Thursday, April 26, 2018

Spring is here!!

Hello everyone... 
So glad to have you visit.. 

It is finally Spring here in New Brunswick.. 
Warm sunny days or cloudy ones with lovely laundry winds.. 
Yesterday I washed and dried all of the throws, bedding and such.. 
They blew out so nice and not a wrinkle in them and they smell beautiful!
Terry worked outside in the yard with raking and all.. 
  A spring blessing for sure..

Today it was raining so Terry washed woodwork, doors and window frames.. 
He is a good man! smile..
I cleaned drawers and closets in our bedroom.. 
I am a lover of books.. Need I say more?  grin.. 
I now have two huge bags.. Some to turn in for a coupon and others to donate.. 
Trying so hard to declutter.. 
Bags of clothes we don't wear, etc, etc... smile.. 

Feels good to get some Spring cleaning under way.. 

Woke up in the night to hear rain falling and a nice brisk breeze.. 
My wind chime clunking away.. 
Another lovely Spring blessing.. 
I know my window is open in all seasons but rain sounds better then snow.. grin.. 

In the kitchen this week I made some Homemade Mayo with my stick blender and organic eggs.. 
What a neat way to make mayonnaise.. 
Here is the link.. 

I saw this on Master Chef Australia!  
Their recipe was only 1 egg yolk, 1/2 tsp. Dijon Mustard, lemon juice from half of a lemon, 1/2 tsp. salt and 1 cup of oil... 

The recipe above on the link is just a bit different but it is pretty much the same.. It only took about 2 minutes to make.. 
I used it to make the Broccoli and Cauliflower Salad for supper the other night.. 

As always I potter away in the pantry.. 
Making biscuits, cookies or a loaf of bread. 
Made some cookies and fudge to mail out west.. smile.. 
I am doing very well in keeping the pantry organzied.. 
I redid it over the winter and Terry painted the herb cupboard and hung some lights ...
I got rid of so many pans and stuff I didn't use.. 
Makes it so much easier to keep.. 
I am a pantry lover.. 
Looking forward to working in the farm one this summer... 

Did you notice my new fish?  
I had put him in a coffeepot as I had saw the idea on the web but there was not enough room for him to swim in.. 
This big bottle is much better.
There are plant cuttings in the top and he feeds off of them.. 
He is named after Kyle Bush's car.. 
Don't tell my grandsons.. grin.. 
I am his only fan in this family.. lol.. 

We had a down home supper tonight.. 
Shake and Bake chicken, stuffing and mashed along with the Fiddle heads I canned last Spring and some Dill pickles from the cold cellar.. 
It will soon be Fiddlehead season here.. 
So happy with them canned rather than frozen... 
I only have 1 bottle of dills left, I think.. 
They are our favourites and are gone first... 

We went to Sussex one day and it was so neat to see the snow disappearing so quickly... We met up with Trevor (our oldest son) and he and his Dad visited their fave store together.. 
Canadian Tire.. grin.. 

Including a couple of pics of dear Charlie.. 
He loves Spring days, too.. 
He just stands on the deck and sniffs.. 
So many interesting scents for him to smell.. 
I told him I wanted his pic for Dustin (our youngest son who is his owner) to see.. 
So he just stood there saying hi.. grin.. 

Our daughter and family are in Mexico.. 
Each morning she sends me a pic to show me she is doing lovely and having a grand time.. 
Do you think she wonders if I am worrying.. 
No... not me.. grin.. 

Love love our kids!  
So thankful to the Lord for our sweet family.. 
Our kids and their spouses and 5 wonderful grandsons... 
A blessing for all seasons... 

Thanking God for the Spring and all the blessings it brings.. 

Remember ... 
Life is what you make it... 

Thanks for visiting and your sweet comments here and on the Face book page.. 
Love hearing from you dear people.. 

God bless.. xo


  1. Wonderful pictures and it is good to hear you are finally into springtime! We are, too! But it is very slow coming! Doing the some closets and drawers and going to see if Jim will help me wash some of the downstairs woodwork. You have to...especially if you have animals. Our little darling cat loves to rub up a gainst the corners of the wood work and it is beginning to look dingy. Keep working along there, Faye. Keep up all of your good work!!!!

  2. Love skittles, smile. Springtime is always filled with hope for the year and to get me out of the winters blues. I love hanging out my wash also and your salad looks very good. I'm going to try the dressing you used. I hope you have a wonderful day.

  3. Charlie looks good.

  4. Always a joy to hang out the washing and bring it in smelling so wonderful. The decluttering of this little cottage has started in earnest but I have yet to get started with the Spring cleaning.

  5. Just found your blog through another, and will enjoy reading through your archives.

  6. I agree with you it is good to get started on spring cleaning and decluttering. I love hanging clothes outside. They smell so good. Your fish is very cute and I love his name. God bless.

  7. I have started a bit of spring cleaning here and there. Yesterday was sunny and warm but the weather has changed back to rain and cold again today. It's very dreary and not very motivating.

  8. Thank you for the pictures of Charlie. I dont know why I love the sight of washing blowing on the line so much - I guess like everyone else it makes me think of freshness and spring and lovely clean linen back on the bed. It is such a simple domestic pleasure.

  9. Lovely photos and goodies as always Faye . I am glad spring has sprung your way now to . We are in full bloom here now and the grass will need to be cut soon. I to love the smell of fresh aired laundry . This week for us is going to be summer like temps and lots of sunshine for the most part . Thanks for sharing , Have a good week !

  10. That poor fish. With a name like that he will keep hitting the walls of his tank... PS Charlie is beaut...

    1. LOL!! So sorry dear grandson but Skittles is the best swimmer in the tank!! Just like that guy in the races... hahaha.. I won't say his name but he drives the Skittles car... Love ya.. xo