 
I buttered up two and a bit of homemade blueberry jam, grabbed my jacket and Terry gathered the water bottles and we headed for the farm.. 
Just too nice of a day not to drive up there.. 

Days like this the farm calls our name.. 
I still can't go there for the day until the snow melts more and Terry heats the house for a few days.. 
These old bones do not like dampness so he just goes and does some work and runs the wood stove.. 
He is to paint the kitchen this time.. 
He promised!!  lol.. 

But soon.. 
We have so much to do there this Spring.. 
One day and one job at a time.. 

Terry and Charlie went in with the water bottles and I sat in the car with the window down and did a bit of embroidery.. 
I could hear the brook running and birds were singing.. 

This is an old cushion cover I bought at an auction, I think.. 
It is lovely.. 
I would say it is three quarters finished.. 
Such an old song.. 
I think by Vera Lynn during WW2... 

Here is a Youtube of the song.. HERE.. 

Here they come back.. 
We love the Spring water and Terry thinks it is worth the work even when the lane is full of snow ... smile.. 

Rambling all over the place once again.. smile.. 

This is some potatoes we had one day.. 
An old fashioned lunch.. 
Mom always makes these...
She would have a pan of them ready for my sister's and my lunch on school days when we were kids..
Fried Potatoes are what we call them.. 
 We slice a a few raw potatoes into a tablespoon or so of bacon fat, butter, olive oil or even coconut oil (or so I have read) salt and pepper and a few sprinkled herbs.. 
I usually have a bit of bacon fat saved but a bit of butter and olive oil are good also.. 
I did read where some are using coconut oil.. 
Whatever turns your crank..

Mom never adds herbs but you know me.. 
Parsley, thyme or summer savory are lovely.. 
Thyme here if I remember right.. 
Terry loves the crispy parts.. 

We do not have these often but every once in awhile we get a hankering for them. smile.. 
You know what I mean, eh? 

I am making a lot of salves lately.. 

Tansy Salves for my friend, Crystal and Gardeners Salves and such.. 
If you would like to buy a bottle just inbox or email me... \
I do not mail any but if you live nearby and I can deliver it then that is fine.. 
They are made with herbs, olive, almond or coconut oils,  etc. Vitamin E, beeswax and essential oils ... 
There is a lovely Rose Petal one with Coconut oil for your face... 
Also doing a few other things. 

When we arrived back home I put one of our farm chickens in a roasting bag with veggies for supper.. 

So delicious!!  
Terry loved it as did I.. 
Here is the link for the recipe..

I couldn't find the roasting bags at the stores around here at all but when we were in Bangor I found them there.. 
Probably they can be bought on Amazon or whatever.. 

This is a pic I put on Instagram of Charlie.. 

Such a dear dog..
He so loves hanging his head out of the window.. smile.. 

Anyway, this is a little bit of a ramble for you.. 
So happy you dropped by and leave me your little notes.. 
I so enjoy them.. 
I do try to answer you on FaceBook most times.. 
Thanks for sharing the posts.. xo

God bless your sweet hearts.. 


  1. What a joy it must have been for you to visit the farm again. Loved the embroidery and the look of those potatoes. I generally cook potatoes like that when I have some left over boiled potatoes from a previous dinner with some chopped onion or chives.

  2. I love ramble and roll posts and your photos are lovely - especially Charlie. An airy bedroom is so nice - if you closed the windows Terry would probably complain its stuffy!

  3. Lovely post! Oh I wish I lived near enough to purchase one of your salves! Where do you find the cute jar lids? Never seen any like them! Hugs

  4. I cannot wait to come to the farm this summer! Love your rambles Faye! I will stop by soon!

  5. What a delightful ramble with you, Faye. I wish I could visit!

  6. Hello Dear One....It is great to hear all of your news. I am loveing the know... being a farm girl and all!!!! HAHA Jim wants you to send over some fried potatoes if you could spare a good helping. HAHA He just thinks they look wonderful. I agree, we have not had them in so long. I seem sure we will be having them soon! I am feeling better with all that ails me...maybe it is that spring is coming. ????????

  7. Lovely post and photos . We are having a thunderstorm as I type this to you with a blast of heavy rain . No snow left here for some time now just spring trying to do her thing lol ! I make pan fried potatoes like that with olive oil herbs, pork chops and veggies it is one of our favorite one pan meals I like to cook up . I sometimes get that sleepy feeling this time of year especially if the weather is in between seasons and it doesn't know what to do . Thanks for sharing hope you find your energy soon and feel better . Have a good weekend !

  8. You may call them ramblings...I call them interesting posts!!
    I may be out of energy right now but not sure...we have been remodeling our bathroom and it's an every day thing where we work from morning till supper...if I'm tired I'm not sure if it's the work or just 'me' lol.

    If I lived close to you I'd buy one of your salves...they sound wonderful.

    Doug and I LOVE pan fried potatoes - a favorite way to have a tater!
    I made a baked chicken last week that came from an Amish cookbook and it was the juiciest one I've ever made.

    Always love visiting here Faye...

  9. I always love your farm pictures. We love fried potatoes. They have always been a staple here. God bless.

  10. Hi Faye, Love your post! I am definitely interested in some salves. Your pictures are great.

  11. I swear by B12 for energy. The experts say anyone over the age of 50 needs to supplement even if they get enough in their food. Due to less than efficient digestion as we age, they say we need mega amounts so our bodies will absorb enough. I've been taking B12 for years now. I used to run out of steam by noon. I dare not take it at the evening meal b/c it will keep me awake all night. My sis, when she entered her 5th decade, mentioned being so tired and I told her about the B12. She started taking it and now people at work comment that they can't keep up with her. I favor the sublingual kind (you put it under your tongue). It doesn't have to go through the liver to be metabolized. We can buy it OTC here in the states. I take it at breakfast or lunch daily. If it is going to make a difference you will know right away.

    Because it is a water soluble vitamin you body will discard what you do not need, so no worries about overdosing.

  12. Vitamin D3 is our cure for the Spring blah. We take 10,00 units for a few days and then cut it back to 5000. Take it early in the day. Hope it helps. Sunshine is also helpful but of course D3 is the sunshine vitamin.