Thursday, July 5, 2018

A day at the farm...

Good Evening everyone.. 
So happy to have you visit... 
Hope you are all well.. 
We are going through a heat wave here in Eastern Canada.. 
A very cool Spring and now right into above 30 degrees C. every day... 
The first few were fine because we were so happy to have a summer's day but now it is like ok... enough!  lol.. 
We are hard to please I am thinking.. 
We were at the farm a few days this week.. 
Picked some chive blossoms and am steeping some vinegar... 
It is lovely and turns a nice pink shade.. 

The pantry is now back to normal almost.. 
Except for an old cupboard that needs to be sold.. 
This is what I see out of the window.. 

Aunt Eva's old apple tree.. 
My swing is not hung yet nor do I have my bunting made.. 
So slow this year... 
But the garden is in and coming up.. 

The garlic are starting to scape... 
Can't wait to get at them.. 
We just potter away at stuff.. 
Boxes and boxes to sort.. 
I try not to think about it all or it overwhelms me.. 
I will be so happy when we get a yard sale under our belt and get some spaces empty of stuff... 

We had a pan of fried potatoes for supper the other night.. 

Something we don't have very often but pretty soon we won't be able to buy old potatoes and new ones just do not fry up the same.. 
We did not plant potatoes but thinking we should have.. 
Oh well.. 
The herbs are doing well.. 
I need to get my basil plants in soon... 

We are still coming home each night.. 
Charlie enjoys the farm but as soon as he figures out we are leaving he is ready to go... smile.. 

He finds it a bit hot, too... 

Took this lovely pic on the way through Petitcodiac last night.. 

Such beautiful shades.. 
I asked Terry to turn around so I could take it.. 
The Petitcodiac River... 
This river widens out and flows into the Bay of Fundy and has the famous Tital Bore... 
Up here though she is pretty calm..... 

Well, ladies this is just a very short post on a very hot night.. 
The fans are whirling... 
Terry is putting another air conditioner at the farm which will be nice once we get there.. 
Probably next week.. 

Will get back to you all soon.. 
Sorry, I didn't respond to comments on the FB page after saying I usually do but it has been a busy week.. 
I will try harder this time.. 

God bless... 


  1. We are on day 6 of 90+ weather... ugh! I love the bridge photo, the colors are gorgeous and the reflection is so serene! Stay cool!!

  2. Faye you are having Aussie weather over there I think. We are in mid winter and today it is quite warm and humid as there is light rain around but a cold spell is coming on Monday but nothing like you have over there of course. Love your photos as usual.

  3. It has been hot here as well. I said I wasn't going to complain when in April we had our last snow storm from a long winter....but, it's too hot! I often wake at night overwhelmed at all my "junk" I NEED to go through....but, then I wake and another potential client calls...."my mom has a house full of junk, will you come look...." Oh, I just can't help myself....good luck with your sale.

  4. The weather is very hot in the UK too - the old joke about the British summer being 2 hot days followed by a thunderstorm has not proved true this year! I am enjoying swimming in the sea but my roses are going over very quickly - musnt complain. So glad Charlie was in the photos this time! The picture of the bridge is so beautiful it could be on the front of a greetings card.
    Hope you enjoy your days at the farm.

  5. It is a busy time of year and my favorite time of year to as I love getting down and dirty in my gardens lol ! It has been muggy here to but now it has cooled right off and is very pleasant . I do love all your photos and posts , I especially love the bridge and river photo here that would loom awesome in frame on the wall . I love fried potatoes like you we don't have it very often but when we doo YUMMY ! Thanks for sharing , Have a great weekend !

  6. Your pictures are all so beautiful. I love fried potatoes. Grace prefers french fries so I usually do them. I put them in our air fryer though so hardly any oil. God bless.

  7. Oh always glimpses of your day are such a joy to see :) Stay cool dear lady :D

  8. Such a beautiful blog....thank you for sharing your days.

  9. Thank you for your letter to us I enjoyed reading it. Your pictures are very pretty. Blessings