Tuesday, July 24, 2018

The farm in mid July...

Hello dear hearts.. 
Here I am again on this very hot evening... 
It is hot but a lovely breeze is blowing... 
Love summer so am trying really hard not to complain.. smile.. 

We have been to the farm a few days each week and getting a bit of work done.. 
Not enough that is for sure but pottering away.. 

When we were there I dug out some fabric and got to work on my bunting.. 
It hangs from the lilac tree to the apple tree.. 

I wanted it to be colourful so you can see it when you drive by.. 
It was so hot though that I didn't ask Terry to hang it.. 
It is still on the kitchen table.. grin.. 

I don't think I am making them as well as my friends in the UK but it will do.. Just cut out a pennant shape on cardboard then trace them with a marker and cut out.. 
Plugged in my glue gun.. 
Ran a strip of glue across the wide edge and had my jute string already.. 
Flattened it with my fingers and continued on.. 
Burned them a few times but whatever.. grin.. 

It is finished and I had some left so made one for my Mom.. 
My step father is 87 and he painted their veranda.. 
Mom was so excited and went to town and bought some indoor and outdoor carpet in green for him to lay there.. 
She says it is so cozy sitting on the swing and listening to the birds sing as they sip away at their tea.. 
They now have a little table and take their lunch or supper out there.. 
I think that it is so wonderful that they still enjoy life so much.. 
The little simple pleasures can be such a source of contentment! 
I know that Mom actually counts each day as a bonus and has made up her mind to enjoy each one.. 
She says she is going to grab her sweater and go every time the car starts up as long as she can.. smile.. 
Lovely, don't you think?  

I have taken a few plants to the farm as they grow so well there..  

My string of pearls..
I started a new one from a slip of the original..  
It is hanging in the kitchen window.. 

This is a sweet chick that my friend from Arkansas brought to me.. 

It is a quilted pin cushion that a dear friend of her's made.. 
I think she said that she is in her eighties.. 
I love it... 

Our gardens are so far behind this year compared to last.. 
I was showing Terry a blog post from this time last year and he was just sick.. 
Last year was so far ahead but with us not staying there and getting it watered it is a bit behind.. 
I am sure there will be lots of produce but we will have to wait a bit longer... 
The herbs that came back are doing wonderfully.. 
Oregano, comfrey, tarragon, lovage..

Lavender and Chives to name a few.. 
I went out a snipped a basket full to start drying some.. 

It was so hot!!  
I just sat under the fan and read my herb books for about an hour.. 

Terry says I have a two degree comfort zone ... 
And believe me this was not it.. grin.. 
Oh well.. 
We do have 2 air conditioners there but really a person has to shower to really cool down.. 

Loving my lavender this year.. 
Oh and the best taste of summer is on this plate right here.. 

Sampfire greens.. 
If you have followed the blog for a while you know how much I love these.. 
We bought 3 pounds from a lad in Hillsborough and they were so good.. 
They grow along the Petitcodiac River marshes and the Bay of Fundy... 

We hope to get a few more before they are finished till next year.. 

I picked my garlic scapes and got them put away.. 

Made some pesto and used them in some meals then I dried the rest to ground up ... 
I have made the pesto before but I only made a bit this year.. 
I prefer the basil and when you freeze it then it doesn't stink up the freezer.. grin.. 

Do any of you sweet ladies know what this flower is? 

I bought it from a gal who sells them from her yard and the tag said Soapwort.. 
I planted it last summer and it came up again.. 
I picked some and brought it home .. 
I looked it up to find some recipes to make shampoo and such and found that it actually has yellow flowers and different leaves.. sigh... 
I was so disappointed as I have been looking for this plant for several years.. 
Just wondering what this one is really... 

As I posted before I did get my pantry mostly in order.. 

Lots of blue dishes.. 

Some perennials grew again after planting them last summer.. 
Always love bouquets of flowers around this time of year.. 

Our farmer was doing the haying this week.. 

We had supper then went for a little spin before heading home.. 

