Wednesday, April 4, 2018


Hello there dearies.. 
Hope you had a great Easter weekend.. 
What a lovely time of year.. 
A few days when the world takes the time to celebrate the wonderful hope that we have in Jesus.. 
To count our blessings as Christians in a world today that sometimes seems to have lost their hope.. 
Misplaced it is really more accurate.. 
Jesus paid a price for our souls to give us a hope beyond the grave.. 
So blessed to realize  all over again that because He lives we can face tomorrow! 
So love that old song.. 

The peace He gives is what makes the difference to Christians.. 
You can't explain it but when you go through the storms of life and call on His Name then He is there with you and gives you that real peace that only He can give.. 
The storm may still be going on but His love gets you through.. 
He is our refuge..
So thankful.. 

Spring is here in Eastern Canada...
The snow is leaving.. 
Thank the Lord.. 
Ready for sun, gardens and clothes blowing on the line.. smile.. 

There were a few decorations around here for a week or so.. 
Then on Good Friday we headed to our daughter's house..
As always her home was decorated beautifully!  

Dinner was great! 
The boys were there and it was so nice to see them.. 
They are busy with university which will soon be over for the summer.. 

Shonda made these little baskets for each place setting.. 
So sweet, eh? 

Then we had a beautiful service on Sunday with worship to the King of kings.. 

On Monday we had Mom and my Step-Father over for dinner.. 
So blessed to still have her with us.. 
She brought me a loaf of homemade bread, a big package of napkins, cookie tins and a big bowl ... smile.. 
She still makes her own bread quite often.. 
Isn't that wonderful? 
She loved looking at anything new there might be here.. 
Some pantry lights, window herbs and a bunting... 

We had a Turkey dinner and enjoyed the afternoon visiting.. 
Then we drove down to Sussex to have dinner with our oldest son, Trevor for supper with his family.. 
It was delicious!  
The boys had their girlfriends there and we had a good time... 
Trevor had to work this Easter so we couldn't seem to get together all at the same time.. 
That happens some years.. 
And of course our youngest son is out west.. 
Thought about him all weekend.. Miss him... 

I made a new soup from Marion Cunningham's cookbook.. 
Mustard Green Soup.. 

It was good but I probably won't make it again as Terry wouldn't even try it.. I liked it but not enough to make it again.. 
Mustard greens are a bit 

So ... 
Easter is over for another year but the hope of the happenings of that Easter 2000 years ago are with us every day.. 
Giving us peace and hope... 

So glad you dropped by once again my friends and look forward to hearing from you all.. 
Thanks for your sweet comments.. I appreciate each and every one.. 
God bless... 


  1. Lovely post and photos . Glad you had a wonderful Easter weekend as well . Spring is here to but winter just doesn't seem to want to leave right now . We just had a all day storm of mixed weather and very high winds lots of power outages including us but storms are gone winds are calm and power restored now thank goodness and all is well again I to feel blessed every day for my family , friends and our little home . Thanks for sharing , have a good week !

  2. Shonda must have learned to set such a beautiful table from you! Sounds like you had a wonderful weekend. So blessed to still have your mom and that she brings you homemade bread!!

  3. Sounds like a wonderful Easter amidst family, the best way to spend such a wonderful celebration.

  4. What a nice family Easter time you had.

  5. Sounds and looks lovely! Yes, calling upon the name of Jesus - blessed assurance!

  6. Lovely post, as always. Easter is my favorite holiday b/c of what it commemorates--the resurrection our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. He LIVES! Love Shonda's Easter table. Was wondering if the adorable baskets at each place are made from dyed coffee filters? I want to try making them b/c they are so darn cute.

  7. Loved your post with photos of your table settings! Looks like you had a nice time with family. We sang "Because He Lives" at church on Sunday. I've not sung that in awhile! Love it! Cool weather and rain in Oregon. Tulips are up but slowly out in the field. Blessings my friend. Stay warm!😉

  8. You had a busy and blessed Easter, how wonderful :)


  9. "The peace He gives is what makes the difference to Christians..
    You can't explain it but when you go through the storms of life and call on His Name then He is there with you and gives you that real peace that only He can give..
    The storm may still be going on but His love gets you through..
    He is our refuge.."

    Powerful! Thank you.

  10. Your decorations and your table look so pretty. I don't think I would care much for the mustard green soup either. However growing up mustard greens were a staple on my mom's table. I love the picture of your mom. She is such a beautiful lady. God bless.

  11. One can sure tell where your daughter gets her decorating skills! Lovely! I like mustard greens but I'm not sure about a soup made with them. Although, I do like collards and cabbage used in a soup. That cookbook sounds like a good one!

    Grace & Peace,

  12. Hi Faye. Just popped in to say Hi and Happy Spring to you. It sure isn't spring-like here yet but it's coming. I enjoyed your post and your daughter's beautiful Easter decor and table. Take care and have an enjoyable spring. Hugs. Pam