Sunday, July 29, 2018

A little July ramble for you ...

Good Evening everyone.. 
Welcome to the Blessed Hearth ..
Hope all is well with you and yours.. 

Another week has passed and tomorrow is Monday once again.. 
This has been a hot summer and to be truthful I am enjoying the rain storms that came up late this afternoon.. 

We had a lovely church service this morning.. 
Then we welcomed our new pastor and his family with a potluck
lunch ...
It was delicious!

I had made another batch of flat breads yesterday and took them along with a seafood salad and of course some chocolate fudge.. 
The grandson's favourites.. smile.. 

Then this afternoon we went for a drive.. 

Can you believe the Tansy is all in blossom... 
Oh my.. 
I always think of them as a herald to Fall.. Do you?  

We went to Cole's Island and Terry was scouting out the river.. 
The first picture is of the Caanan River also.. 
Terry said that since it was Sunday we would go to the land of Caanan... grin... 

Just a little close up pic of Skittles...

He is doing well.. 
He enjoys sitting as the centrepiece of the kitchen.. 
He feeds on the roots of the plants... 

Picked a pot of raspberries... 
Terry did and I made a dessert... 

Raspberry Shortcake... 

This is an Australian recipe.. 
I found it on Instagram... 

Here it is.. 
Raspberry Shortcake
125 grams (1/2 cup) of soft butter
1 cup sugar 
1 egg
2/3 cup of milk
1 1/2 cup of self rising flour 
Put in a greased 9 inch pan and press the raspberries on top.. 
Bake at 350 degrees F for 40 minutes.. 
This is simply delicious.. 

There was a cup of berries left over so I made a sauce with 2 T. water and 1/3 cup of sugar, 1 tsp. lemon juice.. 
Place in a medium sauce pan and bring to a simmer.. 
Add a tsp. of cornstarch to a tablespoon of water.. 
Stir well and then add to sauce.. 
Simmer just for a minute or two.. 
Taste to adjust sugar and such to your liking.. 
Put in a pouring pitcher and cool.. 
You can also add a spoon of whipped cream.. 

I will try to remember to take a pic before it is gone.. 

Last week we took a little day trip to Fundy National Park.. 

I took a few pics for you...  

Hope you enjoyed the little trip.. 
Did you notice that we stopped and had a lovely sticky bun from the bake shop in Alma.. 
It went lovely with a cup of tea.. 

The breeze off the Bay of Fundy was so refreshing on that hot day.. 
Charlie enjoyed the day trip, too.. smile.. 

We came home and had some fish chowder.. 

Something about the sea air gives you a yearning for fish! 
And this is one of our favourite ways to eat it.. 

I guess this is all for tonight my dears... 
Thanks so much for dropping by.. 
And thanks for all your help with the Soapwort from the last post.. 
I think I shall be transplanting it into a different bed.. smile.. 

Welcome to the new followers and love love your comments.. 
Have a great week and may God bless and keep you.. 

Hugs from this corner of my world.. 


  1. What an enjoyable post . . . I loved every minute that I was here. Your photos are amazing, love the one of the old truck and your photos of the sea made me want to go on a road trip :) I made a very similar recipe last week only I added around a cup of blackberries and one large apricot cut into little chunks. I just used what the garden was giving me and it turned out wonderful. We prefer desserts that are not super sweet and this filled the bill.
    Here's wishing you a lovely week.
    Connie :)

  2. I enjoy my little trip! What fun! Thank you so much for sharing!

    Grace & Peace,


    just thought you might be interested in this recipe..!

  4. Faye, thanks for the photos. You know I always love to look at them. It is so very green over there while we are in another drought here in Australia. Our farmers would love to have all that feed for their animals I am sure as they have none left growing due to the lack of rain. They need lots of prayers.

  5. You took us on a lovely little road trip, I enjoyed coming along with you and experiencing the beauty through your eyes. The fish chowder looked delicious.

  6. Breathtakingly beautiful photos, smiles. Have a beautiful week. smiles

  7. Love yu, Faye.... another busy day! Talk to yu soon! L. S..

  8. Hubby just brought in today's pickings of red raspberries and now I know what I shall do with them. Thank you for sharing the recipe for both the cake and the syrup. We shall be giving it a try very soon. :) Thank you for the trip at the Bay.

  9. Hello Faye my name is Cindy I been following your blog for a while now and I really like your pictures and recipes and crafts and really every thing you write about I love Canada I been there once a long time ago and it was so beautiful. I live in United States in the State of Pennsylvania and I just wanted you to know how much I enjoy your blog very uplifting I like your fish and dog I show the pictures to my grandsons ages 4 and 3 and they love the fish and the dog the have a fish tank to so there really loving Skittles I hope you enjoy your evening and thanks for sharing

  10. Thanks for sharing the recipes and the pictures. Our blackberries are coming in, so I think I will try the recipe using them. I hope I get enough to do the cake and make the sauce. You mentioned the Tansy blooming and it being a forerunner of fall. It seems we may have an early fall. Several trees along the Parkway here are already starting to turn colors. Strange. Enjoy your day and God bless.

  11. Lovely post full of interest and colour x

  12. You live in a such a beautiful and interesting place. The food all looks delicious. Blessings from UT!

  13. Hello Faye...I just wanted to pop back in here and tell you that I made the raspberry shortcake yesterday. I added about 2/3 cup of milk and it was such a nice batter. The cake was delicious. I also made your raspberry sauce to pour over it...oh my goodness! My husband loved it all! Thank you for sharing the recipe.

  14. Every picture tells a wonderful story.. thanks for sharing.

    Fudge and flatbreads; a yummy menu for certain!
    Your home must smell amazing with all the delicious dishes you make.
    I'm sure it's welcoming and warm and a place your family and friends dearly love to be :)

    Have a happy day.

  15. GREAT photos. So serene...

    Chowder looks yummy!

    Your flatbreads in the napkins looked like matzo! :)

  16. I just popped over from Dianna's blog to read about the amazing raspberry cake and sauce that she mentions today. I made an Angel Food cake today and I have strawberries which I'll use in your sauce recipe. Thanks for sharing.
    Also liked your lovely pictures!!