So pretty.. 

Then home again home again.. 

So enjoying my summer days here at home.. 
The first time we have been here so much in over twenty years and it is nice.. 
Terry picked me a lovely bouquet on the way.. 
Brown Eyed Susans.. 

Well sweet ladies this is it for tonight ... 
Thanks so much for dropping by.. 

I love getting your sweet emails and enjoy your comments so much.. 
here and on Face Book.. 
There are 529 liking the FB page.. 
Thank you.. 

To the lovely lady who emailed me for the recipe for the Rhubarb Tea.. 
Here is the link.. 

Ok everyone...
 Have a great week and God bless and keep you and your precious families... 


  1. Dear Faye, I have grown Soapwort here in England and it always had a pale pink flower. The leaves on yours look about the same, but the flower colour is deeper. Soapwort is a plant that 'walks', in other words it will cover quite a lot of ground and can be a bit of a nuisance! But pretty.

  2. Here in Vermont, that is called Spiderwort. There are several shades of purple that you can grow.

  3. The bunting was a joy to see and makes for a beautiful array of colour waving in the breeze.

  4. Hello Faye
    Many moons ago when I was at school I had an inspirational drama teacher who wanted us to taste samphire - it is mentioned in one of Shakespeare's plays - sorry I can't remember which one. School was near the coast and samphire was plentiful - she cooked it with butter and garlic and I loved it. Your post brought back such a happy memory.

  5. Hello Faye ... what a delightful post :) right now we are having quite a bit of rain so it has cooled down some. Your dishes are just so pretty... thank you for sharing and stay cool :0)

  6. So very lovely. Thank you for sharing with us.

  7. Beautiful Faye. Hot, hot, hot and very humid here in western NY. It has been raining non stop for 5 days now. Have a lovely rest of the week. smiles

  8. I love visiting with you, Faye. Living in the moment is a common cord that runs through both of us. I love to hear about your mother and step-dad. They are such a sweet couple and are modeling a wonderful example of how married life should be regardless of age. I'd never heard of rhubarb juice before, but that recipe sounds quite interesting. Thank you for sharing the recipe. xx

  9. Looking at your flowering plant I knew it was Spiderwort. I have it in my flower garden here in south central PA. I love that picture of the red dirt road with the fields, house and lush green mountains behind it. I always enjoy your blog. God bless.

  10. I think 'bouncing bet' roots and leaves can suds after is a member of the saponaria family...blooming now here in NH...'wild sweet william' is another name... used as gentle wash for yr blue dishes...can one have enough dishes??? hmmmm!

  11. I have had seaside plantain...on Campbello...but must try samphire...

  12. I can't wait to see your bunting hanging between the trees! We didn't plant a garden this year because we expected to be gone for most of the summer. I miss having fresh vegetables right in my back yard!

  13. Faye...always so sweet to spend time with you. The bunting is a lovely idea. Never thought of doing that. Blessings.

  14. Thanks for the link to the rhubarb juice recipe! Jeannette

  15. The bit about your Mom enjoying life was so sweet...For years, I wanted to sit with hubby at the end of the day and just enjoy the outdoors and each other...he'd sit for about 10 minutes and then see something that needed doing and off he'd go...Now in our this time of our lives, we can go out and sit for an hour or so enjoying the birds and each other, speaking whatever is on our nice. I love reading about your farm and all that goes on there.
    Mama Bear

  16. Faye, it would be easier to tell if the picture was of the plant still in the ground; but it looks like spiderwort to me

  17. Very nice!!...I love lavender..Thanks for sharing!

  18. Catching up here . Oh my as always another lovely post and photos . I to love lavender and that last photo of this post is so pretty . It was hot and humid here in southwestern Ontario to but now it has cooled off and it is a nice break form the heat . I love summer regardless of the heat though and the crickets at night are a welcomed sound and the Cicadas during the day are quite loud but again another welcomed sound as are all of natures sounds here in our valley .Thanks for sharing , have a great week !